Pork liver is delicious and healthy, there is no less health care road

I often hear the elders at home and say that pork liver cannot be eaten in spring.Pork liver is rich in nutrients and has good health care functions.

Anyone who knows health will never give up pork liver.As for spring, pork liver can not be eaten in spring?Let’s see what’s going on with Xiaobian.

"Spring does not eat the liver", the earliest Chinese medicine said, because the liver qi of the spring is very strong. If it is blindly supplemented, it can easily lead to strong liver fire.

In spring, you can eat pork liver, but you need to combine your physical condition and not over -the -time replenishment.Pork liver is rich in nutrition, has functions such as detoxification, enhancement of resistance, and improving anemia.

1. Detoxification

Pork liver contains vitamin B2, which can help supplement the important coenzyme in the human liver, promote the liver to decompose certain toxic ingredients, and promote toxins in time.

Eating pork liver often helps the body excrete toxins and maintain health.

2. Enhance resistance

Pork liver also has vitamin C and trace element selenium that is not contained in general meat foods, which can enhance the human body’s immune response, antioxidant, anti -aging, and inhibit the production of tumor cells. It can also cure acute infectious hepatitis.

3. Improve anemia

Pork liver contains a large amount of iron, and iron is a necessary substance formed by blood red blood cells. Therefore, eating pork liver often increases the content of iron in the body, thereby enhancing the human body’s hematopoietic system, promoting the production of blood cells in the body, improving the body anemiasymptom.

4. Protect vision

Vitamin A is the most needed and most important nutrients for the eyes. It can effectively prevent the dryness and fatigue of the eyes, alleviate the symptoms of eye discomfort, and prevent and improve vision problems.

When the human body is seriously lacking vitamin A, it will also cause night blindness. Therefore, you can eat more pork liver to supplement sufficient vitamin A to relieve symptoms.

5. Promote growth and development

The types of nutrients of pork liver are very rich. It contains a large amount of nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, lecithin and other nutrients such as growth and development. Frequent pork liver can promote children’s intellectual development and physical development.

When buying pork liver, it depends on the consistency of the color and press the pork liver by hand.

Look at the color: The good liver color is shiny, the surface is cleaned and without odor, it is reddish -brown or light brown, smooth and smooth, bile without blisters, slightly bloody smell, no yellow bile inside the liver, no insect body and no foreign body;And if there are red dots on the surface, blood blisters and silk patterns, and blue -purple, gray yellow, yellow, brown black and yellow, swelling, atrophy, white or yellow lumps on the surface may be sick pigs, dead pigs, dead pigsLiver.

Press the pork liver with your hands: Good liver is elastic, bad liver pressing is easy to break or like lime, bile, sand -shaped, yellow and white dots, sometimes sliced insects.

Eating pork liver has a good health effect, which can not only be eye -catching and detoxifying, but also prevent many diseases. However, pork liver cannot eat blindly. These precautions cannot be ignored, especially the second point.

Don’t eat too much vitamin A in the pork liver at a time, and it contains vitamin A per 100 grams of pork liver per 100 grams of pork liver.If a large amount of pork liver is consumed, it will cause poisoning such as dizziness, nausea, and vitamin of vitamin A.The cholesterol content in pork liver reaches 400 mg/100 grams. If you consume pork liver for a long time, it will affect the human cholesterol balance, and the symptoms of significantly increased blood lipids and blood pressure.

Therefore, for health and normal people, eating pork liver more than twice a week, 50 ~ 100 grams each time.

Patients with cardiovascular disease should not eat pork liver

Pork liver is a high cholesterol food, and people with hypertension, coronary heart disease, obesity and other people should not be eaten.In addition, patients with hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol or atherosclerosis should not eat pork liver, otherwise it is easy to increase cardiovascular disease.

Pork liver needs to be poisoned before eating

Pork liver is the largest poison transit station and detoxification organs in the pig body.If the detoxification function of the liver decreases, these toxic substances will remain in the blood of the liver.And the liver may produce inflammatory and even liver cancer.

Therefore, don’t eat it immediately after buying home.Rinse it with flowing water, then cut into small pieces and soak them in water for 30 minutes. Take it out and wash, cut the pork liver into slices, and repeatedly rinse with water until there is no blood water exudation to cook.

Pork liver should be cooked and cooked

Do not blindly ask for cooking pork liver.Because the insect eggs of bacteria and parasites are hidden in pork liver, they must be heated enough to kill these bacteria and parasitic eggs.

The time to cook the pork liver should be as long as possible until the pork liver can not see the blood shreds, and it turns completely gray -brown.

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