Ovulation days are not the best time to conceive

I believe that the majority of women are very concerned about their ovulation day, and many people predict the next ovulation day based on the changes in their basic body temperature.There are also many women who are more likely to conceive during ovulation days, but this is a misunderstanding.Japanese gynecologist Hori proposed "the best period of conception."

"3 days before ovulation to ovulation day, it is easier to get pregnant." On this issue, it is mainly related to the life of sperm and eggs.Although sperm can survive in women within a few days after ejaculation, the life of the eggs has only been half a day to 1 day from ovulation.It is for this reason that before ovulation, sperm can maintain the state of waiting for the eggs in women’s body, and the possibility of pregnancy is even higher.

Basic body temperature will drop once on the ovulation day and start from the next day.If you want to get pregnant, a few days before ovulation will become important rather than the day of ovulation day.However, if you want to contraception, you cannot say it at present, as long as you avoid a few days before ovulation, you can successfully contraception.It was rare to usher in the same period of monthly cycle.This matter is very difficult to fix the monthly every month.

In addition, if you want to get pregnant, it is not enough in this best period."Human beings are originally a creature that is difficult to get pregnant. Even in the age of the 20 -year -old, the age of most easily pregnant. At a suitable time, if it is one, the probability of conception is only 30%. Therefore, during this period, as much as possible in the same room as much as possibleIt is also very important. For example, if a couple is at least 3 times in the same room within a week, then the possibility of the woman’s pregnancy will be greatly improved.

For couples who have not taken any contraceptive measures for more than one year in the same room, Guo Huajuan, a gynecologist of Kaifeng Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Kaifeng Maternal and Child Health Hospital suggested that they can go to the hospital for various examinations.Essence


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