Pet detective, "The highest reward encountered is a Porsche"

Surging news reporter Zhu Xuan

Collect information, find hair, extract evidence, drone, heat imaging instruments, cage nets gloves, and search for searches for several hours to dozens of days, just to find the whereabouts of a missing cat or dog …

This is the daily life of "Pet Detective" Sun Jinrong and his team -to find the loss of pets for help, collect fees and bounty.

When this concept was still unfamiliar in 2012, Sun Jinrong took the first step and started a full -time pet detective in Shanghai.He took the order from all over the country, helped thousands of pets home, and had his own set of methodology and equipment.

Sun Jinrong’s team will use tools and equipment during the pet.Source: Urban Pictorial

In the past ten years, they have seen "Shangtian" lying on the top of the air -conditioning and the top of the dangerous building, "down the ground" hiding on the cat under the floor and the sewer, and also seen the golden retriever they had to eat and drink after being lost, as well asThe elevated running rushed tens of kilometers to Pudong’s border herd.

After finding pets, they can generally get a bounty of thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Some people even hit the reward of "a house" and "a Porsche", but they are mostly gimmicks.It is not easy to get a bounty. In addition to professional equipment, you also need to have meticulous judgment and random response ability. It is a dual consumption of physical and mental strength.

Helping the lost cats and dogs is the most often received by Sun Jinrong’s team.

In addition, they have to face the emotional vent of the pet owner, as well as the other party’s lies, prices and even reunion.

At present, Sun Jinrong and the team are still doing pet obligation rescue work, similar to the pet version of 110.The yard was piled up with a small green wooden house. He wanted to make 10,000 cat’s nests and sent it to a community willing to receive. It was used to feed and live for stray cats.

"Hiding Cat Game"

At night is the opportunity to catch cats.

At 22 o’clock, the "post -90s" old Wu from Guangzhou carried a half -person black bag, climbing to the fourth floor of the residential building of a community in Putuo District, Shanghai.Tanuki cat.

In his backpack, he is generally equipped with lamp sources, thermal imaging search equipment and drones that are used to view footprints. Most of these tools are purchased online, and some are handmade.

The raccoon cat hid on a suspended platform on the fourth floor. It did not move for many days and should not eat. Old Wu decided to seduce it into the cage with food.He put a cat cage from the window with canned cats and canned cats, but the cat was not hooked.

Lao Wu’s companion and Lao Gao born in 1995, observed the cat’s condition with infrared thermal imaging instruments on the opposite residential building."You see, this red is cat." Then, the red began to move along the edge of the rooftop.

Finding the position of the cat, the work was half completed.Lao Gao said that before that, the uncertainty was more. In addition to using drones and thermal imaging instruments, the cat’s feces needed to be sampled and collected, which is convenient for discovering the comparison of suspected feces in relevant areas. Cats will also collect cats.Mao storage is convenient to check with the owner.

Lao Wu came to this building where Lao Gao was located and reminded that the one who was walking was actually a wandering orange cat with confusion. On this small rooftop, there were actually four cats on the event, but the family raised was delayed.Don’t show up, at most exposed your ears.

Before the cat "hook", their confrontation will continue.

This is the ordinary order in the daily work of Lao Wu and Lao Gao.Although they like to add the word "old" in front of their surnames, in fact, most of the teams are post -90s or even post -00s.Their "master" was Sun Jinrong, who claimed to be the earliest pet detective.

Sun Jinrong at work

In 2012, Sun Jinrong gradually entered the industry because of being a volunteer who rescued cats and dogs.At that time, few people were professional, and people’s perception of cats and dogs was also functional."The market has almost no existence, and the customer group has not yet established. Everyone’s positioning for pets is different."

In the first three years, his job was not improved, and the opportunity appeared until 2016.The short video platform "Two more" gave Sun Jinrong a special movie. The title was called "Pet Detective". It suddenly pushed him to the eyes of the public, and more people were able to understand this new industry.

After having a certain fame, he caught up with the rapid expansion of the pet market.

According to the "White Paper of Chinese Pet Consumption Trends in 2021" released by the consulting company, in 2020, the size of my country’s urban pet market is close to 300 billion yuan, and the compound growth rate of compound growth in 6 years in 2015-2020 reached 32.8%.

