Parenting calendar

Growth of baby

The fetus is still the size of a kumquat -from head to hips exceeds 2.5 cm and weighs less than 7 grams, but the most critical part of his development has been completed.During this period, the organization and organs in his body were rapidly growing.His important organs -liver, kidney, stomach, brain, and lungs have been in place, and they have begun to "work".

The genitals have also begun to develop, but the use of B -ultrasound is still unable to distinguish gender.The placenta is very mature and can support most important functions such as hormones.

Fetal map of three months of pregnancy (week 10)

The change of pregnant mothers

Your emotional fluctuations this week will be particularly large. Just on your face, you are still clear, and you may become dark clouds in a while.

Some pregnant women are uneasy about this unpredictable emotion, but this is normal, which is the result of estrogen during pregnancy.When you are in a bad mood, you can look at the beautiful scenery, pictures, exposure to beautiful things, and try not to read horror, sad books or watching horror movies, so as to keep a calm and comfortable state of mind, make the baby relax in his stomach, easygrowing up.

Nutritional guidance

If you want to eat snacks, you can eat some carbohydrates, and they can provide you with a few hours of energy.And biscuits, chocolate and sweet beverages will only give you a short time energy, and you will feel hungry after eating.You can try to eat oatmeal, or it can be paired with one or two fruits.


At present, the iodine content should be added to the food. After the birth of the iodine deficiency, the iodine is low, and the child is short, which is likely to be incatin disease.Therefore, pregnant mothers need iodine per day at about 0.115 mg. If you are a expectant mother living in a non -coastal area, it is recommended to eat iodized salt.

Daily life

Your breasts may add 1 or more sizes, especially the first pregnancy.

If there is breast pain, you can use good quality cotton bras to support.Pregnant moms can play a special supporting role, so you can try a few to see if it is suitable.

At this time, you should also pay attention to contact with pets, pay attention to hygiene, and avoid the risk of abortion and teratogenic.

Cats are carried with Toxoplasma germs. If the pregnant mother is infected with a hormone, it will not only affect the normal development of the fetus, but also cause abortion, premature birth and congenital malformations.A kind of "chronic bureau’s stabilic virus" parasitic on the dog. Once the blood circulation of the human body enters the human body, it will infringe osteocytes, causing osteopologies to soft deformation and causing deformity orthopedicitis.

How to prevent hormone infections

1. Pay attention to diet hygiene. The meat should be fully cooked to avoid raw meat polluted cooked food.

2. Cats should be raised at home and feed cooked or finished cat food to prevent them from predating outside.

3. Pay attention to daily hygiene, remove cats’ feces every day, and wash your hands carefully after exposing animals.

4. Unless the serum examination of pregnant mothers has been infected with bow -shaped worms, pregnant mothers should avoid contact with cats and their feces during pregnancy.

5. Gow -shaped insect infection has a variety of simple and effective drugs, such as sulfa -like piomyasidine and spiithromycin. Treatment must be performed according to the doctor’s order. Timely treatment of pregnant mothers can reduce the chance of fetal infection after infection.

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