Papi sauce early pregnancy abdominal pain for medical treatment: these abdominal pain must be paid attention to during pregnancy

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Abstract: If severe or persistent abdominal pain occurs suddenly during pregnancy, you must pay attention to it!

Little pregnant women, how are your recent state?

A expectant mother said that since she knew that she was pregnant, she was randomly switched in two emotions every day. The last second was full of expectations. The auntie laughed, and the next second would be worried that the child’s healthy emotions were invaded.Worry is between the thoughts.

In fact, all expectant mothers are the same. As long as there is a small life in the stomach, this heart will always be held by him.

The same is true of the PAPI sauce of Guan Xuan’s pregnancy a while ago. I also had all kinds of joy because I had a small life a while ago. The next moment I was dismissed because of physical discomfort, for fear of what happened to the child.

In the impression of many people, PAPI sauce is just the first Internet celebrity in 2016. She is happy, funny, and letting her self is synonymous.

However, in fact, Papi did something very serious. When I was busy, I did n’t sleep for more than 3 days. I wrote 3 videos with a shot with a shot, and I had to rest after the video was released.

And her short videos are not blindly recreational. Each of her videos can resonate with viewers. It is precisely because of these high -quality videos as the basis that she has also received many people’s recognition.The more successful.

In recent years, she has always insisted on making short videos, also starting a business, receiving advertising endorsements, starring in the film produced by the famous director, and participating in many variety shows. She has taken a serious treatment of her career, and even if her popularity has been opened.

In addition to being very serious about work, PAPI sauce is also very serious about love marriage, and it has its own set of marriage.

The marriage process in the eyes of ordinary people is: the parents of both parties meet and discuss the wedding.We often say that marrying a person is to marry a family or even a family.But the operation of Papi sauce is: 5 years of marriage, and neither the two sides have met.

As for the century problem of "who returned to the Chinese New Year", Papi sauce is also amazing: Every year, the New Year will go back to each family to find their mothers.

Papi sauce explained: "For her husband’s parents, their son is the most important. For my parents, their daughter is the most important, so if you want to bring each other to see his parentsSo important. "

Although this view is shocking, many netizens agreed with her point of view, and bluntly said: It is simply a fairy marriage.

In fact, no matter what the two people get along, as long as the couple can accept and recognize, the husband of Papi sauce recognizes the PAPI point of view.

The husband of papi sauce is Laohu. The relationship between the two is very low -key, but it is a very sweet couple. The two have walked from the school uniform to the wedding dress.It is also often praised for Lao Hu, and it is very sweet to expose the intimate daily life with Lao Hu.

After 10 years of love, it has finally ushered in the crystallization of love. Half a month ago, the Papi sauce officer was pregnant.

We all know that although pregnancy is surprised and moved, pregnancy is sometimes not friendly for mother -in -law.

In the early years, when Ma Yizhen was pregnant with a second child, he had been pregnant and spit out until his birth.

When Xie Nan was pregnant, because of the lack of amniotic fluid, he had a caesarean section. The baby also lived in the ICU because of premature birth. When he was a cesarean section in the second child, he could only have a cesarean section.

The first level that Papi sauce became the expectant mother was: abdominal pain!

Two days ago, PAPI sauce shared his experience of abdominal pain on social platforms. Because in the early pregnancy, he was very nervous about abdominal pain, so PAPI sauce went to the hospital at the first time.

After doing related inspections, I did not check any problems, but it can be seen from the selfie from PAPI that it is really worried.

When it comes to abdominal pain during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers may have experienced it, because abdominal pain during pregnancy is common, but the problems caused by abdominal pain can be large or small.

Because some abdominal pain during pregnancy is physiological and normal. As the baby grows, the body of the pregnant mother will change, and some changes can cause abdominal pain. Usually these abdominal pain are harmless, but some abdominal pain may cause very much abdominal pain.serious consequence.

For mothers in the early pregnancy, sometimes they find mild pain and mission in the abdomen. As long as the pain is not continuous and no bleeding, this is normal. This abdominal pain is called pregnancy growth pain.

However, if abdominal pain continues and is accompanied by bleeding, or vagina has bleeding, you must be alert to a threatened abortion.There are these symptoms in miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or hydatidoscopy, so if these conditions occur, don’t take it lightly and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Let the doctor judge the cause of abdominal pain. If you do not find abnormalities after examination, just pay more attention to your physical changes. Don’t worry too much. Pregnant mothers are too worried that it is not conducive to the health of her and the baby.

It should also be noted that if abdominal pain gradually changes from intermittent to regular pain, or the degree of pain is getting stronger, it may be a sign of mobilization, so you must see a doctor or admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.

Abdominal pain may appear during this pregnancy. As a expectant mother, the most important thing is to understand all the potential causes of their own potential causes so that they can correctly identify harmless and harmful abdominal pain.

