Painless abortion, may not be painful

"Doctor, goodbye!" Gao Jie walked out of the operating room with a light step.For the third time to do painless abortion, the hospital is as familiar as her home. She has a boyfriend accompanied by her boyfriend in the first two times. This time, she was exempted. She said calmly: "There is a little thing, it is better to waste the time of two people.","

"Wait!" Seeing her is going to leave, the doctor Hu Hui quickly held her, "I really hope not to see you again, at least don’t see you in the hospital. You have been here for an artificial abortion for the third time. Often, this is the case.It’s very large. If you don’t plan to have birth, you will do a good job of contraception, otherwise you will be too late to regret it. Also, if you go back, if you have more bleeding, stomach pain or menstruation abnormally, you must come back to return to the clinic in time. "

In the face of the doctor’s bitter heart, Gao Jie didn’t take it for granted, so many times, he didn’t see anything abnormal.She felt that the painless people really said as they said in the advertisement: 3 minutes easily unexpectedly, and all the troubles were thrown away.Although the anesthesia was a little painful when it was awake, nothing happened in an hour.And sex is much more convenient. It is only a safe period without wearing a suit or medicine, but occasionally a small accident.Gao Jie left the hospital easily and continued his original life, like nothing happened.Applying Gao Jie’s own words -do painless flow, just do a good menstruation, even lighter than dysmenorrhea!

After more than 40 days after abortion, menstruation is not delayed.The boyfriend Lu Feng was a little worried: "Gao Jie, won’t get pregnant again, do two abortion twice in such a short time, it is not good for your body." "It should not. The doctor said that after abortion, menstruation may be abnormal after menstruation, menstruation may be abnormal abnormal, But it is generally temporary, and it will be good after a while. "" Do you want to go to the hospital to check it? "" If I won’t come for another week, I will go to the hospital. "Gao Jie accepted the suggestion.After a week, what should not come, and there was no reaction to pregnancy, that is, the lower abdomen was a bit swollen.Gao Jie first bought a pregnancy test stick to self -test, and the result was negative. "Haha, no pregnancy, this time is good."Nodded.

Back to the familiar gynecological clinic, Dr. Hu asked her to re -examine whether she was pregnant, and suggested that pelvic B -ultrasound.The urine is still negative, and the B -ultrasound is prompted "uterine adhesion"."Gao Jie, I consider that you have the traumatic uterine adhesion and need to be hospitalized." Dr. Hu’s expression became more serious."What, to be hospitalized?" Gao Jie was nervous, "What is traumatic uterine cavity adhesion, what are the consequences?"

Dr. Hu explained that traumatic uterine adhesion refers to the uterine cavity adhesions that occur after surgery such as artificial abortion, induction of labor or after delivery, diagnostic curettage, endometrial resection and other surgery.As the name implies, after the endometrium is traumatized, the wounds in the uterine cavity are sticking together with each other, causing the uterine cavity to become smaller or even disappeared.According to the area and degree of uterine cavity adhesion after the endometrial injury, the patient manifests that the menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea may occur, and then infertility and miscarriage may occur., But even so, some patients still cannot get pregnant or are prone to abortion after treatment, and even lose their right to be a mother.Even if you are pregnant and give birth to a full month, major bleeding may occur at the time of delivery, because these patients are prone to obstetric complications such as placenta, placenta adhesion, and placenta implantation.

The painless flow can indeed effectively reduce the pain during miscarriage, but in addition to the use of anesthesia before surgery, it is not different from ordinary artificial abortion.Anesthesia accident risk.The painless flow of people has reduced the pain for a while, but at the same time let the patients relax their vigilance, to a certain extent, it has increased the number of artificial abortion, and complications such as uterine cavity adhesion are more likely to occur.

After listening, Gao Jie’s expression was dull and regretted.

When you see a painless advertisement, I hope that in addition to understanding its advantages, it is also necessary to fully consider that its essence is still abortion. Do not regard it as a menstruation so simple.”女 女”

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