Once you are pregnant automatically?The sadness of women in the workplace, children can only choose one two in work

The national labor law stipulates that no corporate unit may dismiss pregnant employees at will.

However, there are policies and countermeasures. In order to reduce the burden of the enterprise, some companies have begun to move their brains on the dismissal of pregnant employees.

A few days ago, a commitment requested that a female employee once automatically resigned and abandoned any economic compensation and legal liability for the units, which caused heated discussion among netizens.

Pregnancy will leave

"I promise that once I am pregnant during the work of the company, I will leave the employment automatically and abandon any economic compensation and relevant legal responsibilities of the unit."

This is a promise of entry. After the female employee signed this "pregnancy -oriented resignation" commitment, the employer will receive the employee.

Is it ridiculous?It is ridiculous that fertility is the right to women. When there is no child, and when to have children, the women should have said it, and others have no right to interfere.

But this promise letter is worn on the head of women like a tight curse. If you want to keep your job, you must temporarily give up the right to fertility; if you want to have a child, you can only leave your own, work and work, and work and work and work.Children can only choose one.

After this promise was exposed online, netizens also exploded:

"I have been told since the first day of work and will not give me important positions, because women have to marry and have children sooner or later."

"This company should say that only Dingke and unmarried ladies!"

"Now I do n’t want to recruit women. I do n’t say it directly. It is said that those who want to be more than one meter tall are still normal women. There can be a few women of more than one meter 7 meters. Obviously, they do n’t want women!"

Women in the workplace dare not get pregnant and have children

It is not one or two times in the workplace to maintain alertness to women of childbearing age.

"Blind Box Barge Brother" Bubble Mart requires women to fill in whether there are recent fertility plans and family planning;

The Women’s Federation of a county issued a recruitment announcement, which clearly stated in the announcement that "only male";


Some special industries, such as fire protection, can only understand that men can only understand because of professional characteristics, but units such as women who seek benefits for women and protect women and children in women are unprepared when recruiting.Essence

Many women in the workplace now are "dare" to become pregnant, because once they are pregnant, they may mean unemployment, either to be fired by the company for various reasons, or they are gradually marginalized by the company.

The essence of the company is profit -seeking, and women’s fertility will undoubtedly occupy the huge cost of the company. The increase in the cost of maternity leave and the cost of employment during maternity leave will allow many employers to pay attention to women of childbearing age.All kinds of thresholds.

Such a workplace environment not only exacerbates the dilemma of women’s survival, but also hinders fertility.In recent years, the gradual fertility rate has been able to explain the problem.

Nourishing is not only a subject of women, but also a major event related to social development. It requires the whole society to work hard to solve it.

Perhaps our government departments can introduce more preferential policy subsidies to employers, so that employers no longer worried about recruiting women.

And our employers need to be correct, do not artificially set up the recruitment threshold, and refuse to refuse women.The company’s development is inseparable from people, and the task of fertility needs to be completed by women of childbearing age.

And our women also need to actively practice internal skills to make themselves more competitive in the workplace.

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