Only one sperm can conceive, where did the other hundreds of millions of "brothers" go?

The combination of health sperm and eggs can form fertilized eggs. It is a necessary condition for women’s pregnancy. Fertilized eggs will be born in the uterus.However, some people have learned that there are a large amount of ejaculation each time, and the number of sperm reaches hundreds of millions, but only one sperm can successfully combine with the eggs. Where can other remaining sperm be thoughtful.Let’s start analysis.

Women who have successfully conceive are just a man’s sperm and their own eggs combine with each other to form fertilized eggs, but where is the remaining sperm?Many people are not clear.Men will produce new sperm every day. Sperm sources are constant and will not be exhausted, and the amount of sperm of ejaculation will reach hundreds of millions of sperm each time.

Most women are discharged only one, eggs. In this process, sperm entering women will break through many obstacles. Most of them have lost their activity in the vaginal environment. In the end, only the vitality is sufficient. The stubborn sperm can successfully combine the egg.

Of course, after the combination, the remaining sperm also lost the opportunity, unable to continue the combination, and gradually lost vitality in women’s body and died in the end.These remaining sperm are excreted through normal human body metabolism. It is the direction of the final sperm and will not absorb the body. Instead, it is excreted through correct channels.

How to improve fertility?

Having healthy sperm and eggs is the key to successful pregnancy. To meet this condition, the most important thing is to develop good habits. Especially during the preparation of pregnancy, the diet is appropriate, which can ensure that the nutritional needs of the human body can be provided.The comprehensive acquisition of nutrition has a promotion effect on health, which can enhance resistance and improve organs.

Of course, the raw materials required for synthetic sperm cannot be lacking, and various trace elements, minerals, and vitamins can be provided under reasonable situations.For women to promote egg health, they should maintain endocrine stability, and they can also provide help in diet.Therefore, the correct principles should be understood, so do not eat at will during pregnancy.

Keep your mood comfortable and know how to release pressure on yourself. It is conducive to endocrine regulation when relaxing the whole body, and at the same time enhances immunity.Many people are anxious and nervous all day in order to conceive as soon as possible. There is no sign of pregnancy in the same room for a period of time, and they may be worried.

The generation of continuous negative emotions brings great harm to the body. It is the reason for many people’s aging and endocrine disorders. These situations are not conducive to conception. As long as the body is healthy, there are various good habits during pregnancy.Success, subsequent successful conception is not a problem.

Through the above content, it can be found that a successful woman is just a man’s sperm breakthrough and the combination of eggs and eggs. Other hundreds of millions of compatriots will eventually lose their activity and excrete it.To increase the chance of conception, the relevant preparation should be done well.

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