One second -child mother’s childbirth self -report

Today, share the experience of a mother’s second child.

In this letter, the process of the baby from admission to delivery, and also dedicated to hard and great treasure mothers.

The following is the text:

At 11:45 on February 24, 2023, with a loud cry, my second child was born.

Shipping, girls, six pounds and seven, no side cuts, I really want to give myself a thumbs up.I know that thanks to the guidance of the midwife this time and the guardian of the medical staff.

In 2017, I checked the green light at the Shandong Maternal and Child Health Hospital all the way and returned to my hometown to have a boss. After a lapse of five years, I still did not hesitate to choose here when my second child was born.

It was more than three o’clock in the morning. I felt a stomach pain in my sleep for more than 2 days. I got up and recorded the contraction time. The dad and my dad immediately rushed to the hospital.It’s right.

At the moment when I stepped into the gate of the hospital, I saw the lights of the hospital lit and the nurse at the door. My tight nerves gradually relaxed.Holding a long -term hospital ticket to the ninth floor.Subsequently, Miss Nurse Nurse was helped to apply for registration and did various inspections. The doctor on duty also patiently helped register various information for me. At the same time, the internal inspection had two fingers.

The hospitalization was successfully held at more than five o’clock.

After the hospitalization is hospitalized, return to the ward to record the contraction, wait quietly.

At about eight o’clock in the morning, as the contractions became more and more frequent and painful. The doctor came to ask and then checked the five fingers. Because it was a second child, Miss Nurse was worried about sudden production.I trot all the way to push me into the production room.After the delivery room helped to understand my information and situation, let me relieve the pain with the help of delivery balls. After more than ten minutes, Miss Miss Miss Missing took me to the delivery room and held my hand tightly along the way, making me nervous.settle down.

After entering the delivery room, I proposed a painlessness. The anesthesiologist evaluated my situation and said that it was okay to make me cooperate. After pushing to the anesthesiosWhat will I feel like one step, so that I do n’t want to cooperate with her soon. After the painless lady, I always asked me if I had dizziness, or my limbs were numb.Because my contraction has not been strong, and I haven’t been sleeping in the early morning, after the painless drowsiness, the midwife helped Miss Miss Miss also cared about the lights and let me take a good rest.

After nagging, you will face the production of production.

Because the contraction has not been strong, I started to be a little anxious, the midwife always accompanied me, patiently checked me, and comforted me not to worry. Finally, I couldn’t leave me to help me count the contraction.The stronger, I know this is the last moment.Because the baby is estimated to be 7.8 pounds, I am worried that I will not turn around and then turn around. I feel anxious and scared.Top hard, use long -term, we don’t waste every contraction every time, and soon the baby is born. "That is, these words made me look like a reassurance pill.

The calmness I was scientifically hard under the guidance of a midwife. After only four contractions, the baby was born successfully at 11:45!The mother and daughter are safe, the child is six pounds and seven, there is no side cut, and all pain is worth it.After giving birth to my baby, I put on the glasses to see my midwife -Fan Yuxia, thank you!

I took my best to open the palace in the palace. When I gave birth to a baby, I felt like I was almost fainted as dreaming. Only the second child really knew the process of giving birth to a baby, clear and clear.Thanks to you cheering up, you will give birth to the baby.

After observing two hours, he was returned to the general ward. At this time, the baby dad had waited for a morning outside the delivery room.The doctor told not to get out of bed immediately to prevent fainting and eat as soon as possible.After three days, my body gradually improved. On the 26th, my child and I were discharged from the hospital smoothly.Now that the child is 14 days, it is fat, jaundice 2.7.

I would like to commemorate my second child production experience in this article, and at the same time sincerely thank the medical staff of the Maternal and Child Products Department.I hope all pregnant mothers are peaceful, the baby is healthy and happy!

Second child treasure mother Liu Juan (pseudonym)

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