Originally, I thought that I could get fat after pregnancy.

26 weeks of pregnancy +4, sugar control, weight control, can not be lacking nutrition, can you eat it?

I still felt that the blood sugar was pretty good at noon today. At least I could not be considered high. As a result, I went to the hospital to make a four -dimensional four -dimensional to let the doctor get a face to give me a face.The doctor told me that the fine food and rice should be replaced with coarse grains as much as possible in the future. The fruit can be used in an appropriate amount but not too sweet, and it is a bit small to make a four -dimensional child.Eat, in the future, you ca n’t break the nutrition, and finally brand a miscellaneous grain cake.

This is the dried vegetables. Finally, I finished eating, stir -fry a shredded shrimp, and then branded a miscellaneous grain cake, and the sweet potato left in the morning.I went to check the four -dimensional check yesterday. This tossed me. My mother tossed me enough. Who said the cake and chocolate were good, I told you that the child would not cooperate with everything.It was then climbed for half an hour later.Fortunately, before 12 o’clock at noon at noon, it was finally done at twelve o’clock. My four -dimensional color ultrasound and my heart color ultrasound had not yet arrived in a house.The cardiac ultrasound was done four times, and then the Siwei did three times. It was too strenuous. Finally, it was over, that is, the child’s head is a bit small.

I told you that the child does not cooperate, and you can take everything.The doctor told me that the empty blood glucose was a bit high. In our county, the doctor said nothing, and the vision was not enough.The doctor said that I was on an empty stomach 5.2, which made me sugar, and I had to control it. I was unwilling to eat meat after pregnancy. This prawn basically rarely eaten.If you are a little small, you must supplement nutrition.

You say that this is not missing, and you have to control sugar.What about this?I bought a lot of things from the Internet, all of which were coarse grains. The doctor told me that white -noodles did not eat as much as possible, and they were replaced with coarse grains.

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