Opening a "Children’s Gynecology" clinic, "seeking medical treatment" is just the beginning

Holding a few test sheets and walking out of the clinic, Lei Ming was a lot easier.

"This time I can finally find out what my child is. Director Yin is very professional. I didn’t expect that she would give me a daughter who was less than 3 years old to do such a fine gynecological examination." Lei Xing himself was also a doctor.After taking his daughter’s experience in seeing a doctor, his feelings were: finally found the department and found the right doctor.

On June 25, 2022, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the First Hospital of Peking University opened a children’s gynecological clinic. This is the first gynecological clinic for children and adolescents opened by Beijing’s first comprehensive hospital.For more than half a year after the opening, Yin Ling, the sponsor of the project and the chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the First Hospital of Peking University, took 20 to 30 patients every Saturday morning. Each outpatient clinic was difficult to find.

Children’s gynecology, scientific name, Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, PAG). As a gynecological and sub -branch, it has more than 80 years of history and has developed rapidly, but it is still "new things" in my country.

At present, the number of hospitals that have opened young children’s gynecological clinics across the country are limited. Only a few hospitals such as Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College can adhere to the opening of the clinic throughout the day.This is obviously not matched with the continuous increase in patients.

For more than 30 years in gynecological clinical work, Yin Ling found that children and adolescents who came to see a doctor have continued to increase, and the types of diseases are becoming more and more complicated.

"It is a top priority to develop children and youth gynecology. The establishment of children’s gynecological clinics and wards is just the beginning." Yin Ling hopes that children’s gynecological clinics can solve the problem of medical treatment of patients with minor gynecological diseases."Looking at these little patients, we hope to see you with them many years, maybe in obstetrics, not in the reproductive center."

The need to be ignored: children who have no door to medical treatment

When the child encounters the problem of "children’s gynecology", even many parents of doctors have no door to medical treatment!

For a long time, parents such as Lei Ming take their children to see a doctor, often the children’s specialist hospital recommends "find gynecology". Some gynecologists say that "the child is too young to see, find a pediatrics," or facing small patients do not know how to check the medication.Some children are not treated in time, the condition is repeated, aggravated, and even difficult to cure.

A case in 2019 made Yin Ling remember.

It was a 4 and a half -year -old patient, with severe encephalitis, and a series of critical symptoms appeared.During the hospitalization, the doctor found that there was a teratoma on the left ovary on the left.Under certain causes, the lesions will cause the body to produce a special autoimmune antibody, that is, anti -NMDAR antibody, which will cause encephalitis.Yin Ling performed a minimally invasive surgery of laparoscopic patients and removed the teratoma.

"Little babies have recovered very well later. This time, the joint consultation between the department also gives me the idea of opening the" Children’s Gynecology ", because the baby really needs our help when encountering gynecological diseases." These few people.In the year, Yin Ling obviously felt that children who were plagued by gynecological diseases were increasing."Previously, looking at more than 40 gynecological clinics, one or two minor patients may be encountered. In recent years, the number has doubled several times. Sometimes, five or six children can be visited in the morning."

Yin Ling began to think about children’s gynecological gynecology that specifically solve the problem of gynecological diseases?

Once deepened, Yin Ling found herself in another field.Understanding the history and current situation of children’s gynecological development in the world, she lamented: "In 1939, she established children’s gynecological science. Later, a professional society was established. The annual clinical and research annual meeting was held, and academic magazines were published to promote the development of disciplines.We should keep up as soon as possible! "

In June 2022, Yin Ling submitted an application for the establishment of a "Children’s Gynecological Group" and an outpatient clinic, and was approved by the hospital in less than 20 days.On June 25, children’s gynecological clinic was opened.On the first day, 26 patients were visited.

Since the opening of the clinic, more than a thousand people have been visited by the first hospital of Peking University First Hospital.Yin Ling has received a lot of thanks.One of the doctors’ parents wrote: "Every time I look back at her daughter’s consultation process, I think of the atmosphere and contradiction of which department should be diagnosed at first.

The concept that needs to be clarified: science science, education and diagnosis and treatment, no one can be less

"Doctor Yin, I can come here to see a doctor today, and I can communicate with you normally. I have overcome particularly difficult difficulties. I hope more people like me can get to you earlier.","

Yin Ling has always remembered the "girl" who said this.

In September 2022, Yin Ling was diagnosed with a patient with "androgen -not sensitive syndrome".Due to the abnormal congenital development, the patient was raised as a girl from an early age. Because he had not come to see a doctor, he found that his chromosomal examination results were men.

When I came to Yin Ling for a children’s gynecological clinic, "she" had performed two failed operations and had undergone less standardized drug treatment. The effect was not ideal."If we can see the child early,‘ She ’can have a happier life.” Yin Ling said.

Children’s gynecology has its own particularity, and cannot be simply regarded as a "narrow version" of adult gynecology.

Yin Ling explained that the reproductive organs and endocrine levels of children and adolescents are in the process of continuous mature dynamic changes. The disease spectrum, treatment and long -term management plan are different from adults.This also puts forward higher requirements for doctors ‘diagnosis, medication and surgical treatment, and requires comprehensive consideration of patients’ future quality of life and reproductive health.

