Others are fine when they are pregnant, but they are habitually abortion, see if you have these 7 bad habits

After many mothers are pregnant, they are worried about the baby’s comfort and worried about the tragedy caused by their own negligence.The occurrence of abortion is mostly related to the physical fitness of the mother, and the physique is closely related to the daily life of pregnant women.Today, let’s talk about which bad living habits can easily cause abortion in pregnant women.

1. No regular work and rest

Young people are currently on the Internet, Bar, Nightclub, and even after pregnancy, they do not converge.The schedule is irregular, which directly leads to endocrine disorders, the body is weak, and it is easy to cause miscarriage.

2. Emotional tension and excessive pressure

Human emotions have a great impact on health. For a long time in high pressure and tension, it will also lead to endocrine disorders and disorders, which will cause abortion

3. Stay away from cosmetics to avoid heavy makeup

Some cosmetics contain some titanate, lead and other substances.If long -term use will be absorbed by pregnant women, it will be very harmful to human health, especially the fetus, which will easily cause fetal malformation and abortion.These cosmetics have white skin care products and nail polish.

4. Smoking and drinking

Occasionally drinking will not have a healthy impact on the fetus.However, long -term smoking and alcoholism, toxic substances in alcohol and tobacco are likely to enter the fetus through blood circulation, affecting the development of the fetus, and even severe or even abortion.

5. Laying weight

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the weight increased rapidly. Some pregnant women diet to lose weight in order to pursue beauty.The decision of this error will lead to insufficient nutrition, and the fetus will develop slowly or stagnant and develop, which will be severely aborted.

6. Drink coffee addiction

The caffeine in the coffee into the fetus through the umbilical cord may damage the fetus DNA, causing chromosomal distortion, causing fetal malformation and abortion.There is no problem with a small amount of coffee refreshing, and it cannot be frequent, a lot of coffee.

7. Living in a noise environment for a long time

Noise can cause the heartbeat of pregnant women, internal disorders, and causing uterine contraction, which may cause premature birth and abortion.Noise can cause fetal fetal movement to accelerate, and the baby’s hearing will also have an impact.It is recommended not to go to nightclubs, KTV, and movie theaters during pregnancy. The noise here will affect the normal development of the baby.

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