Pregnancy examination is not only B -ultrasound test, but also these 7 tests that need to be drawn blood

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During the whole pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to go through many production examinations in order to detect their own health and the state of development of the fetus.Many pregnant mothers will think that the birth check is a simple B -ultrasound examination. In fact, there are 7 inspections that need to be drawn. Each item is crucial to pregnant mothers and fetal baby. Do pregnant mothers know them?

Let’s let the mothers come to the pregnant mothers and unveil their "mysterious veil".

1. HCG blood test

In order to detect the accuracy of pregnancy, doctors generally recommend that pregnant mothers do HCG early pregnancy examination.Checking the HCG value through the blood "quantitative" of the blood is more accurate than the "qualitative" inspection of the early pregnancy test strip, with an accuracy of more than 99%.And for multi -pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal, embryo development, certain endocrine diseases or tumors, etc., the HCG value is combined with clinical situation and other examination results, and it is often correct to be judged by comprehensive analysis.This inspection requires an empty stomach.

2. Routine blood test

This test is mainly used to determine whether the pregnant mother is anemia.If mild anemia will not have a great impact on the pregnant mother and the fetus.However, if it is severe anemia, it may lead to adverse consequences such as premature birth and low weight.

3. Blood type examination

Blood types are usually drawn in early pregnancy. This test is mainly to prevent neonatal hemolymia.Furthermore is to prepare for blood transfusion. If pregnant mothers have early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, pre -placenta, premature placental peeling, and bleeding during childbirth, they may cause life due to major bleeding.

4. TORCH examination

TORCH test is four viruses, including rubella virus, giant cytoplasm virus, toxoplasty, and herpes simplex virus.If the pregnant mother is infected with these viruses, the virus is likely to pass through the placenta to the fetus, causing the fetal congenital deformity or even abortion.Therefore, it is best for women to do this test before preparing for pregnancy. If this virus exists in the body, you should first treat it before you get pregnant.And this inspection also requires an empty stomach.

5. Liver function examination

This test is mainly to check whether the pregnant mother has diseases such as hepatitis, because after pregnancy, it will increase the burden on the liver of the pregnant mother. If the liver function of the pregnant mother is abnormal, the first is that the ability to deal with the decrease in the ability of the toxic waste can easily lead to the mother and the mother andFetal poisoning.The second is that the various proteins required by the body cannot be produced, which affects the function of other organs.Third, due to the emergence of sufficient coagulation factors, it is easy to cause major bleeding and cause danger to pregnant mothers and fetuses.This inspection requires an empty stomach.

6. Tang’s screening

This test is a test of screening the possibility of the tire -suffering from the Tang family syndrome.Generally, the blood of 2ml of pregnant mothers will be extracted to detect the nidal protein in the serum, the fluffy gonadine, and the seloma, and then combine the height, weight, age, and gestational week of the pregnant mother to calculate the risk of Tangerindex.The best screening time for this inspection is 16 to 19 weeks of pregnancy.

7. Pregnancy diabetes screening

Gestational diabetes refers to the diabetes that did not suffer from diabetes before pregnancy and discovered during or after pregnancy.Gestational diabetes can directly affect the development of the fetus and increase the risk of huge children.Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to screen for diabetes during pregnancy at 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy.Before the examination, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the light diet. Do not eat some fruits or drinks with high sugar content, so as not to affect the results of the examination.

During pregnancy examinations, the health and safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses, so pregnant mothers must not be careless, and do regular check -up during pregnancy to ensure that the baby baby is safe and smooth.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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