Precautions for hair dyeing, perm, nails, and skin care during pregnancy, beautiful and safe at the same time

There are people who love beauty. Every pregnant mother may feel that they are not beautiful before, the skin may become rough and dull, and the figure is becoming more and more "go". In the face of such a new selfWithout self -confidence, I feel that I am ugly, but although there are many places that need to pay attention to and be careful during pregnancy, it does not mean that the mother must give up all the beautiful elements. The development of modern medicine allows many forms of beauty to continue to use.

Today, the childcare red and green lights are carefully counted with some beautiful measures that they often take before pregnancy. Can I continue after pregnancy? As a hot mom, you must not become an old aunt when you are pregnant:

Many nail polish have a strong irritating smell.From the moment you smell it, you have realized that it may pose a threat to health.Because the main components of many nail polish are chemicals such as tinrene, formaldehyde and other chemicals, the Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration) also referred to as FDA, and also pointed out that nail polish and nail -removing water (methamphetamine, methamphetamine, cyanide cyanide,Methane) It is not good for pregnant mothers.

However, pregnant mothers should not be sad, because if the pregnant mother only uses it once or twice, it is not a big deal for the mother and baby’s health, but you must be careful when choosing nail polish, you should not choose one casually and use it.At the same time, we must avoid long -term contact with nail products.

For the sake of cautious, try to choose a room with good ventilation conditions when applying nail polish to avoid smelling a strong smell.Try to choose nail polish without odor or small odor.Try to apply only one layer of nail polish as much as possible. After the nail polish is dry, use soap or hand -wash solution to carefully wash your hands to remove any residues on your fingers.

Pregnant mothers occasionally perm and hair dye will not endanger the baby in the stomach, because when hair dyeing or perm, it is difficult to enter your body through the skin.It may cause local skin damage allergy, but it is safe compared to the baby.

Even during breastfeeding after the baby was born, hair dyeing was not absolutely prohibited.As long as pregnant mothers should not let your baby come into contact with your hair, prevent your baby from being allergic to skin due to hair dye.

Do not absorb harmful substances during pregnancy -dyeing perm during pregnancy. The impact of inhalation may be greater than the skin absorption. Therefore, pregnant mothers can consider bringing a mask when the hair is dyed. 3M masks can be selected. The protection effect will be better.The rest should be noticed that try to choose big -brand products as much as possible, which will be more guaranteed.

Although the products used during hair dyeing and perm often have new ingredients, and their safety assessment during pregnancy will not be updated in time.However, most studies have shown that hair dyeing perm during pregnancy is safe. Pregnant mothers still have to control perm and hair dyeing times. Occasionally, there is no problem with hair or twice.

Of course, it is possible, and it is necessary to protect your skin, especially in the cold and dry north. The main component of moisturizing cosmetics is oil, which is safe and safe.At the same time, it is best to put a mistless humidifier in the bedroom, so that the moisturizing effect will be better, and it will also help relieve the nose and throat caused by dryness.

However, the choice of pregnant mothers on whitening products must be cautious and cautious, especially those products that exaggerate publicity, and it is impossible to turn white three days. Unless it is added with harmful chemicals, and each one is added at the same time, each of which is each.The brand’s cosmetics added ingredients are not the same, and some unqualified products may also illegally add disabled ingredients. Therefore, pregnant mothers must open their eyes carefully for whitening products. Of courseIt is normal to have a little yellow at all. Whoever let us have a new life? This sacrifice is worth it.

During pregnancy, due to the increase in body hormone secretion, many pregnant mothers who did not have acne also started to take acne. At this time, most acne medicines should not be used. It is best to consult a doctor if you choose to get acne products.Vitamin A and water salicylic acid (concentration higher than 2%) products.However, most oral acne drugs are taboos during pregnancy, and severe deformity will even cause malformations.

However, if the pregnant mother has used the ointment to remove the acne, I don’t have to worry too much. The amount of local external use absorbs into the body through the skin is very small, but for the safety of the baby, the pregnant mother must continue to sacrifice it.After the baby’s skin will be much better.

How do you have to share with you the knowledge points of the childcare traffic lights to help pregnant mothers to answer questions? Many times the cautious beauty will make pregnant mothers more confident and happy, but at the same time, the external beauty of the pregnancy is important. Of course, it is important.What’s more important is to ensure the safety of the baby’s safety, so that the beauty of pregnant mothers can bloom from the inside out!

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