Police open the way to protect the bleeding pregnant woman for medical treatment.

Beijing News (Reporter Cong Zhixiang) At 20:00 on October 17, the Xinjiang Tacheng Border Management Brigade, Chaxia Border Police Station, received help: A pregnant woman who was pregnant for seven months of pregnancy suddenly bleeds, which may cause abortion and urgently need to be sent to the hospital for treatment.After receiving the help that night, the police station reported to the Xinjiang Tacheng Border Management Brigade. The brigade immediately mobilized 5 police cars and 15 police officers on the four border police stations along the 219 National Highway to escort the pregnant women to the Tatsuya Hospital.The Beijing News reporter was informed that the fetus was kept after medical treatment, and her mother was safe.

Police cars open their way for pregnant women.Interviewee confession

After receiving the help, the police at the Chaxia Border Police Station immediately reported the situation and requested that the Xinjiang Tacheng Border Management Brigade coordinated the joint escort.The brigade was informed that the pregnant woman was located in Chaxia Town and went to the People’s Hospital of Tasheng District to pass the National Highway 219.There are many daily traffic on this section, which can easily cause blockage. Therefore, the brigade mobilizes the four border police stations along the 219 National Highway to send police forces to escort, namely the Chaxia Border Police Station, the Bozidak Border Police Station, the Karahabak Border Police Station, and the Erguo Town border border border.Police station.Four border police stations sent a total of 5 police cars and 15 police forces.In order to ensure that the police forces in each district are sufficient, the police from the police stations escorted a journey separately and relayed until they were sent to the hospital.

The police at the four border police stations guided the traffic in advance, turned on the alarm, loudspeaker, light up the alarm, and kept shouting to remind the passenger vehicles to avoid. After about 20 minutes, the pregnant woman was escorted to the Tatsuya Hospital.The "last stick" responsible for escorting pregnant women arrived at the hospital is the police at the border police station in the second worker town.Wang Zhengwen, the police of the Second Workers Town Border Police Station who participated in the escort that night, told reporters that he and his colleagues took a border patrol car to drive in front of the pregnant woman’s car and were responsible for opening the way.Wang Zhengwen recalled that in order to send the pregnant woman to the hospital as soon as possible, the speed was about 70 kilometers per hour."We shouted outside the window through the loudspeaker, please pay attention to avoid it."

At about 20:20 on that day, pregnant women arrived at the People’s Hospital of Tacheng District for treatment.At 22 o’clock, after the doctor’s timely treatment, the pregnant woman was out of danger, and the fetus was successfully kept."Thank you very much for the police, otherwise you won’t take it to the hospital in time." Mr. Han, the husband of the pregnant woman, said to the police gratefully.At present, the pregnant woman is accompanied by Mr. Han and is being hospitalized in the hospital.

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