Please give me more advice for the rest of your life (Gu Wei after marriage 53


I don’t think these are constraints, and I will not give up my own dream because of this child. Instead, because of you, because of this child, Lao Lin accompany me so far away, but I am grateful!I am very happy now everything I have. You said I hope to tell you when my boss, I do n’t regret it, but I do n’t have to wait so long. From the day I decided to be with you, I have never regretted it!Ms. Li doesn’t say, you do n’t say, Lao Lin does n’t say, you are afraid that I am sad with my baby, and I am afraid of my pain, but I am not afraid of your guilt and blame!I know, I can imagine the pain when you accompany Lao Lin for treatment, and the helplessness!But every time you come out with Lao Lin, you and Lao Lin have nothing to happen. Lao Lin’s tiredness and painstaking pain, your red eyes have long explained everything!I swayed with you, so as not to let you continue to say the following words. At this moment, you seem to be inadvertent, but I know how painful you are, yes, only after experiencing how it hurts at this moment., I did n’t continue, your hot tears dripped in my neck, but burned in my heart. I know you are afraid of the day when Lao Lin goes.You can’t bear it, just to make me feel at ease!But I have no way. I can only cherish my eyes. I know better than anyone. Lao Lin’s body is not as good as one day. I know what Lao Lin is working so hard now?What is supporting Lao Lin, Lao Lin wants to wait for Gu Lin’s arrival, look at your child, watch you become a mother!So Lao Lin endured his pain and worked hard.It turned out that I thought you wouldn’t know so much. In fact, you just didn’t say that you knew everything. Your bravery at the school is really the power I have been underestimated. You have the power that you can’t touch.I stepped step by step to be more firm!Gao Yan and Yan Bingjun always said that I have achieved you. If you only graduate, you have taken a lot of detours, excellent husbands, excellent families, and winners in life!IntersectionActually, many times you have achieved me!Without you, I might be the one who shrunk in the dark shell and missed my dream, and I couldn’t find my original intention.When I lowered my head and wanted to tell you that we were going to rest, you even shrunk in my arms and fell asleep. Well, this is almost born, why is it so sleepy, I sleep every time I sayIt is a little heavier than before, but fortunately, it is basically in the controlled range. At that time, Xiaowei said that Dr. Gu, how did the school of forests be maintained?I really envy the dead, and then Xiao Du always said with a smile, that sister -in -law is young, you can see that I have gone away from my brother in adulthood. You do n’t expect it anymore.ah!I also deliberately stretched this tail sound by my side. This guy never miscellaneous with me, and became a doctor independently!It’s getting more and more!


Give you a quilt on your body. You always get used to kicking away, and then you will continue to sleep with your body. I return to the study room to continue to organize the remaining jobs.Lilu smiled, because these were accompanied by you, I completed it. Looking at the calendar, it was a long time that I haven’t marked the mark on the door. At that time, you often traveled, and I was sitting here alone.After the end, the calendar is thinking about the days when you come back. Now look at the time, you will reach the due date next month. Suddenly realize that it seems that Gu Lin’s things are not prepared!Fortunately, there is still time, when you are going to go back to the room to sleep, you have blurred your eyes and walked beside me to sit on my leg and said, "Husband, why haven’t you slept yet, I took you down and kissed.Sleeping, why do you wake up? You mumble and say, you don’t remember, but you can’t help but have been unable to help. Dreaming is either on the way to the toilet or in the toilet!I want to go to the toilet, and sometimes it ’s not a few steps to take a few steps. Are you sick!I watched you touched your headache and said that when you were pregnant, I found a book and read it.If you dare to mess with you in the future, I will help you beat him, I educate him, how much bitter your mother has eaten for you, you laughed at your nod, and then touched his belly and said, Gu Lin, don’t be afraid, there are moms in a mother.Mom protects you!I looked at you in surprise and said, wife, are you rebelled?You have rebelled for Gu Lin!You got up with a smile, I helped you, you said, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhagatopa!Well, my wife reminded that I embraced you. You are holding your three in your stomach to go back to the bedroom to sleep slowly. When you lie down, I look at your swollen legs, and I will still hurt my heart.When you want to help you rub off your legs to relieve you, you refused again. You sprinkled with a delicate and said, my husband hugs, since you get married, you can sleep with each other every day.Tossing is really heartache!I held your head down and looked at you and said, wife, as if Gu Lin’s things we want to use, we are not ready!You nodded your head with a smile, and then said, but it didn’t seem to have to prepare anymore. Yesterday, my mother called me and said that he was prepared with Ms. Li and Ms. Li.Come out, otherwise after Gu Lin was born, there seemed to be no place to live. Mom said, otherwise we would move back to the old house of marriage. If you continue to live here, you can only squeeze out a position in our room.But it ’s too late to renovate. I touched your head and said, okay, then squeeze out a position in our room for Gu Lin. I will not be on duty tomorrow night. I will come back early in the afternoon to help you organize.You nodded your head, and before I explained that you are alone at home, you have been fell asleep in my arms.

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