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[Sohu Health] When you have numbness, decrease in grip, and your hand muscles atrophy, you must be careful, you may have a veal syndrome!

What is a veal syndrome?

This is the story of nine strong men and a weak woman in the house, listening to me.

Nine strong men are nine tendons (flexion long tendons, 4 flexed shallow tendons, 4 flexed deep tendon) of the nine tendons on the hands, and a weak woman is the middle nerve, and they live in a "wrist tube" home.

(Illustrated icon)

The place in the home is not large. The floor is composed of 8 wrist bones. The roof is a complex pipeline composed of the horizontal ligament of the wrist and the left and right walls. It is 2 cm to 2.5 cm long and about 2.5 cm wide.

(Family portrait of the wrist tunnel)

The middle nerve is like a weak woman, and the nine tendons are real strong men.In normal state, the space in the wrist tunnel is normal. A woman gets along peacefully with nine strong men. Although she relies on each other, she has never committed rivers and water.

Suddenly one day the contents of the wrist tube increased, or the volume of the wrist tunnel decreased, resulting in increased pressure in the wrist tube.It’s like someone who eats fat, more individuals, or the house becomes smaller, making the relative space decrease and feel crowded and stressful.After the stress was increased, the weak woman (the middle nerve) appeared a series of symptoms, including hand numbness, pain, decreased grip, muscle atrophy, etc., but the nine strong men were fine. This is the vessel tunnel syndrome.This is because the nerve tissue is relatively fragile, and the tendon tolerates is much higher than that of the nerve.

(The dissatisfaction of the weak woman in the middle of the nerves)

Flat tunnel syndrome usually develops between 45 and 64, and the prevalence increases with age.It can appear on one wrist or two wrists at the same time.Women are more common than men (because of the relationship between pregnancy, and women’s natural wrist tunnels are narrow than men, not because women are more fragile).

What are the specific reasons for the carpal tunnel syndrome?

The reasons for the relatively decrease in the volume of the wrist tunnel can cause the wristfonal syndrome, and there are many specific reasons.

For example, the damage caused by the thickening of the horizontal ligament of the wrist (the roof becomes short), the fibrous bone tissue around the wrist bone degenerates, the hyperplasia (thicker wall), the hyperplasia and fibrosis of the inner tendon of the wrist tube (fatter), the wrist of the wrist, the wristSoft tissue tissue crickets such as tendon sheath cysts (other people are coming in), trauma, rheumatoid, pregnancy, diabetes, synovial inflammation and other factors.

What are the high -risk people?

Pregnant women, heavy physical workers, milk workers, musicians, IT workers, etc.Due to comprehensive factors such as edema, fatigue, and obesity during pregnancy, pregnant women have greatly increased the probability of vessel syndrome, and others are dedicated to ligament hypertrophy and inflammation caused by daily strain.

(Several types of crowds that are easy

What are the symptoms of wrist tunnel syndrome?

If you want to know what symptoms are, you must know the main function of this weak woman (the middle nerve). Don’t underestimate the weak woman, generally hold the power of the family.The middle nerves are mainly responsible for the three fingers, index finger, middle finger, and the radial side of the fourth finger (purple), which can cause numbness and pain. At night, hand numbness is often the main symptoms of consultation, and sometimes it can be numb.If it is not treated in time, it will also cause the nerve’s short -term muscle, short flexion muscle, thumb -to -palm muscle, thumb and index fingerbelus muscle strength to decrease, resulting in the thumbs cannot be opposite, pairing, and exchanges.Causes muscle atrophy.It’s like getting his wife hungry, his son must be bad or obedient, and finally he was hungry and thin.

(The symptoms of the vessel syndrome are related to the function of the middle nerve)

Two methods of self -examination of wrist tunnel syndrome

Tinel’s examination: Use your fingers to hit the middle nerve area with your fingers in the middle of the wrist. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger appear numb, and radiation pain is positive.

(Tinel’s inspection method)

Phalen test: Do the following movements, bend your hands 90 degrees, the back of the palm of your hand, the two arms remain horizontally, and persist for 1 minute. If the finger is numb, it is positive.

(Phalen test inspection method)

My three provinces and my body. Once there are doubts, we have to check whether the weak woman next to him is wrong, let alone the middle nerve in the middle of such a weak woman who is so easily injured?

If you don’t believe yourself so much, you can go to the hospital for further auxiliary inspections.The superpowient of the denomination of the vessel tunnel in the auxiliary inspection is also a commonly used inspection method. The advantage of the ultrasound is non -invasive, time -saving, and clear display of neurotrans and its peripheral tissue structure.Ultrasonic is equivalent to a camera, which can observe whether the dynamic dynamics around the weak woman and her appearance are swollen, and objectively reflect whether there are problems.

