Playing the side ball, the product exaggerates false propaganda.

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If you want to make money, you have to be shameless. The marketing is actually deceived. Ting Keli has to recognize today.But theft also has a way. How much do you know about marketing psychology, but people who are a bit moral will not always think of harvesting the unspeakable hidden of the disadvantaged group. It is easy, even if they are deceived, they dare not appeal.Before that, Mo Neng’s stick girl did it. Today, the gynecological liquid auxiliary materials of the charm tree have also been achieved!excellent!

What is the so -called gynecological liquid accessories?The expected use of Meishu’s gynecological liquid dressing on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration is: By forming a protective layer on the surface of the wound surface, a physical barrier effect.It is used for superficial wounds such as small wounds, abrasions, cutting injuries and the care of surrounding skin.

However, the packaging and agency propaganda of the charming tree said that this stuff can be tight, shrinking yin, cleaning uterine garbage, and helping pregnancy, uh … Ting Kelimo.

In order to pursue the truth, Ting Keli still consulted the professional doctors’ efficacy with the professional doctor. The answer given by the doctor is "Who do you say?!"

According to Baidu Encyclopedia, Charm Tree is a skin care brand owned by Guangzhou Yuemei International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. focuses on production and development of skin care products. At present, the main business products of Charm Tree are rose polypeptide rejuvenating sprayRepair eye cream, amino acid cleansing mousse, composite probiotic pear beverage, gynecological liquid auxiliary materials, yin -shrinking yin liquid, charming cure ecological maintenance combination, etc.

According to online information, Charm tree was founded by Deng Jiayue in 2019. It has been pulled to 36 co -founders in 2020. It is said that the sales of the entire brand of Charm tree have reached 10 million, and the cooperative agent team has reached hundreds of.The team reaches a thousand people, but some companies checked show that Guangzhou Yuemei International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.’s "Charm Tree" trademark applied for the advertising sales type at the end of 2019 is now in an invalid state. This is really rapid development.High -speed roads.

For products such as Charm Tree, which can easily solve human scientific and technological problems for thousands of years, Ting Keli always feels that it is superficial. In order to thoroughly study the brand of Meishu, Ting Kelit asked friends to contact a consultation agent on the grounds of consulting agents.A co -founder of Charm tree, when introducing the Meishu brand product, the founder has repeatedly mentioned that the Meishu brand product is "developed and developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences".Obviously, several words of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have become a powerful brand endorsement of Charm Tree products, so Ting Keli specially took the mysterious relationship between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Mei Tree.

Although Mei Shu, Lianchuang claimed that the product was developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and also provided a picture with a signing ceremony with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ting Keli found the picture online.

On January 6, 2020, at the annual awards ceremony and new product launch conference of Yuemei Charm Tree, the signing ceremony was conducted with Director Wang An of the Life Health Science and Technology Industry Alliance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

According to a report issued by the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Retired Cadre Work Bureau, the Life and Health Technology Industry Alliance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the guidance of the retired cadre work bureau and the administrative bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the comprehensive assistance of the fourth collaborative film of the seller.The four major platforms of Guoscience Network City, Guojiao Health, and Guoke Double Chuangong jointly promoted the establishment of industrial organizations that focus on pension health.Pension organizations, this is unable to hit the institutions of chemical research and development capabilities?

In addition, there is also an article on the Internet "The Charm Tree" of the "Charm Tree" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Is there a publicity problem with the rose polypeptide rejuvenating spray?"It is mentioned that the author contacted the Chinese Academy of Sciences customer service to verify: It has nothing to do with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Life and Health Technology Industry Federation. The customer service has not even heard of any Chinese Academy of Sciences Life Health Technology Industry Alliance.

The cooperation between the Charm Tree and the Life and Health Technology Industry Alliance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a bit a little bit a bit of a sheep head selling dog meat.Although the Chinese Academy of Sciences Life and Health Technology Industry Alliance and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have a little named distant relatives, the figures of Charm tree products are directly under the name of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This exaggerated publicity is real.

