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It is not difficult to find the records of literature and materials from ancient times to the present. Kidney deficiency is the most critical cause of PCOS on the disease. Based on kidney deficiency, blood stasis and phlegm condensate.Kidney deficiency and blood stasis sputum eventually lead to menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, and infertility.

Therefore, the kidney and reproductive function can be adjusted through the kidneys, so that the menstrual blood can be adjusted, and the blood is allowed to overflow.Only the function of the kidney is normal, the operation of the sperm and blood fluid can be tuned, damp and eliminated, qi and blood, qi and blood, and blood stasis, so that the function of the kidney-Tiangui rushing to the axis of the cell palace will return to normal, then yin and yang balanceSelf -healing.

[Patient]: "Zhang, female, 28 years old, complained: irregular menstruation with a small amount of menstruation for more than a few years."

[Consultation]: Irregular menstruation, low menstrual flow, red red, blood clots, passing small abdominal pain, naming, poor dysfunction, more dreams, difficult to fall asleep.There was a history of the previous lumbar disc herniation and the period from menstruation from 2 to March, and the second stool was tuned.B -ultrasound: The bilateral ovarian is full, and the multiple -echo -free regions with a small and small non -echo are arranged along the edge of the pioneer.CDFI: No abnormal blood flow signal is seen.There is no history of fertility.

[Composition of the prescription]: Purple Danshen, Angelica, Gurin, Atractylodes, Chicken Blood Vine, Motherwort, Zelan leaves, peach red, frying Danpi, Night Jiao Teng, Hehuan Pippi, Women’s Jeongzi, Cycotus, Poria God, QingChenpi.

[Usage]: decoction, one dose daily.

[All]: Taking kidney -based, blood circulation and phlegm and menstrual menstruation are tacit, and the results are very good.

"Suwen. Shang Gu Tian True Theory" said: "The main water of the kidney is hidden by the essence of the five internal organs." Kidney essence can produce blood, blood can nourish essence, essence and blood, and provide a material foundation for women’s reproductive physiology.The kidney is the source of the heavenly Gui, and the foundation of the rush.Under the leadership of kidney qi, Tiangui matured to the time, so that the blood of the second pulse gathers the blood of the viscera was overflowed into the cell palace to prepare the seeds to raise the tire.Preparation of a cycle of seed gestational tires.

[Review]: There are more than two months, menstruation is normal, hormones are normal, tunes are tested, and there are advantageous follicles to make them prepare for pregnancy. One year later, a healthy baby boy in a full month.

【Kind tips】:

The prescription needs to be based on the individual’s physical ratio. When the patients are used, they must consult a pharmacist or physician, and do not use it blindly.Through the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, this symptom can be cured slowly.If the condition is particularly serious, the patient -must go to the hospital as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

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