(B -ultrasound of the wrist tunnel prompting the flian tunnel syndrome)

However, the gold standard for the chealochroma syndrome is a muscle diagram examination. The muscle diagram can show the damage of the nerve conduction to diagnose the disease.

(Gold standards for chealoring syndrome -muscle electrocomputer)

Electrodiacap shows that the median nerve sensation of the middle of the right hand (the volatility is only 6UV, and the conduction speed is only 27cm/s). The normal nerve sensation should be like this (the volatility is 45UV, the conduction speed is 60cm/s).This is equivalent to a polygraph. When you ask women if there is something wrong, they usually say that it’s okay!But in fact, you are already angry, do n’t believe it, use a polygraph!

Can the wrist tunnel syndrome be good?

The main judgment is based on the cause. If you are a maternal, due to the short -term pain caused by your own fatigue, swelling, tenditis, you can usually recover within one year after rest, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy.

If it is due to tendon cysts, hyperplasia, damage, etc., it may still increase after rest physiotherapy. As the condition worsen, your hand function and muscles will gradually decrease. At this timeEssenceIt’s like people and things that make the weak woman angry. She will never be good. If she is not treated in time, the weak woman is unhappy, her son is not good, and she is hungry and thin, but she has to lose money.

How to treat the wrist tunnel syndrome?

(1) Conservative treatment

The symptoms are very mild, in the early days of the disease, and there is no muscle atrophy in the early stage of the disease, you can try conservative treatment first.

General measures: Rest: The more you get a rest you get, the greater the chance of alleviating symptoms.

Cold compress: When the symptoms suddenly appear, put the ice bag on the wrist may help, but do not directly contact the ice cubes with the skin.

Wrist branches: Keep your wrist in a straight position and prevent the wrist from bent.The flexion of the wrist joint increases the pressure of the wrist tunnel 8 times, and the back extension increases by 10 times.At the same time, you can wear it during sleep, but if they do not interfere with daily work, try to wear it during the day.

(Ice dressing and wearing branches)

Most symptoms will improve their symptoms within 4 weeks.

Oral drug treatment: Oral drugs include steroid hormones, non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs, nutritional drugs, diuretics, etc. The purpose is to reduce local edema, anti -inflammatory pain, and nutritional damage nerves.

(Closed injection treatment)

Local closed therapy: Local closed therapy is suitable for mild and medium -to -necked patients with light medium -to -medium syndrome, and other conservative treatment patients, especially for patients with medium -to -weight vessel syndrome with allergies.

Rehabilitation treatment: Rehabilitation treatment, as a non -invasive, non -obvious side effect of conservative treatment methods, has been applied to the clinic in recent years.

If your symptoms continue to increase and have not improved, you need to consider surgical treatment.

(2) Surgical treatment

The surgery uses a small incision of about 3 cm, cuts the horizontal ligament of the wrist, and looses the skin from the skin to the middle nerve.The thickness is removed at the same time.The purpose of the surgery is to increase the vessel space to reduce the pressure of the middle nerve.The success rate of this operation exceeded 90 %, its postoperative recurrence rate was extremely low, and the early stage of the disease was better. The late disease was painful, numb, and muscle atrophy.Like any surgery, surgery always has the risk of complications, including infection, postoperative bleeding, nerve injury and scar formation.

After the surgery, the middle nerve was returned to normal. From a house in Beijing to the big terrace of Aegean Sea, not to mention how happy it was, and no longer blocked.If the time in front of it is short, her symptoms will soon improve. If the nine strong men are squeezed for too long, it is inevitable that she is a little shadow in her heart, and she can only recover slowly.

It should be noted that women who suffer from veal syndrome due to pregnancy are not recommended for surgery, because symptoms will disappear soon after production.

(Slotting diagram of the surgical therapy of the wrist tunnel)

How should we prevent fist tunnel syndrome?

Some of the following small methods can help prevent wrist tunnel syndrome:

1. Relax your wrist at work.If your job involves a cashier or keyboard, press the button lightly, do not excessive force.

2. Rest frequently.Gently stretch and bend and wrist regularly every 30 minutes to 1 hour.

3. Keep your wrist level.Avoid flexion or stretch your wrist.The middle position of relaxation is the best.

(Green is the correct method of use, the wrist straight, the wrist is in the middle)

4. Replace the better mouse.Make sure your computer mouse is comfortable and not stretch your wrist.

5. Keep your hand warm.If you work in a cold environment, it is more likely to have hand pain and rigidity.If you can’t control the work temperature, wear gloves to keep your hands and wrists warm.

6. Time to see the doctor in time.Doctors are always your most trusted good friends.

Protect the middle nerves, protect weak women, actively treat the wrist tunnel syndrome, and give her a big house to embrace a better life.

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