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The birth of life is very amazing and wonderful. During pregnancy, mothers are very concerned about the baby’s development, but many mothers can not see how the baby in his belly develops every week.We share some of the fetal development of the fetus during pregnancy. The mothers read carefully, and their babies also developed like this!

Fetal development process chart 1: First of all, we know that the gestational week starts from the last case holiday. After ovulation, the eggs will enter the fallopian tubes and wait for fertilization. By the third week, the fertilized eggs are constantly divided, and the number of cells becomes the number of cells becomes.The increase in the second.By the time of the fourth week, the three embryos will be formed, and each system of the fetus will be formed by these differentiation in the future. We know that division is only increased the number of cells, and differentiation is the formation of various systems.This is the formation of this before, isn’t it wonderful!

By the time of the fifth week, the heart of the fetus will start to beat. In the 6th week, the heart of the fetus can be clearly seen in the B -ultrasound. In the 7th week, the facial shape of the fetus can be seen.By the time of the 8th week, the fetal’s fingers and toes began to develop, and almost some changes could be seen.These processes come day by day, and the development of the fetus is a very magical process.

By the 9th week, the fetus’s bones began to develop and gradually hardened. In the tenth week, the cell division of the fetus began to increase, especially the number of brain cells began to increase, and the brain began to develop.By the tenth week, the fetal’s thumb can almost clearly see. In the 12th week, the fetal face began to differentiate into the nose and below, and gradually had a certain shape.

By 13 weeks, the fetus’s ears and eyes began to appear. When our pregnant women were in the birth check, the pregnant mother could see in the B -ultrasound. During the 14 weeks, the girl’s ovaries entered the pelvic cavity, and the baby’s prostate began to beginFormed, in 15 weeks, the size of the fetus is as big as Apple, and it can even be larger. By 16 weeks, the bones and nervous systems began a synergistic movement, which is the fetal movement we often call. 17On the week, the fetus’s trachea began to branch and form. By 18 weeks, the fetus could hear the sound outside the uterus. At this time, some Baoma began to speak to her baby.

In the 19th week, pregnant mothers can feel that the baby starts to move. In the 20th week, the fetal skin began to thicken and layered.

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At the 24th weeks of the 24th weeks, the baby can sleep, and you can also turn his head in the mother’s belly. By 26 weeks, it is very wonderful.The development of development is completed. In the 27th week, if the mother often speaks with the baby in the belly, the baby can remember the mother’s voice at this time.

At 28 weeks, the baby can sleep in the mother’s belly for about half an hour every day. Is it very cute?During this time, the baby started frequently in the mother’s belly activity, and from time to time, he felt fetal movement. Some pregnant mothers started to teach the fetus at this time. Because of this period, the various organs of the fetus were almost formed, and the hearing of the hearing would be.It will be more obvious.Planguto is the best time at this time.

By 32 weeks, the fetus’s body developed faster, and the fetal activity was relatively small. At 33 weeks, the pupils of the fetus could respond to the light.The fetus’s nails have also begun to form.

At about 35 weeks, the baby’s kicking mother decreased and turned into a sway rolling form. At 36 weeks, the fetal position was almost fixed, because at this time, the baby was about to be born immediately. At this time, the baby will be the baby.When prepared for 37 weeks, the baby’s body began to reserve fat, just to maintain his body temperature after birth. At 38 weeks, the fetal breathing and digestive function of the fetus almost perfected. In 39,At the time of week, the fetus began to obtain a large number of antibodies from the placenta, and made a good body protective umbrella after birth. At about 40 weeks, hormones were secreted, and the childbirth of the pregnant mother began to promote the delivery of pregnant mothers. I told my mother that I was born.

The above is the process chart of the mother’s development from pregnancy. Is it amazing?Many mothers may not know how the fetus develops every week. This understands, is it smart?

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