Pay attention during pregnancy

1. Don’t wear high heels

Mother cannot wear high heels during pregnancy, because the heels are high, it is easy to stab, then it will cause the mother to fall and cause accidents. ThereforeThe low heels of centimeters are fine.

2. Don’t make up

Now more and more people are competing for hot moms, even during pregnancy, they will make makeup.Although there are people who love beauty, during pregnancy, mothers are best not to make makeup, because cosmetics contain a large amount of chemical additives, and some lead will bring serious harm to the body of the mother and the child.Especially it will cause fetal cerebral palsy, stagnation, or death, so mothers should not make makeup during pregnancy.

3. Regular checkup

During pregnancy, mothers should regularly perform birth checkups, which can help mothers understand their physical conditions and the condition of the fetus. If the child’s development is wrong, it can be treated in time to help recover health.

4. Don’t exercise vigorously

Many mothers also exercise during pregnancy, which may also be related to her mother’s work requirements, but no matter what, it is best not to exercise strenuous exercise during pregnancy.Don’t fatigue, or overwork.

5. Pay attention to things when producing

During the production process, mothers need to go through 3 output. The first is the regular contraction of the uterine regularity. It has been shrinking to the maternal women’s mouth and opening. At this time, pregnant women should pay attention to relaxing herself, not nervous, not anxious, pay attention to rest.The second is that the palace mouth has been opened, and the fetus is gradually producing. At this time, pregnant women should pay attention to force and take a deep breath. Of course, they should also pay attention to rest.In the third process, after the fetus was born, the placenta was stripped. At this time, the mothers should pay attention to obeying the arrangement of the medical staff and drain the placenta out of the body.

6. After delivery

After childbirth, mothers need to be hospitalized in the hospital. At this time, if mothers need defecation, they should report to the doctor immediately to prevent the result of soft -dirty dysfunction.Check whether there is a problem to let the doctor deal with it and help the mother to restore health.After that, the mother needs to take a good rest, pay attention to the diet, so that she can restore the normal as the beginning.

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