Oyster that can be eaten raw, not worthy of oysters

Written article | Wei Shuihua

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Napoleon said: "Oyster is a good product I conquer women and enemies."

This is often interpreted as the aphrodisiac function of oysters by future generations.But an obvious logical paradox is that Napoleon has tried his best to maintain his designs of blood tough guys and national heroes all his life. How can he admit that he needs to use external forces to show men’s function?

The more reliable explanation is that the French people who swallowed oysters alive, allowing Popa Emperor to have the pride of the world in a moment: in a crowded French meal, oysters may be the only thing that is the only thing that makes people make people make peopleFeel the original rough and beautiful food.

With the blessing of any cooking skills, the experience of eating oysters is directly related to the quality of the oyster.Although the originator of raw oysters is French, France is indeed not the only high -quality oyster area or the best place to eat oysters.

No.1 One

Oyster, as oysters, oysters, oysters, oyster yellow, green, clams, oyster clams, and prunar, all of which are the same thing: Oysters.They are the collective name of oyster eye, oyster chief department, and double -shell software animals.

Most of these software animals can be eaten after being cooked, but there are only twenty types that can be eaten directly.In the origin of the "oyster", the Pearl River Delta region, which can be eaten raw, is called "oyster". The cooked cooked can only be called "oyster", while the dried one is called "oyster saga".

This is the embodiment of the Guangdong people who are not tired of food. It is also one of the first examples of the "one -sided business" port of China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Oyster is a male and female. In the warm water body environment, microorganisms and seaweed are rich, and oysters usually become females to eat and reproduce.After the water temperature is reduced, the growth rate of oysters slows down and will become male.

This gender change not only means changes in organs, but also represents the change of meat -in fact, like human second sexual characteristics, female oysters are soft and fat, and male meat is crispy and chewy.Moreover, the growth of male oysters is slow, the head is larger, and the flavor material is easier to accumulate in the body. These are important factors that promote the quality of oysters.

Schematic diagram of oyster life | TAMPA BAY TIMES

Affected by the warm and dry Mediterranean climate in the North Atlantic Ocean, most of France’s sea areas have higher temperatures all year round.This determines the French oysters including Gina Dot and Belon, most of which lack the crispy flavor and prefer the soft and smooth taste.Therefore, the French often described their own oysters as "milk in the sea".

But for many people, the crispy male oysters must be better than the soft and tender oysters: there is a proverb in the coastal area of China, "Cold Water Oyster Hot Water Clam", which means when the weather is cold and the water temperature is low.Oyster, that is, oysters will be particularly delicious; when it is hot, the water temperature is high, and you need to change to clams.

In Western culture, there are no months in the words that can not eat oysters.In short, in May to August, oysters are not delicious.

Therefore, although France is the most historic oyster area, French oysters are not close to the taste that most people love -it is exactly the same as French wine and French truffle.


Cold water oysters must be better than warm water oysters?Afraid of not necessarily.

Most people who eat oysters in domestic oysters will feel that the "sea oysters" produced in northern China and Shandong, Liaoning are not as rich as the Guangdong oyster.

This involves another factor that affects the taste of oysters: seawater salinity.

Like other shells, oysters must accumulate enough amino acids in the body to survive in order to fight the salt of the sea.The most important of these amino acids is the source of umami substances, so oysters in different seas will have a strong umami flavor.Generally speaking, the more salty the sea is, the more beautiful the oysters are.

The salinity and temperature are actually paradoxes of the taste of the oyster: high -temperature subtropical areas, large evaporation, and seawater are naturally salty; while the cold temperature region has small evaporation, and the seawater salinity is low.For example, Kumamoto Oyster, a Japanese oyster, has a crispy texture, but because of the low salinity in the sea, the taste is light.The Japanese cuisine view respects the fresh taste, and Kumamoto oysters are in line with their aesthetics; most of the western ladies use Kumamoto oysters as an entry class to learn oysters in accordance with the rules from light to thick.

And this is also the warm areas such as southern France, Portugal, Italy, Mexico Gulf, and can still produce high -quality oysters: because of the salty seawater.

Only in sea areas with high saltness, microorganisms, algae, and minerals can be accumulated by oysters and play their role of "condiments".

Green oyster produced in North Carolina, USA, green comes from diatom/n. Sea. Oyster Company

For example, the multi -layered flavor of Gina Don oysters is due to the "moving" multiple oyster field -its core idea is that during the oyster period, the oyster period is nourished in the sea with high latitude and cold water temperature, and autologous amino acids are slowly accumulated;In the past, the more you move towards the sea with low latitudes and high water temperatures, and it will quickly absorb the flavor of the sea water.

The Chinese name registered by Gillardeau in France is "Gina Dot", and "Garado" is a Chinese dealer’s Chinese translation "Grado" registered by Gillardeau.It is a cottage.

NO.3 Three

The southern hemisphere oyster area may be the most cost -effective oyster production area in the world.

The area of the southern hemisphere is far greater than the land area, and the continental freshwater and rivers are small. In addition, the huge Antarctic ice caps absorb a considerable amount of fresh water.So even in the colder high latitudes of the southern hemisphere, seawater can still ensure saltiness.

This allows the taste, texture, and physique of oysters to a certain degree of balance.

The Sydney rock oysters on the east coast of Australia, as well as the Braph oysters on the South Island of New Zealand, are the leaders: the former is large and strong, the latter is small and sweet.

Sydney rock oysters are salty and fresh, which is more intense than ordinary oysters that are concentrated in water after the ordinary barbecue. It is chewing, just like a small piece of salt contains butter;

The Brav Oyster obviously can eat the "sweet" pursuit of Cantonese cooking seafood. This kind of oysters living at the southernmost tip of New Zealand with the cold and coldness of the Antarctic continent.Then the cool feeling it brings to the esophagus is far more than mint water.

Western judges have a complete system for eating oysters.The masters can distinguish the cream, nut, mineral, honeydew taste, cucumber flavor, and cucumber.

But in fact, eating oysters is an extremely personal and subjective eating habits. Learning others say that you can eat creamy, nuts, and honeydles. Why not simply eat cream, nuts and honeydles?

As Mo Passa described in "My Uncle Yu Le": "A young sailor with a clothes -like sailor with a knife pry open the oyster and hand it to the two gentlemen, and then hand them to the two wives. Their way of eating is veryElegant, use a small handkerchief to hold the oyster, and extend his head slightly to avoid staining the robe. Then he quickly moves the juice and throw the oyster shell into the sea. "

The best way is to continuously taste and compare. Do not use citrus soy sauce, red wine vinegar, onion juice, and even lemon.At the beginning, let the fat and juicy oyster meat fell into the throat through the gravity of the gravity, chew the original flavor of the oyster, and remember the best oyster that suits your tongue.

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