This non -optimistic profession has gradually become a "serious work", and Sun Jinrong has recruited several teammates one after another.Today, his studio is about 20 people, and he is not older.

Different pets, different masters

"Finding our owners, most of them defeated their pets in their hiding cats ‘games’."

Sun Jinrong said that after losing pets, most people choose to search themselves, but often find that they are not as good as their own small animals as they think, so they turn to cat detectives as help.

For example, the owner generally believes that cats and dogs can recognize themselves and are greedy, but when pets escape, they will be very unfamiliar, and they will not go to the usual place.

Cats especially like to hide. They can pass through the narrow gaps, hiding high places that people cannot reach, hidden sewer, dangerous buildings and dry wells.Many cats continue to move after they lose."It feels that it has not been completely hidden, and it will continue to continue. Several tossing, it must be hidden in a very abnormal place." Sun Jinrong said that some cats hid their heads, but their buttocks were still outside., I feel that others are "invisible to me."

And dogs love to run in a lot of people than cats."Especially Shiba Inu, Husky, and Bian Mu, after being lost, they don’t feel that they have lost it." Sun Jinrong said that they will go well and be very cheerful, and they will not be lost at all. In a case, there are even dogs.The high -speed "release self" runs more than ten kilometers.

In addition to cats and dogs, Sun Jinrong’s team also found various animals such as rabbits, lizards, and birds.Behind the different animals, the owners are different.Sun Jinrong feels that dog breeders are generally outgoing points, preferred and human -socially; people who raise cats are more independent and have their own thoughts.Of course, two types of people will overlap.

Why do you get more pets?Sun Jinrong said that this is inseparable from the rapid development of the pet market. There are more people raising cats and dogs, but they may not do enough homework before raising.There will also be the owner negligence, without the factors of the window or the rope.

On the other hand, the urban expansion but the supporting facilities are not in place. The space that can run for dogs is too small. Many dogs such as border and shepherds are in a state where physical strength cannot be consumed.

In the past ten years, in Sun Jinrong’s view, each order is unique because everyone and each pet is different.

They once flew to Zhengzhou to search for a pet blogger worth more than 100,000 Bangladesh leopard cats. They volunteered to rescue dogs with buckets on their heads, found Tibetan mastiffs who fell into the river, and boiled a kitten hiding and grinned for squatting.The deepest night.

Behind this, there are always some stories that hit people’s hearts.

Finding pets is also looking for lost emotions and life

In addition to the habit of cats and dogs, pet detectives sometimes need to recognize people’s hearts.

Sun Jinrong mentioned a case of "39 days to find a cat".

The longest time, Sun Jinrong’s team found the discarded kitten in the wild for 39 days.

He recalled that last winter, they received the help of a woman in her twenties who lost their cats. At first, they lost their search according to normal walking, but they found strangeness later. "We searched inside and outside.The traces of the cat are not here at all. "

One day later, it might not be able to stand up to the daughter’s torment. The woman’s father confessed that he was carrying his daughter and drove the cat to the junction of Shanghai and other places.Sun Jinrong said that cats are in a teenager and may accompany the girl through the important part of life.

Sun Jinrong and his colleagues went to the place where he lost his cat. It was a wasteland next to the highway. Many reeds had difficulty searching.They found it for many consecutive days, and finally used the hot imaging drone. In a dense grass, I saw a kitten nest, which was the one who lost.

It was a sensitive kitten, which was already thin, and the back of the spine was highlighted.It is wearing a collar of a bell when it is discarded, and it will expose its position during action, limiting its hunting.Sun Jinrong said that he could see that cats tried to break free of collar, but did not succeed.The collar stuck its neck and the position of the front paw to the armpit. When found, the tightening place was rotten and bad, and the small white worm moved when the collar was picked up.

They sent the kitten directly to the hospital."The car drove quickly, I was afraid that the cat would gone before seeing the owner."

Sun Jinrong said that after finding a cat, the girl thought that she was dreaming and thanked.As for why the cat was sent away, he speculated that it might be because the girl was pregnant, and the older generation always felt that pets were not good for children.

