Penal mothers should pay attention, there are 4 output inspection items after pregnancy. Once you miss it, you cannot do it.

Introduction: Pregnancy is a very happy thing. The birth check is a top priority for pregnant mothers. The birth check can help expectant mothers to monitor the condition of themselves and their babies. Finding problems can be treated in time to ensure the health of expectant mothers and fetuses.

However, some expectant mothers feel that their physical fitness is very good, and there is no problem when doing inspections when they are pregnant, so they think about whether they have to go for inspection in the future, which can save money and trouble.This idea is very incorrect. The impact of pregnant aimalized mothers is not just that the stomach becomes bigger, but more importantly, the burden of the body’s organs will greatly increase.

During the checkup, the doctor can evaluate whether the expectant mother’s body can withstand changes after pregnancy and whether the development of the baby is normal.If you do a check -up on time, you can find and adjust the problem in time to ensure the health of expectant mothers and fetal baby. If you do not have a check -up on time, doctors cannot accurately judge the physical condition of expectant mothers, and there will be some potential risks.

Therefore, I hope that expectant mothers can check on time and be responsible for themselves and their babies.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers generally need to do 9-11 birth checkups. If expectant mothers have a history of abortion, belong to elderly women, and have gestational diabetes.Safe thought, don’t be sloppy.

Generally speaking, at 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers need to go to the hospital to check the situation of pregnancy, understand the position of the embryo, and determine whether it is internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.You only need to regularly do a regular birth check -up according to the doctor’s interpretation.In order to facilitate everyone’s memory and preservation, I made a table for everyone.

After 37 weeks of pregnancy, we basically go to the birth check every week.Because, it is already full of 37 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the baby’s growth rate is fast, and it may be launched at any time. The function of amniotic fluid and placenta may change every week. It is important to closely pay attention to the state of the baby in the stomach.

In short, in the days of delivery, everyone needs to check more frequently than ever to monitor the situation of their own and fetal baby.In addition, key items in the checkup, such as NT examinations, early and mid -term Tang sieves, rows, sugar resistance, NST examination, obstetrics B ultrasound, etc., expectant mothers need to understand it carefully.

As the saying goes: "Three years of pregnancy."Although the expectant mothers are not really "stupid", whether because of their physical reasons or because of their emotions, expectant mothers are really "forgetful".Coupled with the many production inspection items, expectant mothers will forget to make an appointment or miss a certain inspection as soon as they are not careful.

If you miss other inspections, you will miss it, and you can do it.However, there are 4 most important birth inspection items during pregnancy. Do not miss it. Do it at the right time to accurately check the results. Once you miss this time, you may not be done. Generally, doctors will not arrange anymore.redo.

1. NT examination

NT examination, that is, the "transparent layer of the fetal neck part", is the first abnormal examination during pregnancy, which is very important. Moreover, it cannot be done once it is missed.

The main role of NT examination is to check the abnormalities and malformations of the fetal chromosomes. It can make most of the fetal deformities find it earlier and facilitate timely diagnosis and intervention.

The best examination time for NT is between 0 days and 6 days and 6 days of 11 weeks of pregnancy. If it is too early, it may be unclear, and the result is not accurate when it is too late.It should be noted that many hospitals need to make an appointment in advance, so expectant mothers must make an appointment in advance to avoid missing the check time.

2. Tang Si

Tang’s screening is referred to as Tang Siek. It can scrap blood to screen out of congenital diseases such as Tang’s syndrome and neurotransophaur. It is a very important test during pregnancy.

Tang Si’s practice is very simple. Through blood testing, combined with the age, weight, gestational week and other calculation risk values of pregnant women, and then comprehensively whether there are twins, a history of abnormal pregnancy, whether insulin dependence on diabetes to adjust the risk value.When the doctor opens the checklist, you may ask these questions above, and everyone must answer accurately.

There are two time periods of Tang Si. Early Tang’s early Tang family screening and mid -term Tang family screening at 15-20 weeks of pregnancy is missed. Therefore, everyone must go to the hospital on time.

There is no need to urinate before the Tang sieve, and generally does not need to be an empty stomach, but some hospitals will ask for an empty stomach, and listen to the doctor’s guidance.

3. Dragon deficiency

The fetal system ultrasound is commonly known as "large row defaults". It mainly screens the development of the organs of the baby’s organs through the B -ultrasound system. It is generally referred to as "prenatal ultrasound examination of the Ⅲ system", which is mainly to systematically screen fetal malformations.Essence

Dragon abnormalities are generally checked in 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, and some hospitals may arrange at 18 to 26 weeks of pregnancy.Most hospitals have to make an appointment for a long time in advance. Generally, a few weeks to a few months in advance. Some hospitals even make an appointment if they just confirm that they are pregnant, otherwise they will not be applied.

In addition, do not need to be an empty stomach or urinating before doing large rows. Pregnant mothers do not have to do this test. On the contrary, they can bring some snacks.Because the test lasts for a long time, sometimes it is not suitable for the baby to sleep or the posture is not suitable for examination. We can eat something first, walk around, and then check.

4. Sugar resistance

The glucose tolerance test, also known as sugar tolerance, is to check whether the mother has gestational diabetes by drawing blood.

The sugar tolerance test is done at 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. Generally, it is necessary to draw 3 blood tests. It takes about one morning to complete the entire inspection, which is still hard.Therefore, it is best to accompany your family when going to check.

In addition, it should be noted that after 22:00 the day before the inspection, do not eat anything, and the empty stomach needs to be checked on the day of the inspection; you should not drink water; do not go to the hospital at the latest day on the day of the examination, otherwise you may need to do it again.

Before the mothers and family members need to be fully prepared in advance.Only in this way can the baby grow and develop healthily.

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