People in Zhejiang can make glutinous rice flowers

A few days ago, the temperature was still more than ten degrees Celsius, and these two days of cooling down again. When it was cold, I remembered the frozen rice sugar of my hometown.

Frozen rice sugar is the best yearning for the New Year when I was a kid.At the foot of the mountains at the junction of Zhejiang and Jiangxi, most of the villagers moved from the southwest of the Jiangxi Dynasty during the Ming and Qing dynasties.Perhaps because of the dialect, frozen rice sugar is called "Mi Jiao" by his hometown.During the Spring Festival each year, the grandmother of "three -inch golden lotus" and aunt who left home for three or four miles, as soon as I saw me, took a large piece of frozen rice sugar from the "ocean oil tank" to me.Mi Jiao. "

After the spring planting and autumn harvest, in the winter, the dry food was returned to the warehouse. The firewood barbecued by the house was high.Well, the frozen rice sugar enters the operating program.Use glutinous rice to make frozen rice sugar.At the beginning of the year, every family planned to leave a field of glutinous rice.Although the output of glutinous rice is not high, it is also willing to make frozen rice sugar in the New Year.After the harvested glutinous rice was dried, the rice milling machine pulled by the tablet car was set up at the door. With the sound of the "sudden" sound on the Pingndi, the white glutinous rice was collected in the rice tank by the mother’s mother.In addition to Bao Zongzi, or if a family really wants to eat glutinous rice, it takes a spoonful of glutinous rice from the rice tank.

Catching up on a sunny day, the women moved the hidden glutinous rice and steamed glutinous rice, and then spread it on the bamboo pads to dry them. The men bought maltose on the market to prepare.Snowflakes floated in the sky, and in the hot stove, fried rice flowers began.The dry glutinous rice is put into the hot iron pot, stir -fry with the hot sand, and will become swollen and crispy popcorn in a while.Children who can’t bear their temperament often grabbing a popcorn into their mouths while adults don’t pay attention.At this time, adults generally don’t scold, at most, "Can you eat Mi Jiao at night?"

The good show of frozen rice sugar is at night.At that time, there were not many masters of frozen rice sugar on our place.I often hear that a certain family frozen rice sugar was scattered last year. No wonder this year’s family luck is not good.My uncle is a good hand to be frozen rice sugar.After Mihua fried, my sister invited a uncle one kilometer away from home for dinner. The mother burned a few good dishes. After the family was full, she quickly packed up the tableware.From the front to the stove, everything is properly arranged for frozen rice sugar.

The a little cold stove quickly became hot. The sister added firewood under the stove. She tied up the apron and held her hands on the side of the stove. The parents smiled and listened to the remittance at any time.When Da Chai is usually reluctant to use in the stove pond, he starts to pour the tea oil into the pot, then pry a few pieces of sucrose, and put it in the pot with maltose.Golden, turned into golden syrup in a blink of an eye.

He meticulously stirred in the pot with chopsticks, his eyes stared at the syrup in the pot tightly.From time to time, he took chopsticks to adjust the viscosity of the syrup, and he had to stick to his fingers, and then tasted the taste with his mouth, as if grasping a battle.When he said "can put rice flowers", his father and mother were like hearing the command of the charge, and cooperated to pour the prepared dustpan and pour the rice flowers into the pot.Immediately afterwards, I stirred in the pot almost with all the strength, and everyone gathered here at once.On the cold winter, his face and forehead were hot, and his image was much higher than usual.

Then again, the popcorn that wins sugar in the pot -was moved into the dustpan by a shovel and shovel, and the cousin who came to help quickly hugged the hall and poured into the original tofu frame.I saw my cousin twisting her body, flattened the hot rice sugar with my hands, and then rolled back and forth with a drum, and soon pressed the frozen rice sugar to solid it.One shape.The mothers and sisters waiting for the knife on the side, after seeing the wooden racks opened, each immediately "grab" a frozen rice sugar and start performing their "cut vegetable skills".Cut.

The whole process of frozen rice sugar takes two or three hours.After the completion, I pumped the dry smoke in front of the hall and talked about the harvest over the past year; my father put the cooked frozen rice sugar into the empty wine altar and "ocean oil tank" one by one; at this time,I entered the dreamland in the sweetness of frozen rice sugar.

Some frugal homes can eat frozen rice sugar for a whole year.As long as a guest comes to the New Year, each household must have frozen rice sugar entertainment, eat a few slices of sweet and crispy frozen rice sugar, melted it, and drink a bite of green tea.Lack of Shangjia refreshments.In autumn and winter, people in the villagers go to Yuanshan to cut firewood, and the dry food brought on is often a pack of frozen rice sugar.

Nowadays, strolling in a small town, frozen rice sugar is sold all year round, and sesame sugar, peanut sugar, sweet potato cakes, etc. are derived. Whenever I see it, I still call my hometown as "Mi Jiao" -There is one more love.

Editor -in -chief: Kong Lingjun Text Editor: Chen Shuyi Title Picture Source: Visual Chinese Picture Editor: Xu Jiamin

Source: Author: descendant of Nanfeng

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