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Liu Xun said to Ling Qinghao to continue: "Yan Er is worried about his brother, secretly out of the palace, and wants to find Yan’er, but the second prince, you are a brother, but sent people to hurt Yan’er. They are your younger brother and sister., Have been assassinated for no reason, can you tell me why you do this? "

Ling Duo looked at Ling Qinghao incredibly and rebuked: "What did you do to Yaner?"

Ling Qinghao is naturally unbearable, but as soon as he spoke, Duan Yu interrupted Ling Qinghao’s words: "Since it is said that the Seven Princess, then Liu Fei Ben Palace asked you today, who is the child of the Seven Princess …… "

The royal family was doubted, even if it was just wronged, no matter men and women, since then, they will not have a place in the palace.

Women were married, and men had no sea.

This is the rule of several generations.

Therefore, the royal son will not be easily proposed to be incorrect. If there is a grievance, even if you find out the truth, you will not live in the future.

Even if all the concubines are courageous, they will not easily do such a disaster that affects her mother’s house, let alone Liu Fei, who is high.

In addition to the Liu family, there are thousands of soldiers behind them.

If Liu Fei did such a big deal, it must be the disaster of the Liu family.

Therefore, Liu Yan is never living for himself.

When everyone heard the queen asking the phrase "Who is the Children of the Seven Princess", Ling Duo first excitedly became excited, and he was struggling to bed: "The widow said 14 years ago.","

Liu Yan also tried to press and pressed his inner anxiety, looking at Duanyu without changing his face.

"His Majesty, you took care of the Liu family fourteen years ago and did not continue to investigate the matter, but Liu Fei went home to save a time. After returning to the palace, he said that he was pregnant. Did you not doubt it?"

Liu Yan sinking down, and there was no just forgiveness. He looked at Duanyu coldly and asked: "Yaner was born in less than a month.It was not criticized to suppress this incident in the future. What does the queen mentioned today? "What does this matter mean?"

Duan Yu looked at Liu Yan and asked: "But that year, Liu Fei did disappear in Nanshan for many days. According to this palace, Nanshan Mountain bandits Su Guanshan, but your old acquaintance."

As soon as Su Guanshan’s name was said, Ling Duo and Liu Yan were shocked.

The name that should be sealed is once again said in front of everyone, which is so harsh.

Especially Ling Duo has a big face.

After Duan Yu saw the change of Ling Duo’s expression, he immediately wondered Ling Qinghao.

Ling Qinghao would like to kneel back: "Father Emperor, just a few months ago, when the third brother went to Qingzhou to rescue Shao Xianqing, his son did not want to sit and wait, and wanted to do something for his father.Everyone knows that Ning’an City is the largest city outside Kyoto. If Ning’an is not too peaceful, it will sooner or later it will affect Kyoto.But what else, I never thought … "

Ling Qinghao raised his eyes to look at Ling Duo, and said in doubt: "I never thought, he bit his tongue on the way."

Duanyu went on to say: "The mountain bandits are always not afraid of the sky. Even if she was caught by the officers and soldiers, the beheading showed that the crowd was died and died, not to mention that His Majesty’s Fuze was deep in these years.The opportunity to survive, but Su Guanshan chose to commit suicide. What is he afraid? "

As soon as he came out, Liu Yan squeezed his hands subconsciously, and he couldn’t stop trembling.

Duan Yu was just ready to pull her into hell.

Liu Fei looked up at Ling Duo and wanted to see what Ling Duo would react.

But when he saw a hint of cold in Ling Duo’s eyes, Liu Yan knew that he was still doubtful.

It turned out that Liu Yan was the grace given by Ling Duo from the palace province that year, and allowed her to return to the northwest to visit the Liu family.

Because Liujia defends the northwest and has a significant responsibility, you must not leave Qingzhou at will.

And Liu Yan is also the only concubine in the concubine. She is second only to Duanyu.

Therefore, Ling Duo asked Liu Yan to go home secretly, and he could not speak out, so that he could also keep it safe.

