Oh my god!Can you get pregnant without sex?

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Not long ago, I diagnosed a little girl transferred from the Department of Internal Medicine.She just went to college because of severe vomiting during class, which caused fainting.

The little girl had a history of stopping menstruation, accompanied by a small abdomen, and disgusting and vomiting in the morning, and gradually aggravated.I fainted once in the class today.The little girl insisted that she had never had a sexual life, and the "menstruation" that was postponed for more than half a month happened to be a little bit today, so he refused to check HCG.

But I suggest that he do urine tests and B -ultrasound.Because he suspected it was a pregnancy drama vomiting.

The little girl’s mother rushed from home and rushed into the clinic. She learned that I asked the little girl to do a urine test and abdomen B -ultrasound, and immediately jumped up.

"How did your hospital look at the doctor like this !!! There is still medical ethics, a small gastroenteritis, pushing the internal medicine to gynecology, and playing patients like kicking balls! Gynecological also checked urine tests and B -ultrasound, just to make a little money for us! My girlfriend is allNo sexual life, check what urine test, B -ultrasound!! Let’s not do it! "

"Auntie, don’t worry first, our B -ultrasound is the abdomen B -ultrasound. It can be done without sex without sex. The sister’s belly is uncomfortable, and I have not done a B -ultrasound for a year, and we must do it."

To say it, the little girl’s anxious mother finally agreed to take her daughter to be a B -ultrasound.

After half an hour, the mother returned with her daughter frustrated.The B -ultrasound stated on the ultrasound that early pregnancy in the palace, seeing the heart tube beating.Unsurprisingly, the little girl is really pregnant, about 7 weeks.Today, vaginal bleeding is not menstrual, but red after pregnancy.

The little girl’s mother was like a thunderbolt, crying, and repeatedly confirmed: "You are sure that there is no mistake! How can I get pregnant without sex? How can I get pregnant?!"

The little girl was also aggressive, crying and crying: "Doctor, I really have no sex, how can I get pregnant? I obviously not!"

Appearing the emotions of the two, I asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?" The little girl hesitated and nodded gently.

I asked again, "Have you ever been intimate?"

The little girl thought about it, and told us gently that she and her boyfriend had marginal behavior.With her understanding, she should not be considered sexual life, and her boyfriend also told her that she would definitely not get pregnant.

In fact, this situation is not rare in obstetrics and gynecology.There are many ignorant boys and girls who have just entered the society. They have little knowledge of sexual life and insufficient self -protection. One -sidedly believe that as long as the sperm does not enter the vagina, they will not be pregnant, do not use condoms, and do not need to use other contraceptive methods.

But in fact, even if there is no rupture of the hymen, there is a hole in the center of the membrane (the menstruation of girls is also discharged through this hole), and sperm outside the edge of the vagina on the edge of life may still follow the secretion of the secretion of the perineum from this hole into the vagina.If it happens before and after ovulation, it may cause pregnancy.

That is, the focus of knocking on the blackboard, even if the hymen is not broken, there is still risk of pregnancy.

It is regrettable that many young people in the flower season have little knowledge of sexual life, and there is no related education in schools. Therefore, such people have become an important source of high -risk people.

On the other hand, we do better than us in this regard.Except for many states in the United States, after 13 weeks, the flow of people will conduct basic sexual life education courses for boys and girls over 13 years old to reduce the risk of reducing accidental pregnancy.

In addition to the physical damage caused by the continuous missionary abortion to women, the knowledge of science and science contraceptives is far away.

Today, Jojo also has to count it together. Those ways to spread, but they are not reliable at all.

1. Safe contraception:

This is a rumor that has been widely circulated.In fact, the safe period of contraception is not safe at all, with a success rate of only 76%.

Safety period calculation refers to a normal menstruation per month for women. From the beginning of this menstrual period to the first day of menstruation, it is called the 1 -menstrual cycle.

For example, considering contraceptives, women’s menstrual cycle can be divided into menstrual period, ovulation period and safety period.Safe contraception is a contraceptive method to stop sex during ovulation.

However, in addition to the safety period, the rest of the same time will cause the ovulation to be advanced or delayed due to various factors such as emotion, hormones, and stimuli, so there is also risk of pregnancy.The risk of failure in the safety period is very high, and it is an unreliable contraceptive plan.

Second, in vitro essence contraceptive

Expossed in vitro, although the naked eye did not see sperm entering female vagina, it did not mean that there was no.Even if it is in vitro, it is possible to enter the vagina along the secretion of the vulva, causing pregnancy.

In addition, before male ejaculation, a small amount of semen and prostate liquids may flow out of the urethral mouth. Even 1 drop of it contains about 50,000 to 60,000 sperm, which is enough to cause women to get pregnant.

The in vitro excretion is 78%, and the failure rate is 22%. Sisters should not try with a chance.

Third, use condoms in the process

Many men like to wear a suit halfway, which is actually tantamount to in vitro.Because of body fluid exchange, it starts from contact.Using condoms too late, premature and too late, sperm overflow may cause pregnancy.

For contraception, it is safer to use a condom throughout the process.

Fourth, rinse the vagina after sex

I have a patient who failed twice two times. I asked after asking that she took the vagina after sex with sexual life to contraception.The name is called. After sexual life, rinse the sperm in the vagina can prevent sperm and eggs from encountering the role of contraception.

This is simply the strength of contempt for human sperm.

During ovulation, the sperm in the vagina enters the fallopian tube, and it only takes a few minutes as soon as possible. Therefore, when you get up and take a bath and rinse the vagina, many sperm have entered the women’s uterus. It is black to want to use this method to contraception.humor.

Five, cola killing essence

This is a big rumor!

The allusion comes from the 1960s liberation period. After the earthquake of American men and women, the woman will insert the bottle of cola to insert a bottle of cola%¥”Inner rinse semen to achieve contraception.(This picture is too beautiful, Jojo, I dare not think about it)

Later, the obstetrician of the Harvard Medical College of Harvard Medical College mixed sperm in the laboratory in the laboratory, and then concluded that alcohol killing sperm, coffee killing, cola kill.This research won the 2008 Funny Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and gradually spread it into a cola to kill.

But in fact, whether it is drinking cola or cola flushing the vagina after sex, if you want to achieve the effect of contraception, it is probably equivalent to the use of Quanjian insoles to cure all diseases.

6. Breastfeeding contraception

Many mothers believe that during the baby’s breastfeeding, there is no menstruation, so there is no pregnancy in the same room, and there is no need to take contraceptive measures.This is another trap!

I have a patient who has just gave birth to a baby for a year and has been breastfeeding.One day suddenly felt that her lower abdomen was moved a bit, and she was frightened. When she came to the hospital, she found that the fetal baby moved. This careless mother was 5 months pregnant before she found that she was pregnant.

The reason is that the reason is that the baby has been breastfeeding after giving birth. He has not been with menstruation. There is no contraception in the same room. In addition, he has been gaining weight.

In the breastfeeding stage, even if there is no menstruation, ovulation is still possible.Ovulation and menstruation are not consistent. Ovulation still means the possibility of pregnancy, so love love is risky, and contraception needs to be cautious.

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