Precautions for precautions for pregnant women to blow air -conditioned throat, what to do if pregnant women blow air -conditioning precautions

In daily life, air conditioners are a very common home appliances. Many people blow air conditioners in summer, especially young people.Pregnant women can also blow air conditioners, so what should I do if pregnant women blow air -conditioning throat?

What to do if pregnant women blow air -conditioned throat pain

① Wanting thick salt water

Salt water has the effect of sterilization and anti -inflammatory. Women with thick saline can be flushed in the mouth of the mucus, alleviating the swelling of the throat, and reducing the pain caused by the air conditioner.

Specific method: Add 1 teaspoon of salt to half a cup of warm water, 30 seconds of mouthwash each time, 5-8 times a day.

② Drink a lot

Feeling a lot of moisture helps to dilute and stick sputum, make it easy to cough, and alleviate the symptoms of pain in the throat of pregnant women.

Specific method: Pregnant women can drink 4-5 cups of water every day, or they can also drink fruit juice. They are all good rehabilitation drinks.

③ Drink Luo Han Guo Tea

Luo Han Guo Tea has the effects of clearing heat and throat, reducing phlegm and cough, treating phlegm fire cough, swelling of the throat, throat and thirst, and has a curative effect on pregnant women’s throat pain.

specific method:

1. Method 1: Cut Luo Han Guo as thin slices and make tea directly.

2. Method 2: Luo Han Guo Sydney Soup

Method: Wash 1 Luo Han Guo, cut the core of Sydney, cut into pieces, put it into the pot together, add water for 30 minutes.It has a good curative effect on the throat pain with foreign body sensations.

④ salt appliance method

Pregnant women blow air -conditioned throat and can be treated by salt application.

specific method:

1. Mix 2 small cups of sea salt and 5 to 6 teaspoons of warm water.Note that sea salt should become wet, not soaked.

2. Put these salt in the middle of the dry towel, roll the towels on the side side, surround the rolled towels around your neck, and then cover it with another dry towel.

Can pregnant women blow the air conditioner for the fetus?

As long as pregnant women are comfortable, babies must be happy.The suitable room temperature is good for pregnant women to rest, sleep and increase appetite, and it is also conducive to the healthy growth and development of prenatal education and baby. Therefore, it is possible to use air conditioners in moderation.However, pregnant women should also pay attention to "heat preservation". Don’t be greedy for cooling, making room temperature too low.

In addition, the reason why pregnant women cannot blow the air conditioner is that the air -conditioned room has a certain temperature difference with the outdoor, which can easily cause pregnant women to catch a cold.But in fact, pregnant women can also blow air conditioners.However, we must pay attention to avoid colds leading to colds, setting the temperature of the air conditioner from 23 to 28 degrees.

Therefore, whether it is air -conditioning or fan, there are their own advantages and disadvantages. Pregnant mothers can choose according to their actual situation.Of course, the most conducive to human health is natural style.

What should pregnant women pay attention to the air conditioner

1. Timed ventilation and gas

Generally speaking, after the air conditioner is used for 1 to 3 hours in a row, you better turn off the air conditioner, open the doors and windows, and change the indoor air, at least 10 minutes, which can reduce the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the air and improve air quality.Don’t completely rely on the air -conditioning wind change function, because it can only complete the interoperability of some indoor and external air.

2. The air is humidified or drinking more water

Sometimes pregnancy itself makes your skin dry, blowing air conditioners will make this situation worse.Opening the air humidifier is a good choice.At the same time, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water and supplement enough water for your body.Applying skin cream with good moisturizing effect can also effectively alleviate the symptoms of dry skin and itching.

3. Set the appropriate temperature

It is recommended that you keep the indoor temperature between 26 ° C and 28 ° C when using the air conditioner.Then you will feel more comfortable.If the temperature of the air -conditioning in your office is very low, you can’t control the indoor temperature, and you don’t need to worry too much. The low temperature in the indoor generally will not hurt your baby. Your warm uterus and marshmos wrapped in your baby will give himEnough protection.But I still recommend that you always have a thin coat.

4. Keep the air fresh

If you feel angry, dizziness, dry skin, itching, and even the air when using the air conditioner, it mostly means that the air in your room is not fresh.

5. Clean the air conditioner regularly

If you haven’t read the instructions of the air conditioning of your home before, it’s time to do this.Some components of the air -conditioned indoor machine need to be cleaned regularly, especially the air filter, which should be removed in time and the dust mites and bacteria attached to it.

6. Pay attention to preventing colds when blowing air conditioners

In addition to the reasonable temperature settings, if pregnant women want to prevent colds, you should also pay attention to the difference in indoor and outdoor temperature.The ideal indoor and outdoor temperature difference proposed by experts is 5-7 ° C.The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, and your skin surface cools down and heating too fast, which will increase the possibility of your cold.In addition, when using air conditioners, expectant mothers should avoid the following methods:

Do not let the cold air at the ventilating mouth blow directly on the body; it is best not to blow the cold wind directly when sweating; do not go directly from the low -temperature room to the high temperature outdoors.It is best to move for a while before going out, or turn off the air conditioner half an hour before walking, and then move to a high -temperature place after you adapt.After turning off the air conditioner, do not open the doors and windows immediately. After the indoor temperature rises slightly, open the window.

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