Popular science: During pregnancy, where should the cats and dogs at home go?

When you are pregnant, do you want a child or a pet?This is a problem that everyone often faces.

Especially the elderly in the family believe that they must not have pets during pregnancy, but can’t pets and children really have both?

Why not keep pets during pregnancy?

Because expectant mothers will have the possibility of infection of Toxoplasma during pregnancy, there is a great hidden danger for fetal health.

Cats and dogs, they are the most dangerous source of infection of Toxoplasma.Most adults infection of Toxoplasma do not show symptoms, and sometimes only low -fever and runny nose with influenza -like hair.However, Toxoplasma can seriously damage the unborn fetus. If the expectant mothers infected the toxoplasma during pregnancy, the impact on the baby is very bad.And hepatoplasty.

Several ways of human infection of Toxoplasma can be summarized as: eating unkained meat, contact with pet feces, and other bowworms such as the final hosts excreted by the host.Normal contact with pets does not be infected.(Toxoplasma is not only existed on pets alone)

Chronic infection of Toxoplasma should be divided into two stages: What should I do at present?The second is how to solve the long -term?Pre –

1.During prevention period: ① Animal and poultry should be kept indoors.② Feed completely cooked food.③ Do not let the livestock and poultry prey outside.Because the source of pets is mainly due to the infected mice or birds, or eating foods contaminated.④ Women avoid contact with cat’s feces.⑤ During women’s pregnancy, other family members should make cleaning work for pets in time.⑥ Do good hygiene of livestock and poultry.⑦ Do a good job of deworming and related immunity in the body and outside of the livestock and poultry.

2.At present, we must start with our diet. To change people’s philosophy, the infection rate of bow -shaped worms in animal foods is very high. Although cooked food will be infected as usual, we cannot have animal food.① Do not eat raw eggs or unfamiliar meat.② Cut raw meat and internal organs, cutting boards and kitchen knives, and separate meats and kitchen knives with cooked meat and vegetables and fruits.③ When purchasing animal foods, pay attention to selecting, and buy safe and hygienic foods.④ A by -product of edible animal food and related manufacturing should be restrained. It is best not to eat animal food every day.

3.The sac -ups that exist in the soil may contaminate vegetables and fruits on the surface, and must be cleaned before eating.

4.To develop good hygiene habits, you must develop the habit of washing your hands before meals.

If you are a person who is very careful and afraid of one chance, even if you want to give away the members of the family -pet, please be sure to find a good destination for your pet. You have all the reliance.Or, when the child grows up, you can pick it up again.While a mother awarded her descendants’ lives, it also taught offspring to the beautiful souls of the offspring.

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