Photos to reveal the magical changes in breasts before and after women’s pregnancy.

Speaking of pregnancy, the picture appearing in everyone’s mind is that a woman stands out of a big belly and has a lot of stretch marks on her body.

The fact is indeed the case. Because of pregnancy, many women with a slim figure and good -looking women have begun to go, and their looks have begun to become dull because of hormone reasons.They are all prepared for women.

When it comes to changes in pregnancy, I have to mention a video on the Internet. This video shows the changes in the breasts of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.There are many contents, and the video is done using thermal imaging camera.

In the thermal imaging camera, different temperatures will have different colors to display. In the video, the higher temperature of the pregnant mother’s body is yellow and red.The temperature is lower than the rest.

In the thermal imaging camera, different temperatures will have different colors to display. In the video, the higher temperature of the pregnant mother’s body is yellow and red.The temperature is lower than the rest.

However, after pregnancy, you can clearly see that the pregnant mother’s breasts have undergone a visible change. In the first three months of pregnancy, the hormone will make the blood vessels around the chest began to expand. Slowly, the around the chest becomes a large blockbuster.Red, and this piece does not have any impact on the body of the pregnant mother.

On the contrary, at this time, the surroundings still provide nutrients for the chest, which prompts the breasts to produce milk. Most pregnant mothers will find that they will be painful when they are pregnant. This is because the breasts are composed of a large number of glands.It will naturally bulge, and there are some pipes that connect the gland and nipples and the storage sac that stores milk. In the early pregnancy, the milk will enter the breast through these glands. This is why breast pain is painful during pregnancy.s reason.

Many netizens saw this video, and they also expressed their views.

Netizen A: Mom’s body is too amazing …

Netizen B: It feels weird, because it will be replaced automatically when there is a baby, which is amazing.

Netizen C: I do n’t know if it will be like this in the future. It feels a little fun.

After watching the video, we can all intuitively feel the changes in the body after pregnancy, so what changes will the breast after pregnancy?

As mentioned in the case, most pregnant mothers will feel their breast tenderness during pregnancy. This is mainly because of the changes in hormone levels in the body. When the embryo is bed in the stomach of the pregnant mother, the hormone of the pregnant mother will beginChange, because of changes in hormones, the body will change, and breast tenderness is the most obvious.

And the pregnant mother’s breasts will start preparing for the baby’s birth at this time. The breasts of the pregnant mother are actually full of milk at this time, but they can’t get excretion, so the breasts will begin to pain, but in 3 monthsAfter that, this phenomenon will improve, so pregnant mothers need to be too worried. When the pregnant mother feels the swelling of the breast, it can use a massage to relieve the pain.

By the end of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will definitely find that their chests become larger and heavy, and they are particularly heavy. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. Under the influence of progesterone, in order to ensure that children can drink breast milk, they can drink breast milk., So breasts will gradually increase.

Because the breasts are prepared to store milk at this time, and in 3 months, the growth rate of breast growth will be relatively fast. After the second trimester, the increase will become slightly slower, but the growth of breasts depends on personal physique.Essence

Some pregnant mothers have little changes in breasts during pregnancy, but some pregnant mothers can increase their breasts several times during pregnancy. Therefore, the pregnant mothers must choose underwear at this time, otherwise the breasts may be sagged.

Pregnant mothers may find that in addition to the upsurge of the chest, the isolas will also become black. This is caused by sex hormones, prolactin and lutein stimulating breasts. Breast proliferation is caused by hyperplasia, the sebaceous glands increase and expand, and the pigment precipitation is formed.

Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. Some pregnant mothers feel ugly when they see the areola black, and they want to bleach, but in fact, this is wrong.Do not do this.

All in all, pregnant mothers will change more or less during pregnancy, so what about you?What changes have emerged during pregnancy?

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