Pregnancy hypoglycemia, what is going on?

Gestation hypoglycemia is a kind of hypoglycemia that occurs during pregnancy.Both sugar friends and non -sugar friends may happen, as long as it is a woman in pregnancy, it may occur with hypoglycemia.Generally, pregnancy hypoglycemia is prone to 20 weeks before pregnancy. If it is a sugar friend, pregnant women with diabetic pregnancy are 20 weeks after pregnancy. With the increase of the insulin dose, hypoglycemia may occur, and it may occur during the day and night.

There are a lot of harm to gestational hypoglycemia. According to surveys, gestational hypoglycemia can increase the mortality rate of the fetus by 4 to 5 times, so you should try to prevent and correct the gestational hypoglycemia in time.So why do hypoglycemia occur during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a special period of female physiological changes. It has significantly changed sugar metabolism in the body. Low blood sugar range or hypoglycemia is a common manifestation.

1. During pregnancy, in addition to consume glucose in normal physiological activities, pregnant women still need to bear the energy required for fetal metabolism.

The energy consumed by pregnant women and fetuses is provided by the mother’s glucose. Because the fetal liver enzyme system has not been established, the lack of glycotic effects, so it cannot be used in fat and protein.Statistics show that at this time, the glucose consumed by the fetus is 6 mg/kg per minute. It can be seen that there are a lot of glucose consumed by the fetus.Lack of lack of timely replenishment and hypoglycemia.

2. Increased kidney drainage of pregnant women during pregnancy.

In pregnancy, the kidney blood flow of pregnant women increases, the glomerular filtration rate increases, and the renovation re -absorption rate decreases. In this way, the drainage of the kidneys increases, which will affect the a few blood glucose of pregnant women and reduce it.Studies have shown that about 20%of pregnant women in the late pregnancy will reduce kidney sugar thresholds.

3. Pregnancy reaction causes reduction of food intake.

Some pregnant women have a pregnancy reaction in the early stages of pregnancy, even during the entire pregnancy, such as vomiting and loss of appetite, so that food intake will decrease, which will affect blood sugar and cause blood sugar to decrease.

In short, for women who are pregnant, pay attention to the occurrence of hypoglycemia because pregnancy hypoglycemia will increase fetal mortality.For gestational diabetes friends, you should pay more attention to the occurrence of hypoglycemia, because these sugar friends have higher chances of hypoglycemia than non -sugar friends, and hypoglycemia may occur before and after pregnancy.

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