One month after Valentine’s Day, abortion enters the peak period

Since the introduction of Valentine’s Day in the West, it has been pursued by countless young people.

Every year on February 14, it is Western Valentine’s Day.Many girls became Valentine’s Day victims in Qingqing’s love and girl love.One month after Valentine’s Day, after many girls had symptoms of pregnancy, most of them chose artificial abortion, and abortion became a common phenomenon after Valentine’s Day.

In March each year, it is called "gray March" by obstetrician and gynecologists.The reason why it is called gray in March is because in March, artificial abortion surgery reached the highest peak of the year.Many of the lives that have formed embryos, and before they experience the sacred life, their mother did not give them a chance to create a trace of opportunities in this world, and finally chose artificial abortion.Life rushed like a meteor.

The topic "Flower Festival" shot by female photographer Chen Min has such a scene. At a hospital in Zhejiang, a girl took off the shoes at the door of the abortion operating room (the abortion surgery required a sterile environment) and moved to the operating table alone.

Artificial abortion, for a young woman, will not only cause huge physical damage, but may even endanger life.Especially some young girls after pregnancy, due to various reasons, did not choose regular public hospitals, and chose some private small hospitals with poor qualifications and poor medical conditions.

Compared with the laughter and laughter on Valentine’s Day, a month later, the "gray March", many girls entered the tearful season.How happy is there on Valentine’s Day and how painful abortion is.

Different from the men and women in Valentine’s Day, most abortion girls are lonely. With no one accompanied, they have completed a major issue of life and death in life.

On Valentine’s Day, it became the "abortion robbery" of young women, and the festival eventually became a "robbery".

In Valentine’s Day, I was unwilling to sweep my boyfriend’s prosperity.

A considerable amount of young women, when asking why in Valentine’s Day, facing the "sexual interest" of her boyfriend is high. When you can’t choose to avoid calmly, most of them will say shyly that you don’t want to sweep your boyfriend’s boyfriend in the romantic Valentine’s Dayprosper.

There is no prosperity to sweep her boyfriend, and the boyfriend’s prosperity is indeed satisfied. After the accident, the bitter fruit is borne by women.

Want to have the romance in Valentine’s Day, but does not have mature sexual knowledge.

In artificial abortion surgery, the youngest girl was only 13 years old.From the film and other propaganda media, I knew Valentine’s Day and imitated adults to perform romance of ignorance.It was discovered by his family after two pregnancy.

Artificial abortion is generally the best time after one month of pregnancy.Two months later, artificial abortion surgery can be performed.The drug flow is needed first, that is, the fetus dies first, and then the abortion surgery is performed.The pain to girls has increased, and risks are greatly enhanced.

"Painless abortion, minutes in minutes, easy to relax", unscrupulous propaganda, misleading young women.

Minimally invasive technology, painlessness, zero damage after surgery … these advertising words are purely misleading.Regardless of the flow of people, no matter whether the ceiling is messy, in the final analysis, or the method of using the palace, how can it be harmless and invasive?

Women who have tried artificial abortion surgery should have unforgettable memories.

Fill in the calendar, B -ultrasound, blood routine examination … These are the processes that women go through abortion surgery, and adults sign on the medical records and confirm that it is necessary.

Before going to the operating table, whether it is calm and free, it is difficult to cover up the spasm’s trembling body, a thrilling painful injury experience when the surgeon is in the operating table.

Many medical staff questioned related advertisements and played a role in helping the accidental pregnancy.

Discounts on Valentine’s Day undoubtedly helping the chances of accidental pregnancy in Valentine’s Day

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, many hotels and hotels made publicity advertisements such as discount discounts in advance.Especially for online booking, for young people, it is very attractive.

Tonight, in many universities’ dormitories, the number of people who did not return at night increased greatly.

At the same time, some hotels around the university have been full.

According to data from the World Health Organization, the number of artificial abortion in my country in 2021 exceeded 13 million people/time, exceeding the number of 12 million newborn births in 2020, ranking first in the world.

Among them, more than half of the abortion women are under 25 years old, and they are mainly female college students.

Artificial abortion statistics show that nearly a quarter of women are repeated abortion.These many abortion women eventually suffer from infertility.

For a large population of China, paying attention to young people and paying attention to women’s health should first start from this Valentine’s Day.

Romance does not mean ignorance.We warned our young people, especially young women, cherish health and cherish the future.

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