Anything in the palace Ling Duo can hide anyone, but he will not hide Duanyu. Therefore, Liu Yan’s back to the northwest, Duan Yu is clear, Ling Duo did not intend to hide her.

At that time, the two princes and the third prince followed Tai Fu together, and Taifu’s evaluation of the two was comparable.

Duan Yu naturally wanted to find the handle of Liu Yan and Liu’s family to prepare for the future.

Then send someone to follow Liu Yan all the way to see what can be found.

Who knew that after Liu Yan arrived in Nanshan, he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

No matter how Duanyu’s people are looking for, there is no trace of Liu Yan.

When there is news, Liu Yan and others have arrived in Qingzhou, Northwest.

Later, Duan Yu ordered people to inquire and got some rumors in Ning’an City.

It was said that the bandits in Nanshan caught a very beautiful woman a few days ago, and almost became the Mrs. Mrs. of the Lord of Luolin Village.

But somehow, the matter was deliberately suppressed and there was no news.

At that time, Duan Yu thought of Liu Yan, who was missing for a while, Liu Yan disappeared, and the news of Mrs. Lvinzhai was so coincidental.

However, if she can catch the fact that she has been defiled by the mountain bandits, it is also a terrible crime.

But in the process of inquiring, Duan Yu learned another thing.

It was the original name of Su Guanshan, the owner of Luolin Village. He was not a real mountain bandit, but the old part of the Liu family, but he did not know why he would be a mountain bandit in Nanshan.

At that time, Duanyu seemed to know what was shocking and secret, and dared not act.

It seems that the two are old acquaintances, and Liu Yan’s disappearance is not a chance, it is likely that the secret private will go.

When Duan Yu determined, he must find out the relationship between the two to determine their sins.

But strangely, she couldn’t find anything about Su Guanshan and Liu Yan.

After Liu Yizhen returned to the palace, there was news that Liu Yanhuai was pregnant.

Liu Yanyuan went to the northwest for three months for a total of three months. The Taiyi pulse only said that it was three or four months of pregnancy. How about it?

According to the harem records, within two months before Liu Yan’s Li Palace, Liu Yan died many times, because Liu Yan himself also said that he only found that he was pregnant in the northwest.

I wanted to stay for a month, but because the emperor was important, then I rushed back to the palace and sued Ling Duo.

The only thing Liu Yan went home to save his relatives. Ling Duo and Duanyu knew that others did not know that Liu Yan was out of the palace.

So Duan Yuyan tentatively tentative Ling Duo. I wonder when the child was pregnant?

Regarding Liu Yan’s disappearance in Nanshan, Duanyu did not have evidence, and it could not let people know that she had sent someone to follow Liu Yan.

So I have been investigating secretly.

Ling Duo naturally knew what the child’s pedigree was suspected, and it was not publicized, and he kept waiting for the child to be born.

I didn’t expect to return to the palace for more than four months, and Liu Fei suddenly gave birth.

Tai Hospital affirmed that this child was born less than a month. It seems that it should be an eight -month fetus, and this result can be confirmed no matter who diagnosed.

Back to the palace for four months, three months away from Beijing, and the child is more than eight months.

Because the month was small, Liu Fei did not feel it. At that time, he was busy going home to save his relatives, so he didn’t notice it.

At this point of view, the seven princess Ling Zhiyan can only be Ling Duo’s child.

It is said that seven living and eight do not live, and Ling Zhiyan was born in eight months.

Ling Duo personally went to see Ling Zhiyan in Xunzhong, and even his crying was like cats. He also believed that Liu Fei would not do something sorry for him, so he pressed the matter and made the Tai Hospital unseen.

In order to prevent the people outside the palace not criticized Ling Zhiyan’s weakness from a young age, she did not mention that she was less than a moon.

In this way, the matter has passed fourteen years.

Duan Yu looked at Liu Yan and smiled slightly: "The Seven Princess is indeed born less than a month, but if this child who is less than a month is not Liu Yan’s birth?"

Hearing this, Liu Fei said sharply: "Yan’er was born in the palace, how could it not be born …"

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