One more X chromosome pregnancy is unsuccessful. Doctors in Shanghai cut their testicles and find health sperm

Normal male 23 sex chromosomes are XY, but Liu Meng (pseudonym), 30 years old this year, has an additional X chromosome, becoming XXY.It was the extra X chromosomes that made him and his wife actively prepare for two years after marriage and still unable to harvest the crystallization of love.After diagnosis, he suffered from a rare "Keta syndrome".

On July 14, the surging news reporter learned from the patient’s Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital that Liu Meng and his wife were full of expectations for breeding a new life, but the good news did not come.After he was clinic in the local hospital, the diagnosis results caused him to be hit: sperm -free, but the specific reason is not clear.

In the early spring of 2022, Liu Meng came to the Tenth People’s Hospital of Shanghai for a comprehensive examination. Ultrasound reminded that the volume of bilateral testicles was small, but the bilateral sperm pathway did not show signs of expansion without obstruction.The problem is on the source of the testicles. The further chromosomal examination results showed that he suffered from a rare "Clan syndrome".

"He not only has an X chromosomes more than others, but more tricky is that he is also accompanied by the lack of SY1192 gene fragments in the Y chromosome B Zone B. Under the double influence, sperm cannot be mature."Three -dimensional representation.

The incidence of Kergi syndrome in male newborns is about 1/600, accounting for about 4%of male infertility, and 11%of male sperm -oriented. It is currently the most common genetic factor for male infertility.In the past, infertility caused by this chromosomal abnormalities did not have effective treatment methods in clinical practice, and often only sperm library can be selected.

According to the patient’s situation, Yao Xudong, director of the Department of Urology, the Tenth People’s Hospital of Shanghai, and Director of the Reproductive Medicine Center, Qianricheng decided to join hands to form a team.Skills.

Thousands of Chengcheng said that micro -essence is a "gold standard" of non -obstructive sperm -neat.Sympathetic tubes, observe by microscope to identify raw sperm tubes with opaque appearance. There are often no spermal cells and sperm in transparent sperm tubes, and then select a little opaque and thick and full of raw sperm tubes under the microscope.

Subsequently, the team of the urology expert team of the hospital obtained this testicular tissue that might contain "life seeds", and the expert team of the reproductive medical center immediately relayed, carefully looking for surviving sperm under the high -power mirror, and finally saw the "little tadpole" of "Little 蝌".trace.

The hospital revealed that finding sperm under a microscope is only an important first step. Next, normal embryos are also given birth to a healthy baby. This is like a relay match.close.

Thousands of Chengcheng introduced that the first level is sperm screening, because the sperm is small, the number of sperm obtained is small, and most of them are immature sperm. Finding the sperm with normal form is very tested.Artificial insemination is injected into 13 mature eggs; the third level is embryonic development, because the immature sperm insemination rate is even lower from the testicular.God, 10 eggs are normal insemination. After further screening, 4 embryos are eventually generated and frozen; the fourth level is embryo transplanting bed in bed.Successful bed pregnancy.

At present, Liu Meng’s wife has given birth to a 6.9 catties of healthy baby girls in her hometown. They have recently called Shanghai doctors to report the goodbye. What makes them more happy is that three embryos have successfully conceived in the same period and have been frozen. Save, follow -up couples are expected to have second and third babies.

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