People who don’t like to eat peppers really lose?Research from 570,000 people, it is good for eating chili

Do you like to eat chili?There are two types of people who love chili and do not like chili, especially those who are not spicy and unhappy. Today, eat pickles and phoenix claws, and eat spicy crayfish tomorrow …

You know that according to relevant survey data, the number of spicy foods in my country has reached 600 million, which is almost half of the proportion.

Eat slightly spicy and even addictive.

Why is it easy to get addicted to eating spicy?

The survey found that eating spicy food can be practiced, and the feeling of addictive is precisely because spicy is a kind of pain. In many areas in our brain, the sense of pleasure and painful interaction of spicyness, spicyness is stimulating the brain nervesYuan produced pain, and was mistaken for a way of pleasure. In this process, people will have a ability to adapt. At the same time, this is why spicy food can make people addicted.

In addition, there are tens of millions of saying about spicy food. Some people say that eating peppers is not good, and others say that eating peppers can extend their life. Let ’s talk to you today.

In the study from 570,000 people, it proves that people who eat chili are good and do not like to eat peppers. Is it really lost?

Through 290,000 women and 200,000 men found that this involves China, Italy, the United States and other countries. The final conclusion has proved that people who do not eat it once a week can reach 6 ~ 7 almost a week.Heaven can reduce the total mortality by about 14%.In addition, the mortality of mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer mortality have been reduced.

But it is also important to emphasize that if you ca n’t eat spicy food, do n’t have to force it. People who like spicy food should also stop. It is not advisable to eat too much. For the benefits of eating chili, everyone can also focus on it.

Eating chili may be good for people with high blood pressure:

It was found in an animal experiment that injecting a chili blood in the blood of pepper blood, an ingredient called "pepperinain", the ultimate effect reduced blood pressure, but because it is an animal experiment, there is still a certain difference from human experiments, so it needs to be further further needed to go further.Verification.

What needs to be vigilant is that if you have hypertension and have obvious fluctuations in blood pressure after eating chili, it is recommended that you eat less or not.

Eating chili may be able to get rid of dampness:

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, peppers have the effects of warming the cold, dampness and sweating, especially Sichuan, because of the characteristics of seasonal climate, etc., in order to discharge the humidity in the body, it has always been the habit of eating peppers, which helps the body to discharge wet wetting wet to wet wetness.At the same time, it can also have an appetizer. It is more healthy with fresh and delicious vegetables.

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