One daily meals 丨 Want to eat sweet and afraid of fat?Choose the sweet pumpkin and corn to make sweet food ~ Professor Yang Zhimin, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, recom

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Professor Yang Zhimin, a well -known health expert, a famous Chinese medicine medicine in Guangdong Province, Deputy Dean of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

[One daily meals] or soup, or vegetables, or porridge, or sugar, or tea, show the culture of Lingnan food, the essence of Chinese medicine meals.The characteristics of each ingredient for gratitude naturally brings unlimited possibilities for each ingredient for human health.While human beings are healthy, we need to care for the earth.Earth is healthy, and talents can be healthy for a long time!

Will it be better to choose sugar?Now everyone knows the harm of sugar, so for the original intention of health, many people choose "sugar -free" when eating sweet foods such as drinks, snacks, and moon cakes.Sugar -free is not really no sugar."Pre -packaged food Nutrition Tag" stipulates that "sugar -free" food refers to the sugar -free sugar -free in solid or liquid food per 100 grams or 100 ml of sugar content.The lack of sweetness, merchants usually use sugar to replace.But is the sugar replacement very healthy?not at all!Studies have suggested that the total intake of sugar is still increasing the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Among them are related to increasing risk of cerebrovascular incidents, and Ansmi and trichlorotose are related to increased risk of coronary heart disease.Too much sugar is not good for health, and it is not equal to using sugar to 100%safety.In fact, a lot of food itself is very sweet. If you want to eat sweet taste, you may wish to use some natural foods, such as pumpkin, corn, sweet cherry, etc.

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Materials of corn pumpkin peas: 250 grams of pumpkin, 150 grams of corn kernels, 150 grams of peas, 50 grams of ginger, pepper, 2 eggs.Method: (1) Eggs disperse and mix for later use; pumpkin cut small cubes.(2) Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, cook the pumpkin first, then add pea, corn, ginger to cooked, then add eggs to make it into a pour, season with pepper and salt.Expert comment: Pumpkin is warm and sweet, has the effects of moisturizing the lungs and phlegm, nourishing qi, and regulating blood lipids and blood sugar; corn has an appetizer in adjustment;All three are rich in dietary fiber, and the laxative effect is first -class.With ginger and pepper, the soup is very suitable for gastrointestinal heat, abdominal distension, snoring, heavy breath, constipation and other people, vegetarians and the public can be eaten after eating.One daily meal 丨 Make this soup by hand, iron and spleen and spleen are delicious ~ Professor Yang Zhimin, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, recommended today

One daily meals 丨 High work pressure, do you think about brain?Drink this bowl of soup, replenish qi and refreshing, Qi and blood double tonic … Professor Yang Zhimin, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, recommended today

One daily meals | Nutritional ingredients are closer to the needs of the human body than pork. It is preferred ingredients for blood, iron, qi and qi.

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He has been engaged in clinical nutrition for 5 years.Good at dietary guidance of various chronic diseases and nutritional support for intestinal intestine in the intestine of various clinical diseases.Clinically good at the use of various nutritional measurement, nutrition evaluation, dietary survey and other methods for individualized diet and nutritional assessment, and carry out one -on -one dietary guidance and formulate various nutritional treatment plans.

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