Precautions for Precautions for Precautions for Precautions for Precautions for Pregnancy

At the 17 weeks of pregnancy, the precautions are more and more and more and more, and it seems to be a symbolic positive correlation.As the time of pregnancy increases, you will find that there are many differences in your body, from physiological changes to psychological changes.And these changes also allow you to know more about your own changes, so as not to get in a panic when you get things.

Precautions for pregnant women at 17 weeks of pregnancy

1. Abdominal pain.The fetus needs to grow, and the baby’s body growth will be relatively obvious after 17 weeks. In order to allow the fetus to get enough growth space, the uterus will increase rapidly.To adapt to the growth of the fetus.These are normal physiological reactions. Don’t worry more about it. For a few days, these symptoms will disappear.If otherwise, go to the hospital for a doctor’s explanation and help.

2. Observe fetal movement.It is impossible for doctors to turn around you for a pregnant woman for 24 hours a day, so the observation of fetal movements and records of their own has become a necessary job.Generally speaking, 3 times in one hour, if you do n’t have to do a total of 20 test records in 24 hours a day, the more detailed records.But parents do not know.

3. Fetal gymnastics.This is a form of mothers guiding the fetus to exercise.When the baby starts to fetuse, the mother can prepare to do gymnastics with the baby.Mom only needs to lie on the bed, gently curved her knees, then hold the uterus with both hands, and use the gesture of lightly or other light -pressed gestures to give the baby a certain stimulus, and the baby will respond.In the long run, the baby will form a conditional reflection. As long as the mother touch the fetus, the fetus will exercise independently.

4. Endocrine during pregnancy.After the pregnancy to seventeen weeks, the endocrine of pregnant women will cause abnormalities and cause nosebleeds. Do not panic. Proper drugs and medical care can be solved.

The above is the precautions of pregnant women who are pregnant at 17 weeks. I hope everyone can take it seriously.

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