Personal mother encounters vaginitis, so pay attention

The vaginal vagina is adjacent to the urethral and anus, which is easy to pollute each other.During pregnancy, the body’s immunity decreases, the weight increases obesity, and the vulva is warm, humid and susceptible to vaginitis.If there are complications in pregnancy, such as diabetes, glycogen in the vaginal tissue increases, and it is more likely to suffer from vaginitis.

During pregnancy, vaginitis, in addition to the itching of the vulva, abnormal leucorrhea, etc., affects work and life, and can also cause serious consequences such as chorionic membrane amnioceralitis, premature abortion, premature birth, puerperium infection, and newborn infection.

Don’t clean it too much

Some women have cleanliness, especially after pregnancy, the vaginal secretions are more than non -pregnancy. I have faithful advertisements. They are rinsed with the vaginal vagina and blindly believed that "washing is healthier".There are a variety of pathogens in normal vagina to form a normal microbial group of the vagina. The pregnant woman has poor resistance. When it is overly cleaned, it is washed away the beneficial bacteria in the vagina. It may accidentally wear harmful bacteria in the outside world, and it should also suffer from vaginitis.We recommend that pregnant women usually only need to clean the vulva with warm water.

Don’t abuse antibiotics

After pregnant women are sick (such as urethritis, appendicitis, colds, etc.), antibiotics are used in unormally, which is easy to kill beneficial bacteria in the vagina. Moisturbal with strong resistance will take advantage of the opportunity to reproduce a lot of fungal vaginitis.

It is best to choose cotton shorts to change panties, and wash it separately from socks, coats, etc. to avoid cross -infection.Use the public toilet, try to choose the squat toilet, avoid sitting toilet, and wash your hands before entering the toilet.

In particular, mold vaginitis, mold can be parasitic in the vagina, oral cavity, and intestines. Once the conditions are appropriate, these three parts can be contagious.

During the treatment of vaginitis, it is forbidden to sex and prevent cross -infection

Especially when the man is infected, both men and women should come to the hospital for examination and treatment at the same time.

Don’t use the medicine blindly

During pregnancy, vaginitis mainly has three pathogens: mold, bacteria, and trichomonas. Different causes, different medications and treatment courses. Do not take the medicine by yourself when the cause is unknown, so as not to delay the condition.

Do not eat spicy and irritating food, eat reasonably, exercise appropriately, and keep your mood happy

Finally, I wish all expectant mothers,

Healthy and happy spending pregnancy.

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