Old age, anxiety, premature ovarian failure, seemingly simple pregnancy preparing for pregnancy, I have gone for six years

Fans often ask us: "Why are I worked hard to prepare for pregnancy, but it is difficult to get pregnant?" In real life, we have also seen many factors that cause difficulty in getting pregnant due to factors such as old age, ovarian, fallopian tube gynecological diseases, and chromosomal abnormalities.Case.Often at this time, some people will fall into endless loss and anxiety, and many people will take a different way to get pregnant. Today, we will share with you the inspirational story of an old age.

Bao Ma reads itself:


There is a saying: "Shu Dao is difficult and difficult to go to the sky." This sentence is used on my begging son, and it is more appropriate.I often tease myself in my pain: "It’s difficult to get pregnant, it is difficult to go to the sky."Pregnancy, a seemingly simple and natural thing, never expected to be so difficult.

I was married at the age of 29. At first I admired the naturalness of pregnancy. In my selfishly, I felt that I was not too late for two years. At this stage, the work at this stage also ushered in a good promotion opportunity.Opportunities at work.

Until the age of 32, my career has been stable, but I have not been pregnant naturally. At this time, I was a little anxious. I started to try to prepare for science.Get compensation.

I have always been very good, and I never thought that my ovaries had something wrong!After going to the hospital for examination, the FSH value in the six hormone six items exceeded the standard, which was approaching 110 at the highest.how so?The doctor judged premature ovarian failure, but could not give it.I just let me pay more attention to sleep, relax and eat Chinese medicine for conditioning. From then on, my heart has not been spectable, and worry and anxiety have begun to expand infinitely.

In addition to the body, the pressure of the family is also increasing.It ’s about 1 year to eat Chinese medicine, and there is still no movement in the stomach. The elderly in the family panicked first!Although he did not live with his in -laws, the old people always loved to call and asked, and inadvertently heard the conversation of her mother -in -law and husband: "She is a work!Out, how can you start with her thoughts at first! "Listening to the harsh voice, I felt aggrieved and uncomfortable, and tears kept turning my eyes.


Seeing that I am going to 34 years old. In the past two years of pregnancy, I know that the older the age, the more difficult it is, and the ovarian function of women after 35 will show a cliff -like decline. At this timeAfter the species conditioning, it was decided to start the test tube road.

For a long time, it was my single -handed running hospital. How does this feeling say, just like a lonely person in the night chasing the slim hope.I have quarreled with my husband a few times because I went to the hospital for my own. In my opinion, he disagreed because he felt that childbirth was a woman’s affairs. He was influenced by the elderly.So I have given birth to a child earlier!Every time he argues, he will say that I think too much, unreasonable trouble, and the ending of quarrels often dispersed. I often feel sullen and sweaty, shaking throughout my body, and the regular holiday is not coming for 4 months!While clinic, there were endless losses covering me.

"Your AMH value is only 0.82, which is a very low indicator."Analyze my situation.In my opinion, even if there is only a hint of hope, I want to try it.The birth of a child is not only a dream for me, but also the only way for me to get out of negative energy.

From the decision to enter the cycle, my husband’s unsatisfactory cooperation, I even thought that he couldn’t wait to have a child until he encouraged me: "Don’t worry, the child will have it!" I realized that he didn’t start at the beginning.In the heart, you may feel that you are not so difficult to conceive your children.In such a long time, my pressure is too great!I couldn’t breathe like a boulder, so that I began to maliciously speculate the behavior and ideas of the closest person. I told myself that I had to adjust my mentality to better welcome our baby.

However, reality is cruel.After experiencing three test -tube cycles in China, there are no healthy embryos with egg retrieval three times, and I did not even give me a chance of transplantation!My domestic test tube experience is like this.Each test tube failed, and it was a heavy blow to me. This psychological contusion was enough to depressed me for a long time.In the three years of domestic test tubes, I spent the pain in anxiety, drank bitter medicine, and exhausted countless needles. The most depressed was that the weight increased by nearly 20 pounds.Fulling, I didn’t have a chance to breathe. Looking at the chubby self in the mirror, I lost my confidence and sunlight in the past.

