Parenting said: The belly is itchy in the middle of pregnancy, and stretch marks have grown. What should I do?

Female friends will face the problem of ugly stretch marks.Why do some pregnant mothers have severe stretch marks, and some pregnant mothers do not have a trace of stretch marks after pregnancy?Stretch marks are also related to the physical fitness of the individual, not all pregnant women will appear.As in the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus stretched the skin rapidly, making the skin of the pregnant mother thin, and the muscle fiber under the skin caused the abdominal wall, the root of the thigh, and even the chest.Pink color stripes, the fetus will become silver -white or white after birth. This is the stretch marks that make many pregnant mothers headache.

Many women without pregnancy will have growth patterns, so after pregnancy, they will worry about whether they will grow stretch marks. Love beauty is the nature of women. Whether it is growth patterns or stretch marks, it feels unsightly.Especially for those beautiful women, they are simply thunderous, sacrificing their beauty and figure for their babies.The principle of stretch marks and growth patterns is the same. The growth lines generally occur after adolescence or after a significant increase or decrease. In popular terms, it is to eat fat and then lose weight.There will be growth lines. This is because the growth rate of the human body destroys the situation caused by the tissue of the skin; the appearance of stretch marks is similar to the growth lines, because the uterus of the rapid increase of pregnant women during pregnancy supports the stomach, and also the stomach.There is a more important increase in weight growth when pregnant mothers are pregnant.

When dark red or purple -red stretch marks appear on the belly, thighs, back waist, or even on the chest, itching and other problems needed to occur at the same time. This will seriously affect the normal life of pregnant women.So when these problems occur, how should pregnant mothers respond to correct itching?First of all, pregnant mothers need to choose loose and breathable clothing to avoid excessive stimulation and itching. Second, when stretch marks itchy, try not to excessively scratch it with your hands. Generally, there will be bacteria in the nail seam.At this time, it is easy to secondary bacterial infection, which threatens the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.You can choose the method of cold water soaking towels to relieve the symptoms of itching; if it is severe itching, which seriously affects the sleep and daily life of pregnant women, you can use some drugs under the guidance of a doctor.Local skin will not have a direct impact on the fetus; there is also a proper transfer of attention. When itching appears, you can still bear it, choose what you like to do, or put it into your own your own.Work, appropriately transfer your attention to avoid excessive scratching stimuli.

It can be prevented before the stretch marks grow. Avoid too much sweets and fried foods during pregnancy, eat more vegetables and fruits and high -quality protein, and also need to pay attention to drinking more water.There is a relaxed state to increase the elasticity of the skin and reduce the emergence of stretch marks; in the case of physical permission after pregnancy, a lot of exercise is still needed to avoid excessive weight growth, avoid sedentary, long -standing or lying for too long time for too long time, or lying for too long for long time, or lying for too long for too long, or lying for too long for long time, or lying too long for too long,EssenceProper exercise can not only exercise the muscles of the body, but also increase the elasticity of the skin, but also avoid excessive weight growth, which can effectively prevent the emergence of stretch marks, or a large amount in a short period of time;Prevention work of good stretch marks, use better moisturizing oil or olive oil to prevent stretch marks, massage places that are prone to stretch marks.

In addition to affecting the aesthetic, stretch marks have no direct impact on the health of the pregnant mother’s body and fetus, so don’t worry too much.Therefore, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to the correct way to relieve it, and do daily care to prevent stretch marks.

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