For these 39 days of cat searching, for Sun Jinrong, just like a microcosm of his entrepreneurial business, "I can’t see it at a glance." "I thought at the time, I couldn’t find it, but if I could findWhere, but I ca n’t take it home. If you give up so easily, I will feel sorry on the day of retirement. "

Among the lists received by Sun Jinrong, there are many old people who are raising pets. Their children seek or work outside. Pets provide important companionship for the elderly to make their lives more regular.Transfer to pet.Therefore, when pets suddenly disappear, the elderly will be more anxious and sad.

Similarly, young people who have become "atomic" in big cities also need pet company because of loneliness and pressure -in small rental houses, there is a soft furry animal living together, which is a comfort.

"Therefore, there is a word called pet dependency." Sun Jinrong said.

Because of finding pets, they need to "break into" strangers’ homes to obtain clues from the help of help and the environment they live.

Many times, the help person will first vent his emotions on pet detectives.They either cry, or regret, or talk about their pets and pets, as well as losing the pain of pets.

"What we need more is a clear and rational expression, and it is clear that the age, color, loss of time and place of pets." Sun Jinrong said, just like a psychological counselor, sometimes they need to provide emotional guidance on customers until they clearly find out to find out to find out.The clues needed for pets, at the same time, should keep the doctor’s patience and tell the owner that the success rate of the pet is the same as the success rate of the surgery. It cannot be found in 100%.

Under the bounty

The Sun Jinrong team charged the time and the number of participants. If the single -person equipment was looking for 6 hours, it was 950 yuan, and the two were 1,600 yuan.There is also a bounty. "Under normal circumstances, the bounty is a cat (dog) from 3,000 yuan." People who find cats (dogs) at first glance, but if the pet is not found in the end, the bounty part will be gone.

The bounty of hairless cats and puppet cats will be more expensive.Because hairless cats cannot be tracked through hair traces, it is more difficult; and because of the high market price, the puppet is more likely to be accounted for by others.

Help information for a pet owner

Sometimes, Sun Jinrong feels that the word "bounty" is not appropriate. When you find living pets, you can call it a bounty, but sometimes you can only find a corpse."Maybe the word bounty may have to be changed. Maybe it is more suitable to use the amount of cases, which means that the work of our pet detective is here."

"The highest reward encountered is a Porsche, but this kind of pet loss has been long for a long time, and basically cannot be found, and the owner may be very clear." He said that if you just lose your pet, you will suddenly pull the reward.So high, he has never seen it in 10 years.

Although it has been doing this for a long time, Sun Jinrong and the team will not sign a contract with the customer for the "bounty" section, relying on verbal agreement.This sometimes brings some unhappiness and disputes.

In some orders, they found that they needed to intervene when they were unable to do it, but when they had clues, they would persuade them to go back and even grab them in front of them.It was the first discovery of the first discovery, and refused to pay the bounty."We have encountered an owner, and we feel that we are looking for too fast and too easy to bargain." Sun Jinrong felt: "Isn’t it the faster the better?"

He feels that sometimes everyone pursues a sense of psychological balance."I think you didn’t pay too much labor, so I took my money away." This kind of resentment will allow the owner to make some strange behaviors. For example, after finding a pet, the excuse is to leave the team in the field.A breath.

Before the epidemic, Sun Jinrong’s team could receive dozens or even hundreds of orders for more than a month. Time was cut into pieces. He may still be looking for a cat late at night."Just like a dog, the dog sleeps for a while, and wakes up in a while."

In addition to the messy work, when he was busy, he had to think about it in the morning, where are I?Maybe he was in Qingdao in the morning and rushed to Beijing in the afternoon. The matter of Beijing was over and rushed to another place. The space faced every day was different, which brought a long -term depression.

"When we are busy, there is no time to breathe. The most relaxed thing is that an order is over. We return to the way to the road on the next order.It is very dense, and there is no time to breathe, always on the road.This long time of suffering and the rejection of joy brought about by the final success.

"I think I have emptied me in the past 10 years." He said, he made himself too hard.He is more and more wanted to feel the beautiful part of the work."I actually feel a bit back now, because I am doing short videos, and I have a lot less work."