I never thought that I had always been positive and optimistic and full of positive energy. I started to have negative ideas, and even found my husband to talk: "No divorce can be, I don’t want to drag you, and I don’t want to suffer this crime anymore."In my words, I understand that my mouth is wrong, how much my heart is to have the crystallization of me and he loves!When we were young, we were free to fall in love. Before we got married, we planned to have a child and a daughter, but now I just want to have a child, but they are so difficult!Listening to me, he suddenly became very serious: "Are you crazy? As for your negative attitude, how can we complete the next plan (referring to test tube)? The child just adds icing on our family.You can also accompany you for a lifetime. "After listening to this talk, the tears blurred their eyes, and the eyes of my husband were still red. Neither of us talked again.In his arms, he also secretly determined that he was going to die with pregnancy!


During that time, all the jobs on hand were suspended and a new round of physical conditioning was opened.At the same time, we also began to inquire about various auxiliary reproductive hospitals, and our eyes were no longer limited to domestic and began to invest in overseas.

"I heard that the United States is good, the test tube technology is leading the world! My colleague’s cousin is 40 years old, and I became a son in the United States." My husband came back from work and told me this exciting news.convince!The homework was immediately done.

We contacted colleagues and cousins for test tube hospitals. The preliminary understanding of all aspects is not bad, so we directly make an appointment for remote consultation with the hospital doctors.After communicating with the hospital staff to understand my basic situation, I arranged for the hospital’s Dr. Dr.Ho doctor for consultation. The auxiliary reproductive doctor was very experienced in Asian women, especially good at promoting and various ovarian dysfunction.disease.

Before the consultation, I did the latest medical examination. The AMH value was only 0.64. Dr. Dr.Ho, like the domestic doctor, directly pointed out that the indicator was too low, which would directly affect the results of the test tube cycle.But the difference is that Dr.ho combines my physical condition and various inspection indicators, and has issued a solution to me to improve ovarian function for me.

In this consultation, the professionalism of the doctor made me more confident. In the process of communicating with him, I believed that this "test tube trip to the United States" was about to put on the agenda.

In January 2019, nearly 38 years old and my husband and I embarked on the "journey" of test tubes in the United States. I have imagined countless fantasies to come to this bright and developed country, feel the modern atmosphere of New York, enjoy Los Angeles in Los Angeles.When the sun and the beach, when they set foot on this land, they came to the dream of pregnancy, and their hearts were full of expectations and nervousness.

(One of the first to San Diego in the United States, a one made by the seal beach scattered)

After the early domestic drug conditioning, my AMH value was unexpectedly rising to 1.9, oh my god!I couldn’t help surprised when I received the report!It really feels like a good look. I think that the good signs began to pave the way for the good results.

The formal entering cycle is promoted according to Dr.Ho’s customized scheme, and the egg development is tested regularly and the medication is adjusted in a timely manner during the promotion period.This time I successfully took 9 eggs, and I did not have any ascites afterwards.Immediately after, I received the good news of 2 blastocysts through PGS: a male embryo and a female embryo, I am so happy!Unprecedented success!It seems that I have forgotten the step of transplantation, I have weeping several times!When I calmed down, I started to panic again: "After all, the embryo cultivation is successful, will you abandon all the time before the transplantation fails?" "No! We must be successful!" My husband held my hand tightly.

I finally looked forward to the day of transplantation, and I chose to transplant a male embryo.The moment I entered the operating room, I closed my eyes tightly and prayed countless times in my heart. I believe that God only gave me some tests, and eventually made me compensate.Successful transplantation, successfully bed in the embryo!10 days later the hospital HCG index 1235!I!Wande!pregnant!It’s!This time, my husband and I were crying, it was too difficult!It’s really difficult!This tears are joy and even more relieved!

Looking back at the six -year -old path, I couldn’t help feeling: I was just in the desperation of nowhere to escape. I insisted on the last step. I did n’t know what to do, but I was very fortunate.But sometimes I also think that if I can choose this most promising path earlier, my path of asking for son may be more smooth and smooth."Choosing is more important than hard work!" In the past, I often said that the company was young who entered the workplace in the workplace, and now I found that there is a child!

(Cui Fan’s cute baby is born)

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Here, we shared the true story of the mother of Yuxue Garden with every sister who was on the road of preparing for pregnancy.No matter how difficult the current situation is, please believe that a cute baby is waiting for you to take him to the world.Baoma chose the RSMC American Maternal Science and Medical Center of Yudang Park. At the age of 38, she begged the son Mengyuan. If you are also difficult to prepare at this moment, if you are also troubled by children, if youI also look forward to the premature children’s dual -dual -daughter. Please ask for a private letter consultant to receive a test tube strategy in the United States for free. We will escort your road to your gestational and eugenic students!

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