Pick up for pregnancy: six months before and after pregnancy, what do you need to pay attention to, prepare for the collection of pregnancy couples

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

A friend is preparing to have a child, chatting about "preparing for pregnancy", saying that many articles on the Internet are now saying "scientific pregnancy", so how can it be regarded as scientific pregnancy, what should be paid attention to before and after pregnancy?

Indeed, it is now paying attention to scientific pregnancy, which is not only conducive to fast pregnancy, but also conducive to eugenics and good health. What should I do for the specific and healthy babies, what are the precautions?Pregnant couples.

Starting from preparing for the baby, you have entered the pregnancy period. The following points are the matters that need to be noticed.

1. Living habits

Both husbands and wives, all kinds of bad living habits need to be eliminated, such as quit smoking and alcohol, do not stay up late, work less, etc., good living habits are good for adjusting their physical state, and rapid pregnancy is good.

2. Diet aspect

Starting from preparing for pregnancy, pay attention to the three meals, eat healthy diet, avoid eating spicy stimuli, cold, too greasy, fried, grilled food, etc.; Try to eat lightly as possible, daily foods dailyThere are foods for iron supplementation, and men can also eat more zinc -containing foods.

3. Psychological and emotion

Some husbands and wives are preparing for babies, and then they start to be nervous. All aspects of pregnancy work are fully done, but they are not going to the baby., Don’t put too much pressure on the two because of pregnancy, just as far as possible.

4. Pre -pregnancy examination

It is best to do pre -pregnancy examinations for couples to help understand the physical condition of the two people. See if the hormones are normal. Only the physical hormones are normal can you conceive your baby as soon as possible., Treatment first, wait until the physical condition is appropriate.

5. Supplement folic acid

Folic acid should be supplemented at the beginning of pregnancy, that is, to pay attention to supplement folic acid from the first three months of pregnancy, and both the couple must add 0.4mg per day.

The first three months after pregnancy is called "early pregnancy". Due to the rapid rise in the level of body hormone, the rapid rise of the body’s hormone level, and the unstable embryo are still unstable.Essence

1. Check

After pregnancy, go to the hospital to test the value of the progesterone and HCG. You can check it again every few days to see the double situation of HCG.Health, generally don’t have to worry too much; you can do the B -ultrasound in about 7 weeks to see if there is a fetal heart.

2. Psychological

Many expectant mothers will be nervous and anxious after pregnancy. In fact, early pregnancy is a process of "survival of the fittest". If the embryo is good, it will naturally develop healthily, but if the embryo is not good, most of them will be "eliminated".Even if it is insured, the chance of "problem children" will be high in the future.So try to relax as much as possible, let it be, don’t always want to scare yourself blindly.

3. Diet

In the early pregnancy, you may have a bad appetite, or even nausea and vomiting because of early pregnancy reactions, you can eat a little bit of diet, eat less meals, and eat staple foods every day (help prevent fetal ketone acid poisoning).At this stage, at this stage, the embryo is still small, and the nutrition is less. It can eat normally as before pregnancy.

In addition, early pregnancy, expectant mothers need to continue to eat folic acid, at least 12 weeks of pregnancy.

4, life

Pay attention to rest in life. If you have any laxative performance, you can sleep more and feel difficult to go to work. You can take a few days off and avoid tiredness. There is also an important point that the same room should be avoided in the early pregnancy.Jingma said: Pregnancy is a very natural thing. It is easy and easy to say, but for some couples, it is not easy. Anyway, when preparing for the babyFacing, it is necessary.In the end, I wish the pregnant couples a good pregnancy as soon as possible, and I wish all the expectant mothers who are pregnant during pregnancy.

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