Postpartum stomach does not "exhaust", three things must be done right, solving postpartum exhaust is easy to oppose palms.

Because I heard that the pain of the pain and the torture of the internal examination of the finger, many mothers chose to cesters the section. With the help of anesthetic, they can easily escape all kinds of pain.

In fact, there are more claims after cesarean section, and the recovery period will be tortured by pain.

First of all, 10 hours after surgery, you need to lie down and not turn over and not move, and then exhaust. You cannot eat without exhausting.To endure the pain of your body, you have to endure the hunger of the stomach.

Regardless of whether you eat, you must go to the ground after 24 hours.Therefore, postpartum exhaust plays a very important role for the next recovery.

Xiaoqiu has planned to give birth since pregnancy, so that the health of the baby is also conducive to the recovery of his body.

However, I did not expect that on the night of 39+7, the water was broken to the hospital in the evening, and the last trace of hope can be given, but the doctor found that the baby had not entered the pot through B -ultrasound and internal examination.

After waiting for more than 4 hours, although the palace mouth had opened to 3 fingers, the baby was still not entering the pot. He was worried that the amniotic fluid would be lost too much, causing the baby to be hypoxic, and finally chose a cesarean section.

10 hours after giving birth, if you exhaust, you can eat confinement meals, but Xiao Qiu has never exhausted.Wait until 24 hours, and you need to move down the ground. You have not exhausted, and you can maintain it every day.Nurses suggest that more activities can accelerate exhaust.

In addition to trying to go to the ground as possible, Xiao Qiu did not roll back and forth quietly on the bed, and finally a loud voice came.The husband shouted "exhaust and exhaust."Although Xiao Qiu was a little embarrassed, he could finally eat it.

◆ Because the cesarean section needs to open the abdominal cavity, during the operation, the intestinal position may be changed due to contact.Postpartum exhaust can prevent intestinal adhesion.

◆ If you eat without exhaust, slow gastrointestinal motility can easily cause intestinal obstruction. In severe cases, you will threaten life and health.

◆ It can be exhausted after 6 hours after giving birth. If it is not exhausted, it will not only affect the diet, but it is not conducive to the recovery of the knife mouth.

① Little activity

After the postpartum anesthetic was invalidated, the pain of the knife was intensified, and the mother did not dare to move below the abdomen.As a result, the gastrointestinal motility becomes slower, and the anesthetic itself will affect the peristalsis of the intestine.So the exhaust will be slow.

② There is constipation

As the saying goes: freezing three feet is not a day cold.If the pregnant mother itself before or before pregnancy, there will be serious constipation, and the speed of bowel movement will be slower than others.

Coupled with the surgery, less water and less activity lead to slower gastrointestinal motility, even if the belly feels like a leather ball, it still cannot be exhausted.

③ intestinal adhesion

This is also a problem that doctors are more worried. If there is no exhaust 48 hours after giving birth, it is likely that intestinal adhesions will occur.

If intestinal adhesion or severe intestinal obstruction occurs, surgery is needed again.

The pregnant mother who has just ended the cesarean section, the body could not help but have the second operation at all, whether it is to the body or psychology, torture.

① exercise regulation

The only exercise that can be carried out after the production is just out of bed.As the saying goes, "Eat bitterness and suffering as a person". Although the knife mouth is painful, it avoids intestinal adhesions. If you have serious problems, the pain of the knife mouth is nothing.

When you come out of bed, you can also wash your lower body with warm water, which can not only promote exhaust, but also help prevent postpartum infection.

② Diet adjustment

Fans and orange juice are all foods that can promote exhaust. Although it is not possible to eat after delivery, it is possible to drink water after 10 hours of lying flat.

Do not eat milk and soy products, it will make flatulence more serious.After the exhaust, start eating from the semi -liquid food such as millet porridge and soup.

【Mom Sending】

Whether it is a smooth birth or a cesarean section, the mother will experience some pain, but everything is worth it for the baby’s healthy and smooth birth.

【Topic today】

Is your postpartum exhaust smooth?

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