Ten thousand cat nests

When Surging News saw Sun Jinrong at the end of June this year, he wore a camouflage suit, leaving a flat head, tired tone, but sitting upright, seemed to be younger than the actual age -40 -year -old.

He rented two residential houses in the suburbs of Pudong. He lived in ten minutes apart, one lived in himself, and one as a studio. He called it "base".In the self -occupied small building, Sun Jinrong adopted two orange cats, two English shorts, and a "drone" who wanted to train into intelligence, but in the end, he only learned the parrot who said to himself.

He was also hanging on the walls of the pet owners at home with a small brocade flag, which wrote slogans such as "Save my dog’s life" and "God Find Cats".

Sun Jinrong, holding his cat, and a banner on the wall.

Sun Jinrong was not supported at the beginning.

After graduating from middle school, because of his father’s traffic accident, Sun Jinrong’s mother led him to work in Shanghai, who was not yet adult. He had no professional skills.Three hundred dollars.

Like many young people who come to big cities, Sun Jinrong often fell into confusion, but he wanted to do things that can be made.

In 2012, seeking pets is still a new concept. There is nothing to refer to. It is a kind of career choice that cannot be seen.The suggestion given by his parents is that instead of spending time in this matter, it is better to find a job directly, even if you enter the factory to make screws, it is more stable."I have also shaken at the time, do you want to do regular work?"

In the end, he chose his interests and rejected duplicate and mechanical work."The work on the assembly line is repeated every day, at least for me. It looks like a machine without emotion within 8 hours." He said that if he really chose to get a screw at that time, it may be "the soul will be being being ableDestruction.

"I think the progress of society comes from children who do not listen to their parents. If each child is going on according to the planning of his parents, there will be no progress in society. Each generation should accept more fresh things." Sun Jinrong saidHe still wants to encourage young people to experience the world more, have their own hobbies, try more about what they really want to do, and don’t put themselves too early.

Other teammates in Sun Jinrong’s team are from all walks of life. Some are chefs, trucks, and workers.

Lao Gao, born in 1995, was a talkative man in Luzhou, Anhui. He graduated from Sports School. Before joining the Sun Jinrong team, he worked out of the air -conditioning and dripped. He finally changed his job.He said that it is difficult to find a sense of belonging in big cities, and it is difficult to find good jobs without technical or academic qualifications. In the epidemic, many previous colleagues returned to their hometown.The current work gives him a little home. On the one hand, he likes cats and dogs, and feels good things. On the other hand, he feels that he can learn something.

Recently, they made a cat’s nest in the backyard of the "base", and the room was filled with small wooden houses with painted green spires, and design drawings were hung on the wall.Sun Jinrong said that this was hand -made by the friends. They wanted to make 10,000 cat nests and send them to various communities for free as the home and feeding point of stray cats.

"Ten Thousand Cat Nest" Plan

They also opened a small piece of land as the "cat cemetery", and there were dozens of kittens who had died when they were found.There are small tombstones on the land, scraping the dust with the nickname and age of the death of the kittens.Sun Jinrong said that before the epidemic, parents brought their children to sweep the grave every year.

Sun Jinrong Studio’s backyard vision.They used one of them to be "cat cemetery".

In the past two years, because of the epidemic, business like they need to drive around, enter other people’s communities, and find pets at home, it is even more difficult to do. Especially in the past two or three months, there is almost no attendance, but they still have to pay their salary.Sun Jinrong said that he was originally planned to retire at the age of 50. Now the plan may be postponed, perhaps "you have to lose the old -age money."

It was a bit difficult at the moment, but he did not regret choosing this road."Because I was too tired before, I have experienced a sense of dying, so I think more and more. What is it to come to this world? For me, I may experience this world.He said.

"Many of us have no hope of life, especially young people don’t know what to expect." Sun Jinrong sometimes fell into the same fatigue.

Later, he planted grapes and mulberries behind the base courtyard. He began to feel that he never looked forward to the arrival of a spring. Like farmers who planted land, he had some hope.Whenever he feels anxious, he will drive for one or twenty minutes, from the residence to the "base" to meet, do a lot of work to make a cat’s nest, or just walk around or blow off, and will feel calm.

Source: Surging News

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