There are many causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy. These common abdominal pain usually do not threaten mothers and babies:

1. Bad ligament pain

The characteristics of this pain are that when you change your posture, you will have a severe tingling sensation, or it may be pain, dull pain, and persistent pain.The pain of round ligaments is caused by two large ligaments from the uterus to groin.As the uterus grows, these ligaments will be stretched, causing discomfort.This pain usually occurs in the middle of pregnancy and is usually harmless.

2. Constant and constipation

During pregnancy, flatulence is caused by elevated progesterone levels.The more hormones are released, the slower your gastrointestinal tract will become slower, and the food moves slower.

Drink a lot of water and eat fiber -rich foods. Exercise can alleviate this discomfort. If flatulence and constipation are severe, you can use a soft stool soft agent, but you should use it under the guidance of a doctor.

3, pseudo contractions

For you or your baby, pseudo contractions are not risks, and it may be just a slight trouble.Many mothers say that the feeling of pseudo -contractions is like the stomach muscles tight, so you will feel strong or stiff.

It is important to distinguish pseudo -contractions from real contractions.

The real contraction rhythm is closer, longer, and painful. Real contraction will make you breathless.

So a universal rule of experience is that if you can continue to maintain normal activities, then it may be pseudo -contractions. In addition, many foreign doctors say that the cause of pseudo -contractions may be dehydrated, so drinking a lot of water can drink a lot of water.Help to eliminate this problem.

4. Common discomfort

In addition to the above, these common abdominal pain may also experience during pregnancy: the growing uterus, gastritis, kidney stones, fibroids, and food allergies.harmless.

The abdominal pain caused by the above situations is usually relieved for a period of time. Pregnant mothers can also alleviate abdominal discomfort during pregnancy:

● Eat less meals

● regular exercise, moderate exercise

● Choose food rich in fiber (including fruits, vegetables)

● Drink plenty of water

● Frequent empty bladder

● Rest as much as possible

Although these forms of abdominal pain will not threaten mothers and babies, sometimes abdominal pain will also cause serious danger. If you have any of the following forms of abdominal pain, please seek medical treatment immediately:

1. Extra pregnancy

Every 50 pregnancy occurs in an exceptional pregnancy. Ecxus pregnancy refers to the implantation of the eggs outside the uterus. In most cases, it is implanted in the fallopian tube. Unfortunately, the ectopic pregnancy can no longer be possibleContinuing pregnancy requires treatment.

Extra pregnancy may allow you to have severe pain and bleeding between the 6th and 10th week of pregnancy.

People with increasing risk of risk of risk of risk of risk include those who have had ectopic pregnancy or have endometriosis, fallopian tube ligation, or there are internal aduarators (IUD) during conception.

2. Early peeling of the placenta

Placental peeling is a life -threatening disease that is separated from the uterus before the baby is born.One of the symptoms of premature peeling of the placenta is continuous pain. The stiffness of the stomach cannot be relieved for a long time. Another symptom is vaginal bleeding or premature amniotic fluid rupture.

Other symptoms of placental peeling also include: abdominal tenderness, back pain, vaginal bleeding.

3. Modification

Unfortunately, 15%to 20%of pregnancy ended in abortion, which is also called "natural abortion".Abortion usually occurs 13 weeks before pregnancy.

The symptoms of miscarriage include mild to severe back pain, real contractions (once every 5-20 minutes), brown or bright red bleeding, or non-cramps, tissue or hemorrhage-like substances flow out of the vagina, and other otherSudden decrease in symptoms of pregnancy.

4. Urine infection

Urinary tract infection is very common and easy to treat during pregnancy, but if ignored, urinary tract infection can cause complications.

The most common symptoms of urinary tract infection are pain, discomfort and/or burns during urination, and can also cause lower abdomen pain.If you notice your lower back, on both sides of your body, pain under your ribs or above your pelvis accompanied by fever, nausea, sweating, or cold battles, then it may be that urinary tract infection has spread toYour kidney.If this is the case, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

5. Synamic eclampsia

Synthetic eclampies are a disease during pregnancy. They are characterized by increased blood pressure after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and urine contains protein.

Its characteristics are pain in the upper abdomen, usually on the right side of your ribs, and may be accompanied by other symptoms. These symptoms can be used to diagnose signs of eclampsia.Such as headache, dizziness, dazzling, upper abdomen discomfort, nausea and other symptoms.

It should be reminded that if any symptoms are accompanied by abdominal pain or discomfort, please seek medical treatment immediately:

● Severe or persistent pain

● Spots or bleeding

● Hot fever

● Cold

● vaginal discharge

● Dizziness, vision changes

● Nausea and vomiting

● Hand, legs, or face severe swelling

● Pain, difficulty urinating, or blood in urine during urination

We will see a sentence every time of delivery: uncomfortable clinic!What is said is uncomfortable, and you must seek medical treatment in time when you cannot judge. If there is serious or persistent abdominal pain, you must pay attention to it!

I hope all pregnant mothers can give birth to a healthy baby smoothly!

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