Only when I was pregnant, is the "effusion" of the B -ultrasound, is it a sign of abortion?

Flowers 19 years old, the menstruation in the past few weeks has not yet come. She tested it with a test strip, and the result was two carriers.However, she was still not assured and went to the hospital again to ask for a pelvic B -ultrasound.

"Huahua, although your menstruation is very regular, but for women with a menstrual period of about 28 days, when menstruation is about 35 days, B -ultrasound can see a circular or oval pregnancy sac in the uterine cavity; at 6 weeks of pregnancy, 6 weeks of pregnancy;It can be seen that germ and primitive heart tube beating. But for women who are prolonged or late after ovulation, B -ultrasound may not be able to do it. "I said to her.

However, Huahua still insists on doing a B -ultrasound,: "Dr. Fu, my younger sister was also pregnant last month, but unfortunately it was ectopic pregnancy, so I was worried, you can check me a B -ultrasound.It’s. "

I gave her a B -ultrasound application form, and Huahua left my clinic with a baby happily.

Come back with the B -ultrasound result, but Huahua was frowning: "Pay Doctor. You see. The result is really bad, am I going to have a miscarriage?"

After receiving the B -ultrasound of Huahua, the above reminder: 5+ weeks of early pregnancy in the palace, pelvic effusion (about 2.1cm deep).

"Huahua, what do you see about abortion?" I asked Huahua.

"Dr. Fu, you see clearly on the B -ultrasound that the pelvic dark area can be visible to the pelvic cavity, which is about 1.2cm deep. Isn’t this a sign of miscarriage?" Huahua said to me seriously.

What is a threatened abortion?

A small amount of vaginal bleeding occurred before 28 weeks of pregnancy, often dark red or heal leucorrhea, excluded without pregnancy, and then macroscopic lower abdominal pain or back pain.Gynecological examination has not been opened, the fetal membrane is not broken, and the size of the uterus is consistent with the number of menopause weeks.After rest and treatment disappear, you can continue your pregnancy; if the vaginal bleeding increases or lower abdominal pain, it can develop into an inevitable abortion.

After I asked again, I had occasional abdominal pain after menopause, and the feeling of dysmenorrhea, no bleeding and bloody leucorrhea in the vagina.So don’t consider that she is a threatened abortion.

"Since I am not a threatened abortion, why does the pelvic cavity occur?"

When our human body is standing, the pelvic cavity of women, especially the depression between the back and between the rectum, is the lowest part of the abdominal cavity. When there is a liquid, it will flow here.A liquid dark area, B -ultrasound doctor gives a "pelvic effusion" diagnosis after measurement, and at the same time, there will be a value of effusion.

What is the composition of the effusion?

It may be water, blood, or pus.

There is a pelvic effusion, don’t be like the enemy.Because the pelvic effusion is also divided into physiological and pathological.

For example, there is no uncomfortable performance such as Huahua, and the pelvic effusion is not large, 2.1cm.Considering the possibility of physiological pelvic effusion, it is sufficient without any treatment.

In addition to normal physiological pelvic effusion, some diseases will also have pelvic effusion, such as acute chronic inflammation, tumors, tuberculosis, ectopic pregnancy, and luteal rupture of pelvic cavity.This effusion is a pathological pelvic effusion. The specific diagnosis requires the doctor’s symbol, signs and other examinations of the patient’s symptoms, signs and other examinations.

After listening to my answer, Huahua agreed and promised me to review it regularly.

After another 2 weeks, the flower came over to review the B -ultrasound.There is no obvious free liquid in the pelvic cavity.

Looking at my baby to 7+ weeks, the pelvic effusion disappeared, and Huahua was very happy.

I have told her that her baby has a fetal heart at present, can be prepared for obstetrics and regular check -up, and folic acid must continue to prevent neural tube malformation orally.

Huahua agreed quickly, and went to the obstetrics to build files!

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