Please collect it for breeding households: determine whether the cow is pregnant for self -examination

Today, a farmer said that their cows have been breaking for half a year, but I don’t know if this cow is pregnant. This makes me instantly feel that this farmeter knows too little about breeding knowledge. TodayNong Xiaomi came to popularize this common knowledge for everyone. I hope that it can help the majority of farmers!

Judging whether cows are pregnant is important for bull farmers, judging the good situation in advance can make bull farmers prepare for preparations to avoid affecting the benefits of too much bull farms.But how to judge whether the cows are pregnant, in fact, many farmers are still not familiar with the situation below.

Please collect it for breeding households: determine whether the cow is pregnant for self -examination

1. Test paper appraisal method

Now there are cows’ early pregnancy diagnosis test strips. The accuracy rate of testing is high 28 days after the cows are matched.

2. Look at the tail appraisal method

When the cow’s tail is drooping, if the pussy is covered and placed to the left or right, it means that the cow is pregnant.If the tail is covered vertically, it means that there is no pregnancy.This is just a small common sense, and many people don’t know.

3. Beast B -ultrasound machine appraisal method

Conditional cattle farms can purchase a small beast with B -ultrasound machine. After 35 days of breeding cows, the accuracy accuracy rate is particularly high.This method of judgment belongs to the instrument inspection.

4. Look at the eye recognition method

Three particularly revealed vertical blood vessels appeared on the iris above the iris above the pupils of the pregnant cow, which is the so -called pregnancy blood vessels.The blood vessels on the iris without pregnancy are small and not revealed.

5. Look at the mouth and breasts

Open the ox’s mouth and look at the meatfu on both sides of the mouth. If it is bright red, it is a pregnant cow; if it is pink or light red, the cow is not pregnant.Breast expansion and nipples are hard, and are pregnant cows.The breasts are not swollen, and those with nipples are not straightforward.

6. Press the abdomen slightly

Standing on the left side of the cow, facing the back, helping the cow’s back on the left hand, and gently pressing the left belly on the left belly.Pregnant.

7. Observe daily behavior

After the cows are raised, they no longer show estrus, their temperament becomes tame, appetite is enhanced, and they can be determined to be pregnant.

8. Rectal detection method

Pregnancy rectal examination is a reliable way to judge whether cows are pregnant.This method is accurate and simple, and is widely used in production.It is diagnosed according to the following degree of changes in reproductive organs after the cows are pregnant.

The above is a few common methods to judge whether cows are pregnant. If you have a better way to judge the bull farmers, you can leave a message to communicate!You can also click on my homepage, follow me, send me private messages, and communicate and interact!Friends who feel useful can collect.

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