According to the provisions of my country’s "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Device", according to the degree of risk, the products are divided from low to high. EssenceIf manufacturers or businesses claim that their products are sterile, they must be above the second category, and one type of product is absolutely impossible.

As a type of medical device, charm tree gynecological liquid auxiliary materials are very suspicious as a medical device, which claims to be safe and sterile. Products with such qualifications are likely to be infected without effect.In fact, the application of one or two types of appliances in medical devices is simpler than cosmetics. Moreover, the current charm tree selling the weapon font products as cosmetics or even medicines is illegal.

At the beginning of 2021, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhuhai and other regions have launched special rectifications.Special inspection work for filing and cleaning up.The unconventional "weapon number" products will be canceled.According to the staff of a pharmaceutical regulatory bureau, this is a unified special action in the country. It is required that relevant enterprises are required to conduct self -correction and self -examination before February 3.

The "Guidelines for Clearing the Cleanment of the First Medical Equipment Disparer Package" released by Guangzhou Huadu clearly states that in products such as liquid accessories, spray accessories, wound care ointment, etc., contain drugs, or related ingredients added to the product formula can be absorbed by the human body.The rectification plan is to cancel the product filing.

The propaganda of the gynecological liquid supplementary materials of the charm tree clearly shows that the product has silver ions and various traditional Chinese medicine components that can be absorbed and absorbed.The actual effect of a bottle is that the dressing that keeps the wound clean is given the magical effect of tirming the yin and helping pregnancy. It is not as strong as the product that is stronger than the lubricant.It’s even harder than robbery.In the process of consulting Charm tree, the co -founder repeatedly emphasized that the friend was preparing for this product after learning that the friend was preparing for pregnancy.

In addition, the safety of other products of Charm Tree is also eye -catching. One of the products called rose polypeptides rejuvenated cream contains highly dangerous preservatives and risk components.Other product ingredients with higher safety levels are also ordinary. The cost price of 100 yuan and ten kilograms is sold for hundreds of bottles. Ting Keli really can’t figure out how the magical effects are produced?

As early as January 220, 2020, the State Drug Administration issued a notice of "Cosmetics Science: Be alert to the Consumption of Mask Consumption", which clearly pointed out to consumers that there is no "weapon number mask"."In fact, it is a medical dressing. It only has a temporary barrier to replace damaged skin, but is used by illegal merchants to promote misleading and deceiving content such as" beauty "and" health care ".The mask of the charm tree is still under the name of the weapon, promoting the beauty effects such as sunscreen whitening and anti -aging.

As the illegal fish that is unlikely, the charm tree not only has no self -examination and rectification. Until now, there are still desperate exaggerations, false propaganda, over -marketing, and deceiving consumers.

In recent years, the country has continuously introduced relevant laws to supervise the social e -commerce industry, and has vigorously rectified a number of enterprises. WeChat has been rectifying its own model. Of courseOne reason for the business industry.

However, the charm tree is different. In the hierarchical design, it is also good at playing the ball. The name of the "branch company" just designed the name of the "branch company", and the fission of ambiguous fission on the edge of the legal red line can be just expanded.

In addition, in the process of consulting agency, the co -founder of Charm Tree not only brainwashed his entry fee for the 9800 as an agent, but also used high yields and high returns to instigate his head, indicating "not losing money."For example, the partner sells a partner 29700 to earn 10500, the total generation 9,800 develops a total of 5,000 total per generation, and sells a VIP to earn 1300. The team achieves a certain performance.

The reason why the micro -business industry has come to today is really to worship these brands without bottom lines. Many micro -merchants have falsely publicized with the banner of "high, large, and upper", and they use some inferior and invalid products to deceive the public to earn high.In order, no matter whether the other party has marketing capabilities or not, the temptation of whatever means to make money is added, and a large wave of leeks are cut first.The model and the law wipe the ball. The product exaggerates false propaganda, as if it is always a pair of strange fatigues that complement each other in the micro -business industry.For micro -business brands such as Charm Tree, everyone still has to open their eyes, and don’t be deceived by unreliable micro -business.

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