Precautions for 40 weeks of pregnancy

How is my baby’s situation in the 40th week?

Most babies’ pregnancy period is between 38 and 42 weeks, so it is not uncommon than your expiration date.

At this time, the average baby is about 3-4 kg-Imagine the pumpkin or watermelon!

Remember, no matter how tight the fit is, you should feel that the baby exercises the same way as before.

In advanced pregnancy exercise, it will not slow down.

Week 40’s pregnancy symptoms

Feet and hand swelling

If your feet are swollen, try to support them so that they are about an hour higher than your heart.

Support your feet so that they are one hour higher than your heart every day

Do some stretching exercises-Point your toes down and release 30 times.Then take the ankle circle eight-two feet.

If the swelling is severe or suddenly onset, especially the swelling of the face and hands and feet, or headache or vision, you may suffer from eclampsia, and you should immediately call the producer, hospital or doctor.

What should I do in the 40th week

If you haven’t slept yet

When you are about to be in the middle of pregnancy, it is recommended that you sleep side by side, because research shows that the risk of sleeping on supine is related to the increase in the increase of death.The proposal includes nap and sleep at night.Read more information about pregnancy and sleeping posture.

Membrane scan

If you are overdue, midwives may provide you with a film cleaning service.

This is a way to give birth without using any drugs.

Your midwife extends two fingers into the vagina to make the cervix circular or clean.

It takes about 10 minutes to occur in the prenatal clinic.This should not be painful, but some women say they feel uncomfortable.There are usually a small amount of spots afterwards, so it may be helpful to bring a thin pad afterwards.

Your prenatal care

If your baby cannot arrive on time, a routine prenatal examination should be performed in the 40th week, and a 41 -week routine inspection should be performed.

The important thing is that don’t miss the prenatal examination in the last few weeks.If there is a problem, your prenatal inspection team can discover the warning signal early and take action immediately.

Further understand your prenatal appointment schedule.

How is labor induced?

In the UK, one-fifth of pregnancy can end through seduction-manual starts artificially.This is the induction information you need to know.

What if I don’t love my children?

Some women have a strong love for babies at birth, but for others, it takes a few weeks or even months to adapt to and grow up to a baby who loves themselves.

Whenever it is normal, it is completely normal.Become a great mother without having to fall in love at first sight.

If you feel anxious or frustrated after childbirth, please talk to your doctor, delivery or healthy visitors.

Waiting for delivery

It may be tortured.Your expiration date has passed, and you feel very sad, tired of going to the toilet every five minutes.

The only problem is that it is not controlled by your control.still?We asked our mother how they thought they encouraged the baby.

"In the past one or two days, I give myself a kind of enjoyment, just like a nail."

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