Petting experience: What should I do if Teddy comes to auntie?

Teddy will come to the aunt at a certain age. This usually appears when it is 6-8 months old, and it is the same period of estrus.The duration of the bitch’s estrus each time is about 6-14 days, and a few can reach 21 days. If you are not conceived during this period, you will start the second estrus for the second time after a certain period of time (6 months).In the face of this situation, the pet owner needs to take the following measures for care.

1. Clean hygiene

There are blood and mucus at the teddy peach. Be careful to keep it clean. Use clean warm water, pots and towels. Wash the peaches every day. Do not use dirty water, otherwise it can cause infection.During the period of contact, the cushion should be soft in texture, and it should be cleaned and disinfected to avoid the infection of Teddy’s private parts.At the same time, the pet owner should also pay attention to keeping warm. Do not let Teddy be cold. Try not to take a bath during his estrus, let alone lying on the cold ground for a long time.

2. Light diet and reduction of going out

The female dogs during the estrus may not be so peaceful, they seem a little impatient, they do not keep the house, and they are unwilling.At this time, in addition to being seriously trapped when going out, it is also necessary to prepare foods that are rich in nutrition, good taste, and digestible food.Due to the increase in constipation during the estrus, some vegetables, coarse grains, non -feeding cold and sour and spicy foods should be appropriately increased. Drinking water should provide warm water, and a little honey is appropriately added to the water.

3. Disposal attention

The situation of Teddy’s estrus during her estrus should not be underestimated, so the pet owner needs to spend more time with the dog.Prepare Teddy toys and snacks to move the dog’s attention.However, this method is suitable for emergency use. There is no way to use it for a long time. After all, Teddy is also tired.

4. Find an object or eat and love

If the trouble of the dog is more serious, the pet owner can also find an object for the dog. After Teddy gets physiological satisfaction, he will not continue to make a dog.But if the pet owner does not want to find a target for Teddy, then you may wish to try to feed Teddy to help to alleviate his emotions, help restore normal physiological functions, and reduce the trouble brought by many Teddy’s troubled dogs for the pet owner.

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