Pig technology dry goods: Analysis and treatment method of the cause of vomiting during sows during pregnancy

In the current environment of non -plague, some of the common symptoms of sows will be enlarged infinitely by us, making ourselves nervous. Yesterday, I encountered a sow vomiting, and my colleagues could not eat.As a result, the detection was negative, and it was excluded, and it was found that it was a goods caused by acidic agents.In order to prevent non -plague, many pig farms are added to drinking water. In fact, as long as the disinfection is in place, non -plague is not so terrible and uncontrollable. Below I summarize what are the reasons why the sows vomit:

Sow vomiting can be divided into three cases:

1. Gastrointestinal disease:

1. The reason;

A, blue ear, swine fever, hyperplasia, and viral diarrhea.

B, the feed nutrition ratio is improper and the anti -stress capacity decreases.

C, gastritis, gastric ulcer, pharyngitis, etc.

D, improper use of drugs, causing gastric mucosa damage.

2. Symptoms;

Sow vomiting, mucus in vomit, some bile, reduced appetite or not eating, smell sour.Body surfaces and visual mucosa are whitening, blood wire is in vomit, gradual weight loss, constipation at the beginning of the onset, and then transformed into coal scorched oil -like manure. A few cases have chronic peritonitis symptoms, with a course of 7-30 days.During acute attacks, the sick pigs died suddenly due to the hemorrhage of the ulcer.

3. Prevention and control methods;

The principle of treatment is to eliminate the factors, neutralize gastric acid, and protect gastric mucosa.Symptoms with mild symptoms should remain quiet and reduce stress reactions.

Second, mold toxins;

1. The reason;

After the mold is mildew, the immune system and growth performance of moldy toxins destroy livestock and poultry, and even lead to death.Because the mold pollution of the feed raw material or the strictness of the feed is not strict, the accumulation of vomiting toxins in mold toxins causes the sow to vomit.

2. Symptoms:

Clinical symptoms are anorexia, vomiting, and diarrhea, which are mainly caused by vomiting toxins and T2 toxins.Vomiting caused by mold toxin is normal and normal.

3, prevention and control method:

Keep the feed library or the environment in the sheds and dry, and the feed storage time is as short as possible.To ensure the use principle of "advanced first", the mildew -variable feed can be removed from the mold, and it is not allowed to eat pigs.

Third, parasite:

1. Reason:

The sow is not done well, and there are parasites in the body. The most typical is gastric width. The worm’s body invades the gastric mucosa to suck blood. A few parasites are not abnormal. Most parasites or gastritis are used for other reasons.

2. Symptoms:

The sow is not mentally weak, anemia, and the bleeding is black.Like drinking water, accompanied by jaundice, thin body, severe possibly spit out bugs.The dung is black or mixed with blood.

3, prevention and control method:

The sow is deworming regularly and deworming in the body every three months.

Fourth, comprehensive control;

1. Strengthen breeding management to ensure the balance between sow diet and the storage of feed to prevent mildew of the feed.

2. Do a good job of sow deworming and health care, vaccine immunity, purify blue ear, red blood cell body, swine fever, pseudolytic dogs, parasites, etc.

体 Purify the pathogens of sows, such as purifying sow blue ear virus, red blood cell body and parasitic insects.

3. Pay attention to the environment of the column, enter the shed when feeding, try to keep quiet at other times and prevent pregnancy sows stress

4. Strengthen environmental control, temperature, humidity, hygiene, disinfection, etc.

5, vomiting pig treatment method:

A, sedative pain

B, neutralization

C, protect the gastric mucosa

D, promote ulcer healing

E, bleeding

F, antibacterial

G, liquid

Five, summary;

Don’t be nervous when you encounter vomiting. First, check the immune records and health records, eliminate parasites, and then observe whether there are diarrhea, whether it is a case or a large group, eliminating viral diarrhea, observing whether sows such as constipation, elevated body temperature, spasm and other pseudo -rabies symptoms, Exclude infectious diseases with obvious symptoms such as pseudo -madness and swine fever. There is no need to worry about the rest. Normal body temperature can consider whether the feed is mildew and mold toxin. There is no major problem after this exclusion.It can be considered caused by the environment or stress, feeding some baking soda and lower stomach acid.

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