Surgery such as girls’ genital organ tumors was mostly performed in pediatric surgery in the past.Due to professionalism, it is sometimes difficult to take care of the protection of ovarian function, and there have even been cases where fallopian tubes are used as appendix.

Some traditional concepts also urgently need to be corrected.For example, gynecological diseases are shameful. After marriage, you need to do gynecological examinations … During the consultation, many parents will ask Yin Ling, can children do gynecological examinations?"This is a misunderstanding. Women should conduct regular gynecological examinations from an early age." Yin Ling said.

After the establishment of children’s gynecology clinics, in addition to diagnosis and treatment, Yin Ling did the most in facts in health education and psychological guidance.

"Baby, remember, no one can touch this place except the mother and doctor!"

"Baby, the physical examination is important, not only the mothers can the physical examination!"


"Give a child to see a doctor, you have to spend a few times the adult to see a doctor." Yin Ling said.Children need more time to tell the history of the medical history, and parents need to add; many adolescent patients have a sense of privacy, and they will strongly ask the parents to go out and conflict with the examination. Some parents have various doubts about gynecological examinations for their children …

According to reports, children’s gynecological clinic covers all problems related to gynecology from birth to 18 years of age to solve different problems that children occur during young girls, girls, girls and other periods.EssenceThe problems of reproductive system tumors, endocrine diseases, HPV vaccination, girl pregnancy and sexual assault are also covered by children’s gynecology.

According to statistics, in the past 10 years, there are nearly 300 children with various gynecological tumors under the obstetrics and gynecology department of Peking University.Yin Ling said, "Unexpected pregnancy or unwilling pregnancy of minors will cause many sequelae that affect physical and mental health. The occurrence of children’s gynecological tumors is closely related to living habits, environmental pollution, endocrine disorders, and mental stress.The attention of society. "

Doctors of the pioneering: everything is just the beginning

Yin Ling is good at diagnosis and treatment of a variety of gynecological diseases, but speaking of children’s gynecology, she admits that she is still "crossing the river with stones."

From the wanting to open a children’s gynecological clinic, Yin Ling has successively bought a subject monograph on thousands of dollars. In addition to reading a doctor, he has to read the literature every day.

On the first day of the opening of the children’s gynecological clinic, Yin Ling brought a professional book to the clinic.Some parents took the 8 -year -old child to check precocious precocity, finished the inspection, explained the situation in detail with the parents, and she opened the book again to let the other party take the relevant content and go home to observe.

"The diagnosis and treatment of children’s gynecology involves multiple fields and there is a certain professional threshold. How to make this sub -discipline develop independently is a realistic issue." Yin Ling said.

At present, Yin Ling and the doctors in the team will conduct part -time postponement of children’s gynecological clinics every Saturday.She had asked some young doctors who would like to do it all -time, and most of them were hesitant.

Yin Ling expressed his understanding: "Young doctors are facing a special field of specialty and unknown prospects. Everyone has no concept in their minds, and what can be developed in the future."

Despite the difficulties, doctors in this field are still advancing step by step.

Yin Ling mentioned a consultation he had participated.A baby who was born for 21 days and had congenital pituitary gland developed from the foreign hospital to the First Hospital of Peking University and entered the pediatric ICU.

"It’ s only 21 days born, how do you think? The ovaries are too small! Hurry up and check the book. We checked the baby ’s ovarian and hormone levels." Because of the rare cases, Yin Ling invited the Department of Endocrinology, Beijing Children’s HospitalDirector Gong Chunxiu solved the problem of children through multiple disciplines inside and outside the hospital.

"After Director Gong, he sent me all 18 related papers published by their team." Yin Ling said.

Along the way, she kept gaining and giving such generosity and warmth.

Not long ago, Yin Ling received a call: "Director Yin, can you go to us to do a project, let’s do it with you?"

The telephone was made by the obstetrics and gynecologists of Xianghe County People’s Hospital, Hebei Province, which has followed Yin Ling.The other party said that they often encountered patients with gynecological diseases in their work, and they were very difficult to learn many issues, and they needed to learn relevant knowledge.

Similarly, Yin Ling’s doctor Lu Li, a doctor and child health hospital who met at the Qinghai Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, who met in Qinghai more than 20 years ago.Do this, let’s do it together! "

Through Lulie and Yin Ling, he contacted Director Sun Liying, a specialist at the Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, who has been established for more than 20 years.

Huang He, a young doctor in Yin Ling’s team, said: "My mentor, Professor Tian Qinjie, is a well -known gynecological endocrine expert from Beijing Union Hospital. He knows that I am also very happy to do this direction."

Shi Yifu, one of the former presidents of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, one of the early domestic gynecological agencies and the former president of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital of Zhejiang University. He has published several times over the years and repeatedly explained the particularity and social value of children and youth gynecological sciences.In March of last year, Shi Yifu called for the relevant academic journal articles again that my country must attach importance to the development of gynecological science in children and youth.(Reporter Qiang Xiaoling, Wang Jingxue)

(Thunder in the text is the name of Huiming)

Source: Xinhua Daily Telecom

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