On the road to pregnancy, these chicken ribs are useless, don’t prepare anymore

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I have heard a word: The money of pregnant women and children is best to earn!

From the beginning of pregnancy, you have started to buy all kinds of bags.The purpose is, of course, I want to have a more beautiful and healthier baby after pregnancy.

As a person who comes, he especially understands the thoughts of pregnant mothers.When I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to move the mother and baby shop home. I felt that everything in the store was good for myself and the baby.

A few years later, I was completely different from the idea of pregnancy. It really explained the phrase "the first child’s photo, the second child according to the pig".

It can only be said that it turns out that many seemingly useful maternal and infant products are actually chicken ribs.It is a pity to throw it away; keep it, and occupy a place.

From the vomiting of Baoma:

@: I was still too simple before. I always felt that the things during pregnancy must be more expensive.As a result, it was found that a lot of products for "pregnant mothers" were really IQ taxes.

@: Whoever gives me a good thing during pregnancy, who really wants to be in a hurry.I had no experience in pregnancy, spent a lot of money, bought a lot of food and used, and finally fell into the corner.

@: From pregnancy to production, there are many places to spend money. Those seemingly easy -to -use "pregnant women" specialty products, do not try easily, are all "circled" money.

It is found that a strange phenomenon is that a baby mother pays special attention to the sense of ritual. It may be because of lack of experience. In terms of the purchase of items, it is really all.

In contrast, the second child’s mother is more Buddhist. It may be the experience of giving birth and breeding before. It is particularly clear about which items are useful and which are completely chicken ribs.

Paying attention to rituals is a good thing. I was a kind of suffering during pregnancy. Who doesn’t want to be better to yourself?But the key to the problem is that those good and false pregnancy is really a waste of money.

From the suggestion of the second child Baoma, don’t buy these unreasonable chicken rib products

The same: all kinds

Even if you are pregnant, women hope that they will be beautiful and will always show the best side.

After pregnancy, the figure will change very much, and the whole person will become particularly rounded like "blowing balls".

At this time, good -looking clothes cannot be worn, and pregnant mothers focus on maternity clothes.The so -called maternity costume is a specially developed and designed clothes for women who are pregnant.

Seriously, the current pregnant women are very beautiful. Even if they are worn on their bodies, it is difficult to distinguish its type, which is particularly loved by mothers.

Many maternity clothing brands have seized the psychology of pregnant mothers’ beauty, and spent a lot of effort in the materials and design of clothes.

It is really beautiful to wear, but there are many inconvenient places for pregnant women.Not all pregnant women can enjoy life like a "lady". Unexpected clothes will seriously affect their lives.

Second, various radiation -proof clothes

Throughout pregnancy, the most worried about the development of the baby.

In recent years, the stretch mothers have heard of the damage caused by radiation.In order to prevent the baby from being influenced by radiation during development, Baoma will prepare in advance and want to take all radiation -proof clothes home.

I really want to say: The radiation protection suit is actually IQ tax, which is somewhat exaggerated.

It is undeniable that electronic products do have certain radiation.But for pregnant mothers and fetal baby, they must also strictly control contact time, and these radiations will not cause damage.

Any random radiation -proof clothing requires hundreds of yuan, which is really unnecessary.Anti -radiation, in fact, is electromagnetic radiation. The radiation of ordinary electronic products is completely inadequate.

Third: Skin care products for pregnant women

Even if you are pregnant, you don’t want to destroy the hard -lasting skin before.What’s more, if you are not maintained during pregnancy, the skin condition will be worse.

Therefore, after pregnancy, many women deliberately prepared skin care products for pregnant women and insist on applying every day.The purpose is, of course, while nourishing the skin, it will prevent the spots during pregnancy.

In fact, there is no need to buy so -called "pregnant women". Many skin care products are mainly healthy, and they can carefully study their ingredients.

Let’s put it this way, as long as the ingredients are healthy, you can try it with no harmful substances to pregnant women.Moreover, pregnant women do not need to do too tedious skin care processes, simple hydration and moisturizing.

Another is that many people are preparing for pregnancy oil and hope that after pregnancy and production, do not become a "long line" woman.

But in fact, stretch marks have a lot to do with inheritance. If the mothers of pregnant women have stretch marks, then they may not be able to hide; there is a degree of stretch marks called "growth lines".If elastic fiber is destroyed, it is useless to wipe more pregnancy oil.

During pregnancy, you can ask more like a mother around him to listen to their opinions.As people who are here, they know which good things are more practical during pregnancy, so that you can take a lot of wrongdoing.

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