Planting cucumber, use less self -righteousness to plant it, remember these 5 "do not", the melon can be doubled

Mystery face: green body, raised surface,

The puppet climbed the whole body, and he was ugly to beautify others.

Fantastic: Guess a vegetable name.

Did you guess it?That’s right -cucumber.Many people like cucumbers very much because it has a crisp taste, and now it has gradually become an indispensable healthy food in weight loss. Usually, it is also an important supporting role. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, people like it very much.Eat it.

In addition to this advantage of good taste, I believe everyone knows that this vegetable is also rich in vitamins. It can also be used to supplement the effect of supplementing physical nutrition, hydrating beauty, and detoxification.Essence

However, eating cucumber also has a lot of attention, and scientific eating cucumber can achieve the best health effect.Eating cucumber often has a lot of magical effects, such as: cucumber can make your tone fresh, can protect your skin well, have very good anti -cancer effects, can also prevent diabetes, lower lipids and stabilizes.

It is because of these advantages that many people start trying to plant cucumber, but the result is not satisfactory. It is either the problems of growing and roughness, etc.How can I get more effort?

Let’s talk about cucumber planting together today.

NO.1 Do not transplant too large seedlings

When we use cucumber seeds to cultivate cucumber seedlings in specific places, we must prepare to transplant the seedlings to a specific place for planting. So how should we choose seedlings for transplanting?

For example, for the current common acupoint breeding, the characteristics of this method are more crowded. When the pressure on the internal and external environment is different, it will lead to a faster side of the pressure with less stress.

This will cause the growing leaves to be large and small. If the time is placed, it will grow longer, and the later management is more troublesome.

Therefore, when there is a leaf and a stamen, you can start transplanting and planting when there is a leaf and a stamen.

NO.2 Don’t let the ground base plant

Everything has its corresponding foundation, such as the foundation of building a house, and the foundation of the planting land is dirt. Cucumbers are suitable for transplantation to ridge.Tibetan;

堆 refers to a relatively low, wide and short field.Because the advantages of ridge are more loose soil, so that the root system can breathe, prevent the root system from rot, and make the root system absorb water and nutrients more sufficient.

This is undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for strengthening the seedlings and the later high yields. Many people here will have a misunderstanding that transplant the seedlings to the surface of the ridge.

This will cause the root system to not resist high temperature, insufficient water absorption, and gross or drought and floods. Therefore, it is recommended to start with a small ridge, which can be about 15 cm.

NO.3 Don’t transplant too deeply

Due to the essence of cucumber plants, it comes from a warm and humid place. The water there is sufficient water and fertile soil, which creates the characteristics of the shallow root system.About ten centimeters of soil.

The root system cannot be deeply rooted in the land, which will lead to the characteristics of drought tolerance, weak fat absorption, and need enough oxygen. Therefore, planting is to grasp the moderate and lightness. It is recommended to be about 1cm to 2.5cm.After the successful transplantation, water needs to be poured through the water. Remember not to excess, because more water will cause the root system to rot, and subsequent watering is recommended to pour a small amount.

NO.4 Don’t plant the seedlings

As the so -called "upper beam is not right and down the beam", doing everything pays attention to a good foundation, so that the progress of the later things will go smoothly, and it will not cause a series of troubles.The same is true of planting cucumber. What series of problems will it cause if cucumber is crooked when transplanting seedlings?

The characteristics of plants are that the part of the branches of the buds exposed to the soil will grow under the root system under certain conditions. For example, the grafting interface is exposed to the ground during the process of transplantation of cucumber.It will be crooked to the east, and it will also cause the unevenness of the vines to be broken when the vine is suspended. The pickled cucumber will produce wax powder.

NO.5 Don’t hang the vine prematurely

The current work is ready, and the cucumber will be very well -behaved with slender and dense vines. At this time, you need to give the vine a floating tool, such as a bamboo stand, etc., then when it is suitable for the vineIntersection

If the vines are hung up prematurely, it is likely to cause weak stems and long plants. It is recommended to hang vine when the plants are about 50-60 cm. At this timeFeatures of broken.

What kinds of mines did you plant cucumbers in the past?

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