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As people’s living standards continue to improve

There are more and more pregnant women with gestational diabetes

Discover blood sugar abnormalities early

Can give diet intervention and guidance in time

Stable blood glucose during pregnancy

In order to prevent the birth of huge children

What is the sugar tolerance test?

What is the sugar tolerance test?Sugar tolerance

Tolerance for sugar, in layman’s ability to tolerate glucose.

The glucose resistance test during pregnancy is used to screen for pregnant women without diabetes before pregnancy. Whether it has gestational diabetes after pregnancy.

The glucose tolerance test, that is, oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), is a glucose load test to understand the function of pancreatic β cell function and the body’s blood glucose regulation. It is a common diagnosis test for diagnosis of diabetes.

Why do you do sugar tolerance test?Sugar tolerance

The purpose of pregnant mothers to do OGTT is to discover the body’s adaptability to glucose in time.The impact of continuous hyperglycemia on mothers and levels of gestation depends on the level of diabetes and the level of blood sugar control. Those with severe condition or poor blood glucose control have a great impact on the mother and fetus. ThereforeEssence

Sugar inspection process (day) Sugar Tolerance

That day process

1 morning 8: 00-9: 0 (empty stomach) to the second floor inspection department to take the first empty stomach blood

2 to the second floor of the mother and baby club (pregnant women school) drink sugar water (you can’t eat or drink anything)

Drink the first bite of glucose water to start timing, interval for 1 hour

3 Return to the second floor of the inspection department to take the second blood

4 interval 1 hour

5 Back to the second floor of the inspection department to pick the blood department for the third blood

Precautions for sugar sugar tolerance

01. Dietary 3 days before the inspection, no less than 150g of carbohydrate daily carbohydrates, do not overeating, or diet deliberately;

02. At least 8-10 hours should be fasted before you do sugar resistance. From 24:00 the night before, do not eat and drink anything;

03. When drinking sugar water slowly, drink while it is warm, drink it within 5 minutes, do not drink too fast, drink too fast and vomit, you need to re -make sugar;

04. After drinking sugar, you need to sit still and smoke;

05. It is recommended to accompany family members. During the examination, pay attention to discomfort such as dizziness, panic, vomiting, etc. to avoid fainting. If you have discomfort, inform the nurse in time.

06. After the glucose tolerance test is completed, you can eat.

The result of sugar tolerance is judged Sugar Tolerance

01. Emptor blood glucose <5.1mmol/L;

02. 1h 10.0 mmol/L after meals;

03. 2H blood glucose <8.5 mmol/L.

All three values must meet the normal range. If one exceeds the normal range, it should be diagnosed as gestational diabetes.


Drink so many sugar water at once, some pregnant women will be nauseous and vomiting … Of course, this is just a few people’s reactions. If vomiting occurs, it is not recommended to continue this examination on the same day.Measurement.

Finally, I really want to tell the pregnant mothers

Even if diagnosis is gestational diabetes

Pregnant mothers should not panic either

Listen to the doctor’s guidance reasonably control blood glucose

Enjoy a good "pregnancy"!

(Correspondent: Dai Shufang Zhang Ji Yuan Chen Manli)

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