Pay attention to headaches during pregnancy!It can be solved by drinking more hot water

During pregnancy, headaches are a very difficult trouble. Whenever a headache, worrying that taking medicine will affect the abdomen, many pregnant mothers will resist.Generally, the way to treat headaches is: drink plenty of water and rest, usually the next day will be relieved.But for expectant mothers during pregnancy, it is not enough to drink water.

Some expectant mothers will not only have occasional headaches during pregnancy, but sometimes they will accompany the symptoms of palpitations and tinnitus. What is going on?

Hormone change

Pregnant mothers will produce progesterone in their body. Periations are a hormone that can help uterine congestion and affect the neck and head.So it also affects the blood flow of the brain, which causes headaches.

Blood pressure changes

Another reason for headaches during pregnancy is due to the changes in blood pressure during pregnancy.Generally, in the early stages of pregnancy and the second trimester, the blood pressure will be lower than before pregnancy, and then gradually increase slowly. By childbirth or about 6 weeks after delivery, it will slowly return to normal.

other reasons

In addition to changes in hormones and blood pressure, fatigue, hypoglycemia, hunger, hypoxia, insufficient sleep, less activity can also cause headaches for expectant mothers.

Cold compress

If you feel a little slightly headache during pregnancy, you can lightly pat your forehead by applying cold water or a little hot water.Low temperature or high temperature can shrink or expand the head blood vessels, thereby achieving a headache.


There must be enough exercise during pregnancy.Studies have shown that if regular exercise is reduced, physiological activity is not adapted, and it will also have headaches.Although it is not too much action during pregnancy, proper exercise is also important.

Rest more

In fact, it is useful to alleviate headaches. It is rest.Because rest can not only help relieve headaches, but also help reduce stress. As long as it can help the body relax, it can relieve headaches.

Choose the right corset

Wearing incorrect corsets can cause headaches!During pregnancy, because the breasts will be half large, the ligaments that support the breast will stretch, so as to support the weight of the growing breasts.

If the corset you wear is not suitable, the pressure on the neck and back is too large, and it will have considerable pressure to cause headaches, so choose the appropriate corset.


When blood sugar is too low, it may cause headaches, so the three -meal diet is very important for pregnant mothers. Do not delay because of busy things.In addition, avoid foods that have been confirmed by statistics that are easy to induce headaches, such as chocolate, citrus, red wine, etc.Everyone’s situation is different, and pregnant mothers can still adjust themselves.


Pregnant mothers are too fatigue to cause headaches, so try to keep themselves for 8 hours of sleep. If you suddenly feel headache or dizziness, you can find a quiet and cool environment. Take advantage of the period of lying down and rest.If you still cannot relieve it, you can consult your doctor in real time.

Soothing massage

When migraine symptoms occur, let yourself stay in a comfortable environment, drink a glass of warm water, gently knead the temples or back, or slowly turn your head and shoulders, then massage your head and shrugging to relax your body and mind, But be careful not to be too large in massage, so as not to cause uncomfortable due to pain.

Sufficient drinking water

Sometimes the headache is caused by water shortage, but thirst is not to drink a lot in one breath. It is recommended to drink water in a "small number" manner, and then replenish it regularly.Adults drink about 2000ml of water per day in order to make the physiological system work normally and maintain their body balance.

Come Apple

Apple has rich acidic acid, cellulose, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and flavonoid nutrients. If you always have headaches, you can eat apples to relieve.

Slow down movement

Don’t suddenly get up when you are lying or sitting. Slowly support the good things to stand up. It is best to support your body and then stand up again, so as not to worsen the sudden headache.

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