Or "hard resistance" during pregnancy or "hard resistance"?The method of medication does not affect the development of the fetus, don’t ignore it

After women are pregnant, the most worried about the development of the fetus in the abdomen, followed by their own health. Because of their own problems, the body environment becomes harsh, and the development of the fetus will affect the development of the fetus.Colds are a more common disease in our lives. Whether it is cold or infected by germs, it is easy to cause colds. In addition, the division of labor in various functions of the body during pregnancy is mainly concentrated on the nurturing fetus, so the immune ability is so the immune capacity is just the immune capacity.It will become more relaxed and more easily invaded by a cold.So what should women pay attention to when suffering from a cold during pregnancy?

1. Do not resist hard when encountering a cold

Pregnant mothers should have heard the saying that they ca n’t take medicine after pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers are worried that the drugs contain substances that are not conducive to fetal development.It is a very common phenomenon in ordinary adults after a cold, because colds are a minor illness. As long as you rest and drink plenty of water, your condition will gradually improve, but how long can you recover completely, then you can fully recover.It depends on personal immunity. Some people carry it in one week, while some people will last for one month to gradually recover health.

Here I want to remind you of pregnant mothers that the hard resistance after a cold depends on the situation. If the pregnant mother only has mild cold symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, etc., just pay attention to rest and increase drinking water, but if a cold phenomenon, if a cold phenomenon, if the cold phenomenon is causedIn a short period of time, it is not improved and an aggravated trend appears. If you seek medical treatment in a timely manner to relieve the disease, do not resist the light cold into a heavy cold before going to the hospital for treatment.It affects fetal development.

2. No matter what stage of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must be cautious for medication.

When ordinary people encounter a cold, most of them will find some medicines that treat colds at home. Generally, they take two or three times, and the symptoms of colds can be improved.Negative Effects.

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should avoid cold or contact with germs as much as possible. Even if a cold occurs, it is not possible to use the medicine immediately. Pregnant mothers can try to relieve it with lane and massage.Then take a timely medical examination to prevent the internal heat from destroying the development of the fetus and adversely affect it.By the end of pregnancy, the fetus has been developed, and the effect of drugs on the fetus will gradually decrease, but when encountering a cold, it is still necessary to treat it with Chinese medicine.The drug relieves the condition.After entering the third trimester, pregnant mothers must be prepared to prevent disease at all times. To maintain their own health, the fetus can have a good development environment, and the probability of development problems will decrease.

3. Prevention during pregnancy, what are the pregnant mothers to do?

In terms of sleep: Most women will encounter sleep problems during pregnancy. If sleep cannot be guaranteed, the endocrine of pregnant mothers will fluctuate, and the immune function will degenerate.When you encounter sleep problems, you can solve it with the right way.

Exercise: Proper exercise can enhance physical fitness, and the immune mechanism will be stronger. It is recommended that pregnant mothers choose a suitable exercise. It can not only prevent diseases in 20 to 40 minutes per day.Essence

Avoid contact infection: It is recommended that pregnant mothers do not go to places with dense population. The environment in a large number of people is more complicated, and it is easy to contact the bacteria to affect health. If the pregnant mother wants to go out, please try to choose some people with less traffic and air quality of air.Good place.

In summary, women should pay attention to their physical health during pregnancy. They must not be supported when they are sick.Take medicine so that you can maintain your own health and create a better development environment for the fetus.

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